[Eng] So Young Ep 11


Synopsis: Zheng Wei is known as the jade faced Fei Long, and true to her nickname she goes off to study at the same university as her childhood crush Lin Jing in her pursue of love. Unfortunately by the time she hears from him again, he’s already gone to study abroad. But after lamenting for a bit, Zheng Wei soon heals and makes friends with her roommates and finds a new crush, her senior Chen Xiao Zheng. Unfortunately shortly after they fall in love, he too leaves to study abroad.

Several years later, Lin Jing and Chen Xiao Zheng enters back into her life again. And after a series of challenges and life changing experiences, she learns to make better choices in life and in love.


  1. Wu Yue kingdom: A kingdom during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period (907–960). Was ruled by the Qian clan. It has it’s own cultural legacy which can still be seen today and one of the greatest kings of the Wu yue kingdom was skilled in hydroengineering, creating a complex system of dykes, canals which allowed the region to become the most agriculturally rich region of China for many centuries. And it is also why Jiangnan, which was part of the Wuyue kingdom is also known as the Venice of the east.
  2. Jiangnan is famous for it’s romantic spots, gentle weather and idyllic scenery and hence many talented poets and scholars would visit the place and write romantic poems of the place. Also, many talented poets and scholars were from Jiangnan hence there is a lot of description of it.
  3. The rain patters down during the Qingming festival….All gone to see somewhere else: A funny twist to Tang Poet Du Mu’s poem Qingming. In the original poem, the first line is the same, the second line roughly translates to “the passerbys were as lost as a ghost without it’s body”, the third line is “where can I find wine to drown my sorrows in.” And the final line, “The shepherd smiles and points to the village deep within the pear blossom orchard.”
  4. The 5 Fu and 6 Zhang: The 5 Fu organs are the liver, heart, lungs, spleen and kidneys as these were believed to be the organs where energy was produced and stored. The 6 Zhang organs are the gall bladder, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder and the hollow space in the trunk of our body as in traditional chinese medicine, this was believed to be the storage and release of water. And also the release of energy.


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