[Eng] The Confidence Ep 6

Apologies for the long delay!

Synopsis: Ke Ying is an intelligent, talented lecturer at the Nanzhou University who is forced to help psychopath Feng Xiao Sheng gain real power within his corporation after he seeks revenge on her for assisting the police in destroying his previous gang. The street smart Xiao Wu is a police informant, and when he discovers Fu’s company is laundering money with foreign bank accounts, he befriends Ke Ying, and the two work together to destroy the criminal organization.

Not suitable for the viewing of children and under 15s as there are some violent scenes especially this one (apologies for the ads, I’m trying to find a more reputable site to upload it on.)


  1. Wearing a green hat: This is a chinese saying that suggests that their lover/partner/spouse cheating on them. This saying arose because during the Ming dynasty, the male family members of prostitutes would would wear a green headband to identify them and green was seen as a color for the peasants and the inferior hence green was associated with prostitution for a long time in chinese history. Afterwards, it became a saying to describe men whose wives had been unfaithful to them. And in modern times, because of the fact that men are only allowed one spouse hence this is sometimes used to describe women whose partner have been unfaithful to them as well.




  1. Hello thanks for the subs and all your hard work ! if you have time can you please consider taking the project “Plot love” it’s a new c-drama and there’s many international fans waiting for it to be subbed. there’s in all 24 episodes (30 min each). Thanks again and have a nice day !


    1. It’s on coming soon list of viki that means viki has the license of this drama. Hopefully subtitles will be out soon.


  2. Hi PP, We really appreciate your time and effort given on drama subbing. Wondering if you could do subtitles for Humans as it seems to got stuck in from episode 4. Thanks. Looking forward to your response.


  3. I familiar with fast typing, recently I’m wondering about the subtitles zone, could you please guide me on how to do subtitling while I can help you finish your work efficiently


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