[Eng] The Confidence Ep 7

Apologies for the long delay!

Synopsis: Ke Ying is an intelligent, talented lecturer at the Nanzhou University who is forced to help psychopath Feng Xiao Sheng gain real power within his corporation after he seeks revenge on her for assisting the police in destroying his previous gang. The street smart Xiao Wu is a police informant, and when he discovers Fu’s company is laundering money with foreign bank accounts, he befriends Ke Ying, and the two work together to destroy the criminal organization.

Not suitable for the viewing of children and under 15s as there are some violent scenes especially this one (apologies for the ads, I’m trying to find a more reputable site to upload it on.)


  1. An elephant that is submerged in the river of desire: This is an idiom that is derived from a Buddhist teaching. Each animal symbolizes the different types of people who listens to the Buddhist teachings. The river represents the desires and greed in the world. The rabbit is the one who can easily float through it. The horse is the one who can sometimes pass through it, sometimes cannot pass through it. The elephant is because of it’s heaviness struggles to swim through the water and is trapped by the water.
  2. A person’s head only falls to the ground when you kill them: This is a chinese saying that has several meanings. One meaning is that one should leave some room for others and not push people to a desperate place because you may not benefit from it. Another meaning behind it is when you kill a person, their head will only fall to the ground, it is nothing painful and can’t be used to threaten those who don’t fear death.




  1. Are you going to put english subs to the rest episodes? the series is really interesting and the leads are top-notch actors and have super chemistry


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