[Eng] Agent X Ep 23

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Synopsis: During a mission, Zhong Li and one of her instructors/supervisor, an elite agent by the name of He Jun Feng accidentally meet. They are two wholly different people who are seemingly pulled together by fate, meeting under the worse kind of circumstances. But that does not stop her from falling irrevocably in love with him despite his cold response to her. However, soon the secrets of the past and the dark side of the people that they work for are slowly exposed.


  1. Qipao/Chengsam: This is a dress created around the 1920s in Shanghai as a modernized, more body hugging version of the traditional Manchurian dress. 
  2. Northern Expedition: a military campaign launched by the National Revolutionary Army of the Kuomintang/ Chinese nationalist party against the Beiyang government and the regional warlords around the country. It’s purpose was to unify China. China was in chaos after the Manchurians were overthrown and warlords across the country started to fight for land and the Beiyang government was unable to stop them. The first phase ended in 1924 due to a bitter split between the Nationalist party, the right side was left by Chiang Kai-Shek or the headmaster whose headquarters was at Nanjing and the left side, led by Wang Jingwei whose headquarters was at Wuhan. (You may remember that he’s the character who left the country for a bit and then caused that big argument in ep 22) The split was partially motivated by Chang’s purging of communists from the country. (This is the time period of this drama). It ended by Chiang going to exile in Japan for a year before resuming command to lead the 2nd phase of the expedition. This time they were successful after gaining the support of several warlords and the Nanjing decade (1928-1937) began. 
  3. Sun Wu Kong: Or the monkey king, best known as the mythical character in the book Journey to the west

Ep 23



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