[Eng] So Young Ep 31


Synopsis: Zheng Wei is known as the jade faced Fei Long, and true to her nickname she goes off to study at the same university as her childhood crush Lin Jing in her pursue of love. Unfortunately by the time she hears from him again, he’s already gone to study abroad. But after lamenting for a bit, Zheng Wei soon heals and makes friends with her roommates and finds a new crush, her senior Chen Xiao Zheng. Unfortunately shortly after they fall in love, he too leaves to study abroad.

Several years later, Lin Jing and Chen Xiao Zheng enters back into her life again. And after a series of challenges and life changing experiences, she learns to make better choices in life and in love.


  1. Zhu: The surname Zhu sounds phonetically similar to the character meaning pig.
  2. Cure the dead horse as if it was alive: This is a chinese idiom that means even though you know the situation is irreversible and unfixable, you still hold some hope and do everything you can to try and change the outcome until it’s impossible to.
  3. Like a toad who wants to eat the flesh of a swan: A chinese saying that means someone who doesn’t know their position and is trying to get something that is beyond their reach.

Ep 31

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