[Eng] The Confidence Ep 26 & 27 & 28

Synopsis: Ke Ying is an intelligent, talented lecturer at the Nanzhou University who is forced to help psychopath Feng Xiao Sheng gain real power within his corporation after he seeks revenge on her for assisting the police in destroying his previous gang. The street smart Xiao Wu is a police informant, and when he discovers Fu’s company is laundering money with foreign bank accounts, he befriends Ke Ying, and the two work together to destroy the criminal organization.

Not suitable for the viewing of children and under 15s as there are some violent scenes especially this one (apologies for the ads, I’m trying to find a more reputable site to upload it on.)


  1. Genius kid who grew up in a greenhouse: Similar saying to a hothouse flower, someone who is very fragile and vulnerable
  2. As long as we still have a mountain of tress left, we will still have wood to burn: Popular chinese saying which means as long as one remains alive/ or still has some means to survive then there is a chance to turn the tables around
  3. Zhang Qi Jia: Qi Jia sounds phoenetically similar to the chinese phrase for enterprise.
  4. Luchuan: It’s a type of chinese street food, a bit like satay where the meat and vegetables are skewered together and stir fried with a sauce to dip into. It’s usually regarded as a cheap kind of food.
  5. Letting your blood run a little: Making you pay and lose some money
  6. Unicorns: Privately help startup company valued at over $1 billion
  7. Bait for the tiger: A chinese idiom which means being the assistant of the villains, like someone who lures their fellow humans to a tiger

Ep 26


Ep 27


Ep 28



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