Say hello to the drama box

There are food boxes, snack boxes, beauty boxes but have you ever heard of drama boxes? Let me introduce you to hello drama, the company that caters for all fans of asian dramas. 

Whether you’re a snacker, or someone who takes care of their beauty routine whilst watching dramas, or you want a little handmade keepsake of the favorite scene in your favorite drama, hello drama offers customized boxes which change throughout the year to satisfy your individual interests. 

For example, the nihao box, perfect for every dedicated chinese fan, or the jumbo snack care box filled with korean snacks, skincare products and masks and a few handmade drama keepsakes or the demasking box, with its collection of amazing asian branded masks. I have personally used some of the brands before so I can say that they do leave the skin softer for young women. Do remember to answer any questions that may be asked when you buy your chosen box as that will determine what gifts and surprises you’ll get.

The nihao box

The hello drama snack care box

The demasking box
The chinese new year box

There is also a 15 item drama box with a collection of Asian snacks, masks and handmade goodies that will satisfy all the drama watching needs of any devoted fan. Although the full version is currently out of stock until May but a mini version which should be launching this weekend so if you’re interested, do keep an eye out.

The process is simple, order one for yourself or for friends before it runs out from the website below, receive it and enjoy it alone or with friends. (Unfortunately at the moment they only ship to North America and Europe but they are currently working on a way to ship to Asia and Oceania)


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