[Eng] My Princess extra clips

Synopsis: Li Yun Zheng, the Dowager Princess and regent for her younger brother the Emperor is hated and feared by many due to her wickedness, intelligence, cruelty and greed. She does however have one weakness, her love for handsome men. After saving the Dowager Princess from an attempted assassination, Gu Xuan Qing enters the Dowager Princess’ Manor as a guard. However, he gradually finds another side to this “evil” princess and falls in love with her in the process. But with the secret he harbors and her position in court, will there ever be a chance for a happy ending?

Clip 1:

I love him but he doesn’t know it

Clip 2

He’s merely my pawn for revenge


  1. Thank you. This drama confused me a great deal. I have no idea how I enjoyed something i was so sure I wouldn’t enjoy. It was also short and quite low budget but left me longing for a longer, high budget version of it.
    Thank you so much for subbing it. I wonder where these clips fit in?

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    1. I thought because of it’s low budget it looks really good! The director and stylists for this show knew how to make it count! The only time I felt like the low budget was showing was with the revolt lol. There is only like 7 guards there.


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