[Eng] So Young Ep 21


Synopsis: Zheng Wei is known as the jade faced Fei Long, and true to her nickname she goes off to study at the same university as her childhood crush Lin Jing in her pursue of love. Unfortunately by the time she hears from him again, he’s already gone to study abroad. But after lamenting for a bit, Zheng Wei soon heals and makes friends with her roommates and finds a new crush, her senior Chen Xiao Zheng. Unfortunately shortly after they fall in love, he too leaves to study abroad.

Several years later, Lin Jing and Chen Xiao Zheng enters back into her life again. And after a series of challenges and life changing experiences, she learns to make better choices in life and in love.


  1. Baby’s breath: The meaning of baby’s breath in the language of flowers means everlasting love and purity. Because of this, wedding bouquets and wedding floral arrangements almost always contain Baby’s Breath.
  2. One day a teacher and a father for eternity:It’s a chinese idiom that means even if that person only taught you for one day as a teacher, you should treat him/her with as much respect as you should a father/mother for the rest of your life.
  3. Front door is open: A polite way of saying you’re flashing your underwear
  4. Once the tree falls, the monkeys all scatter: This is a saying which means if one important person falls from favor/power, all of his supporters or subordinates will scatter, just like when a tree falls, all of the monkeys who call it home will have to leave and find a new home.
  5. How many acres of fields….how many animals does he have: Doesn’t actually mean how many acres of field he has or how many animals he has, rather it’s often something people in the past would ask prospective in-laws, just to check their financial situation
  6. Weddings: It’s customary for guests who attend chinese weddings to bear red packets of money rather than gifts although some people will come bearing gifts. Some may give both gifts and red packets of money. The closer you are to the bride/groom, the more money you should ideally give them.  The amount can be quite a lot, usually around 1200-6000RMB ($184.99 – $924.97) and will increase the more guests you bring and the more luxurious the venue is and the better the meal is. There’s a joke that chinese weddings are usually the best time to make money as all the money you use to “invest” in the wedding i.e. booking the venue, buying the dress, the meals etc will come back in the form of red packets unless you were one of those stingy people who didn’t give much to others when you were invited to their wedding. Even if you don’t attend the wedding, it is customary for you to send a red packet or gifts to the couple if you receive an invitation otherwise it’ll be seen as rude or people will think they upset you in some way. And another thing you should never do, is give an amount that contains a 4 or an 8, i.e. 4480 RMB is a no unless it’s your worse enemy. This is because the number 4 sounds phonetically similar to the character for “death” and 8 is phonetically similar to the character for “departure/ separation”. I know this because my parents come from big families and every time they get invited to a wedding. they will have to send money over.

Ep 21


  1. Thank you so much for your hard work. I love all your dramas.

    I’m not sure if you take subbing requests but I thought I’d try asking. If you could sub Humans (2021), I would be very appreciative. It’s one of the dramas I’ve been looking forward to.


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