[Eng] So Young Ep 34 & 35


Synopsis: Zheng Wei is known as the jade faced Fei Long, and true to her nickname she goes off to study at the same university as her childhood crush Lin Jing in her pursue of love. Unfortunately by the time she hears from him again, he’s already gone to study abroad. But after lamenting for a bit, Zheng Wei soon heals and makes friends with her roommates and finds a new crush, her senior Chen Xiao Zheng. Unfortunately shortly after they fall in love, he too leaves to study abroad.

Several years later, Lin Jing and Chen Xiao Zheng enters back into her life again. And after a series of challenges and life changing experiences, she learns to make better choices in life and in love.


  1. Bump heads: In chinese, this term doesn’t literally mean, bumping against each other foreheads but to meet up.
  2. Being the floating wood: A way to describe being someone’s rebound, because they are literally using you to save themselves from the sea of despair and stress that comes from a serious relationship, just like a piece of floating wood saves a person from drowning in a river.
  3. Ungrateful wolf: Technically the actual literal translation is called a white eyed wolf. That’s because someone who is white eyed means that they can’t see anything and hence will not be grateful no matter what you do. And when combined with wolf, it means not only are they ungrateful, they may potentially hurt you, like a wild wolf.
  4. Years have been eaten by the dog: A play on the term, your conscience was eaten by a dog, which means you have no conscience. Not sure if it was just meant to be a dog, or perhaps she still resents him for leaving without a word.
  5. Ectopic pregnancy: A complication in pregnancy where the fetus attaches itself somewhere other than the womb.
  6. Xi: This chinese character means merriment or happiness.

Ep 34

Ep 35


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