The Blue Whisper part 2 Ep 2 recap

The Princess of the fox demon clan, Qingyao decides to test the strength of Yunhe’s red fox spiritual magic. To her shock, in order to utilize power like that, Yunhe would have to have sucked her aunt dry of her power. That was sufficient evidence for her to believe that Ji Yunhe had murdered her aunt and stole all her powers. She tries to kill Yunhe but luckily Chang Yi appears just in time to save Yunhe. He takes Qingyao out and explained to her that her aunt and Lin Chanlan experimented on many demon/spiritual masters in order to find an antidote or a way to overcome the frost poison that the Grand Tutor had placed within all the top spiritual masters. They tried to create a hybrid however only Yunhe survived the experiment. However the two powers within her was harmful to her body. That was why Qingyao’s aunt, Qingshu gave Yunhe all her powers and died willingly. Princess Qingyao could not understand what was so good about Lin Chanlan for her aunt to sacrifice her life for and questions Chang Yi if he has been seduced by Yunhe. Chang Yi warns her to stay away from Yunhe otherwise he will not show mercy. She returns to find her clan in chaos, determined to kill Yunhe as they had been informed by Qingyao’s cousin, that Yunhe has the ability to suck the power out of them. Qingyao quashes it with brute force and punishes her cousin for causing chaos.

Meanwhile, Sanyue is determined to take Yunhe away with her. Lin Shu is worried about the repercussions this will cause and promises her that he will find a way to persuade Chang Yi. Sanyue reminds Li Shu that he is no longer her servant and is now the Prince of the mountain cats so does not need to serve her. Li Shu refuses to listen and goes off to cook something for her. His two servants comes to visit him and is shocked to find their prince cooking in the kitchen.

Back on Yunhe’s side, she realizes how little time she had left. Whenever she finds the chance, she begs Chang Yi to let her go but the only thing he does was to refuse and make her drink her medicine. One night, Yunhe tells him that he knows what is torturous to her which was probably why he was treating her like this. Chang Yi seems to have softened a little and leaves behind an encyclopedia/traveling journal for her to read. He also sends Ah-Ming to take care of her. Together with Luo Jinsang, Ah-Ming helps Yunhe to escape. Every night, Yunhe would test the barrier, so after Ah-Ming tells her to knock her out, she breaks the barrier to finally makes her escape. Unfortunately, Chang Yi knew immediately that the barrier was broken and comes straight after her. Luo Jinsang tries to stop him but he ties her up with Kong Ming. By the time Chang Yi catches up with Yunhe she was almost to the forest. Yunhe detects Chang Yi and refuses to get up. In order to take her back, Chang Yi ties her up and drags her behind him. Yunhe begs him to untie her and let her walk back which Chang Yi does. Yunhe thought she could escape from him, but Chang Yi was ready for her tricks. Perhaps that was the final straw but Chang Yi decides to put the merman’s mark on her. This was a mark that would connect their five senses together.

Back in her room, Ah-Ming notices the blue mark on Yunhe’s ear. Believing that Chang Yi did that to mark her as his property, Yunhe grows very upset and tries to rub it off but to no avail.

Li Shu thinks Chang Yi went a bit too far by doing that and tries to tell him that it would not do him any good by not giving Yunhe any freedom or choice. It would suffocate her. He tells him that he didn’t have to imprison her to the Island in the middle of the lake but give her a bit more freedom around Bei Yuan. He tells Chang Yi that to love someone, one should make the person they love happy. Chang Yi asks what Li Shu would do if Sanyue leaves him. Li Shu replied that if Sanyue found his presence a nuisance then he would let her go. Unbeknownst to him, Sanyue is secretly listening in.


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