[Eng] Black Lighthouse Ep 29 & 30 END


Synopsis: Due to a mysterious reason, Qiao Nuo’s intelligent twin sister asks her to go and intern at her place at the city court at Jia Nan. As she struggles through the internship due to her lack of knowledge of the work it entails, she witnesses the intense confrontations between prosecutors and defense lawyers with her own eyes and starts to develop an appreciation for this profession. Whilst working to find clues to help the cases, accumulating work experience, and gaining the support of a good mentor, she finds true friends, love and the career she wishes to pursue and the qualities and skills she never realized she had.


  1. Luring a wolf into your home: Is a chinese idiom which means letting your enemy or someone dangerous into your confidence/trust which will lead to a lot of trouble. There is a story that goes with this saying. A shepherd was once wary about a wolf who kept following his herd of sheep, however the wolf did not harm a single sheep despite following them for some time so the shepherd started to trust it, and treated it well because he noticed that there were some benefits to the wolf shepherding the sheep with him. One day, the shepherd had to go to the city for some business and asked the wolf to guard his sheep however the wolf howled and called his entire pack to consume the herd of the sheep.
  2. Hua Hai: In the book, the characters meant “harm” and “to become” however these characters sound phonetically similar to the character for “flower” or “hua” and “sea” or “hai”.

Ep 29

Ep 30 (had to upload it somewhere else because of copyright music)

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Link 2:

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    1. Hi I just checked the link out with a friend’s phone, the key is already in the link. It should work as long as you accept the cookies and just check that your firewall/security allows you to access it. Or you could try using a different browser like Chrome instead of Safari or Windows edge etc.


      1. Thank you for the tech support.

        After subtitling the last episode of a drama, can you please upload all subtitle text files as a single zip archive?


  1. Thank-you very much for subtitling this show and other dramas. I really appreciate your hard work, and the quality of the subtitles and extra information you provide.


  2. Hi! Just wanna express my gratitude for your kindness to sub this drama! I enjoyed watching it so much, thank you 😊


  3. Thank you for subbing this drama. If you decide to subscribe His Royal Highness, give me a pair of wings, I would be more than happy 🙂


      1. I highly recommend humans instead of word of honor among new ones because dunno if humans will be available with subtitles but as for word of honor, it’s already announced by youku that they will start releasing official subs on their youtube channel on March 1.


      2. So happy this drama finally complete. It would be great if u can sub His Royal Highness, many watchers feel dissapointed still theres no sub til now…


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