[Eng] Mysterious Love Ep 1

Synopsis: Quirky and adorable theater actress Ruan Nian Chu meets Li Teng the cold intelligent founder of a bodyguard hire company. However he was the man who had seemingly died saving her 5 years ago when she accidentally stumbled the illegal activities of a gang, who now lives under a different name. Ruan Nian Chu still loves him and thus embarks on the dangerous journey to discover his secrets and to face the gang who separated them 5 years ago. ~~ Adapted from the novel “Ban Yin” (半吟) by Ni Shui Qian Liu (弱水千流)


  1. Ruan Nian Chu v.s. Ruan Nian Jiu: “Nian” or “念” means to miss, to yearn, to think, “Chu or “初” means the beginning, the start so the female lead’s name means to yearn for the beginning. “Jiu” or “旧” means the past, something old so has a similar meaning to Nian Chu the actual female lead’s name.



  1. Thank you so much i really appreciate your hard work you’re a life saver i was eagerly waiting for it to get subbed and you did it please please please please please upload all the episodes in English subtitles I’ll wait for it untill you do it once again thank you so much for your hard work and efforts you made on it.


  2. Please upload the others episodes too, i am really greatfull for your hard work , been dying to watch this. sincerely requesting you to sub other episodes.


  3. Omg you are an angel 👼 thanks a lot for the subtitles . Can you also provide subtitles for ” marriage first then fall in love” . It’s 3min per episode totally there are 30 eps ? If you can please provide it it’s a request.


  4. Thank you so much for subbing this drama! Been waiting for Eng sub impatiently everyday and I don’t know why nobody had started subbing it since its release! Thank you again so much ❤


  5. Thank you so much for subbing this drama 😭 ❤️❤️. Can you please tell when will be other episodes subbed ?


  6. Wow! Thank you so much for taking on this drama project! Saw the trailer and it looked cool. I’ve been hoping that someone would sub this. Thanks again!


  7. Thank you so much for subbing this. Someone on reddit was also wondering where to watch this with English subs and I’ve directed them also to watch it here. I think there are many people waiting for this drama to be subbed. Thanks again!


  8. Oh yes! Thanks for subbing I had a feeling when I told you about this one you would sub it. I’ll keep you in mind for the next one that comes out. Again thank you for taking the time for subbing. 😘


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