[Eng] Mysterious Love Ep 11

Synopsis: Quirky and adorable theater actress Ruan Nian Chu meets Li Teng the cold intelligent founder of a bodyguard hire company. However he was the man who had seemingly died saving her 5 years ago when she accidentally stumbled the illegal activities of a gang, who now lives under a different name. Ruan Nian Chu still loves him and thus embarks on the dangerous journey to discover his secrets and to face the gang who separated them 5 years ago. ~~ Adapted from the novel “Ban Yin” (半吟) by Ni Shui Qian Liu (弱水千流)



  1. pls pls upload the next episodes. Been waiting since a long time & visiting ur website literally everyday to check if it is uploaded. Thanks for ur handwork. Cant wait for upcoming episodes!!!!


    1. Thank you so much for recommending me this series… eagerly waiting for the next episodes.Pls upload as soon as possible.


  2. Thanks so much to the subbing team for all your hard work bringing us this episode! The good quality translations you provide are much appreciated for sure! Can’t wait for the next episode!


  3. I really want to appreciate the PP team- you guys are doing a fabulous job!
    Keep it up!
    Stay safe and strong!



  4. Thank you so much for quality subs. I’ve been visiting your website everyday like is new episode is out?😅
    I know it’s not easy and give time to sub.
    Thank you again for your hard work.


  5. It’s great to watch this drama, with so many twists.But it has only few episodes to end, so I’m eagerly waiting for another episode soon.


  6. Oh man this show is goood . Too bad its short 😔 .Still I enjoyed it alot . Those fight scenes were really good . 👏👏 . Usually dramas like these don’t have good fight scenes but I am so glad to watch this ✨✨.
    Thank you for your hard work ☺️


  7. Thank you so much once again! And today I didn’t want to just thank you for another episode of this thoroughly enjoyable show but also express my immense appreciation for the quality of your subtitles. I have been watching The Long Ballad and while I am so thankful for all the subbers who subbed that show, I did find a whole new appreciation for your subs. Some of the choice of words in the version I watched of that show really threw me off. It made me realize how much we appreciate not just your subbing the show but the quality of subs, the choice of words you use and the little footnotes you provide.
    You are the best! Thank you so much! Please let us know if you ever set up a Patreon page or something where we can show our appreciation. ❤


    1. Thanks! I visit this site everyday just to check if theres new episode..haha..
      Looking foward for next episode ok!


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