[Eng] Mysterious Love Ep 8

Synopsis: Quirky and adorable theater actress Ruan Nian Chu meets Li Teng the cold intelligent founder of a bodyguard hire company. However he was the man who had seemingly died saving her 5 years ago when she accidentally stumbled the illegal activities of a gang, who now lives under a different name. Ruan Nian Chu still loves him and thus embarks on the dangerous journey to discover his secrets and to face the gang who separated them 5 years ago. ~~ Adapted from the novel “Ban Yin” (半吟) by Ni Shui Qian Liu (弱水千流)


  1. Skr: The new fad term in China (because it was used so frequently by Kris Wu). Originally, or rather in other countries other than China, skr is slang for something ludicrous or ridiculous for example “Skr, you can’t even talk to her properly, how are you going to be able to ask her out?” However in China it is often thought of a way to describe how talented and great someone’s rapping is. “His rapping is so skr.”



  1. I think you are the only one in this world translating this series… I don’t understand why it has been overlooked when its very good story. Thanking you endlessly for the translation ❤


  2. Thank you for all your hard work subbing this episode. I’m loving this drama! Question: What is written in the sand at the very beginning of this episode?
    Looking forward to the next episode with Sky Li guest role!


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