The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 3 recaps

After Li Shu and Chang Yi’s long talk about giving Yunhe some more freedom, Chang Yi goes back to the hut where he left Luo Jinsang and Kong Ming. The rope that tied them together seems to have brought them closer together. Whilst trying to break free, Luo Jinsang ends up in Kong Ming’s arms and reassures him that she will not try to remove any part of his clothing this time. She warns Kong Ming to not struggle otherwise she may end up falling into his heart or mind. Just as things were heating up, Chang Yi enters and gives Luo Jinsang a lecture on helping Yunhe to escape. He reprimands her for putting Yunhe into danger as many members of the fox clan believe that Yunhe killed Princess Qingyao’s aunt, Qingshu and stole her power. He asks her if she wants Yunhe to be dead or alive but suffering a little.

Back over at Sanyue’s side, she replayed her memories with Li Shu again. His conversation with Chang Yi made her rethink about her relationship with Li Shu. When Li Shu finds her, she tells him that she no longer blames him for what he did and confesses she had stopped hating him for a very long time. Back in the past, she thought everything was either black or white but now understands that Li Shu had to make a difficult decision back then. She confesses that she still loves him and they make up.

Meanwhile in Heaven, Princess Shunde is racked in pain every day due to the treatment the Grand Tutor gave her to treat her face. Lin Haoqing requests an audience from her and offers her some medicine to relieve her pain. He asks her why the Grand Tutor does not give anything to relieve her pain. It was because the Grand Tutor only cares about her face and doesn’t care about Shunde as a person. Princess Shunde attacks Lin Haoqing and warns him that if he tries to drive a wedge between her and the Grand Tutor she will kill him. Lin Haoqing repeats that everything he said was the truth and if she wanted to know the truth to go in the Grand Tutor’s secret chamber. Although Lin Haoqing leaves injured but he firmly believes that the Princess has listened to his words and will investigate the truth herself.

The Heavenly Emperor has also been busy studying the map that appeared in the Decree of the Deities but could not figure out where it was pointing to. His ministers argue between them about whether he should cultivate his body or mind. However, they finally decide to go back to Daiyu to search for a clue again.

Princess Qingyao of the fox clan invites Chang Yi for a meeting with the Elders and announces that Bei Yuan needs a leader and Chang Yi was the best candidate. He currently handles the political affairs on the Fox King’s stead. Chang Yi agrees after a moment of consideration.

Later when Kong Ming asked him why he agreed so quickly, Chang Yi reveled that Bei Yuan needs a leader to openly oppose the Grand Tutor. However he was worried that after becoming the ruler, he would not be able to selfishly keep a certain someone by his side without everyone treating it as a political matter.

Despite many warnings from Chang Yi, Yunhe has not given up trying to control her own fate. Whilst having dinner with Chang Yi, she considers different methods of suicide but they would either not kill her or would be too difficult to do. She finally decides to smoke herself to death. Just before Chang Yi leaves to prepare for his coronation the next day, Yunhe stops him and tells him everything she wanted to tell him before she goes. (See video below for translations). Chang Yi felt that something was up but believes that she had an ulterior motive.

On the day of Chang Yi’s coronation, Yunhe gets Ah-Ming to light lots of pots of coal before she dismisses her to wait for her death. Whilst slipping out of consciousness, she sees a veiled female figure who tells her she can’t die yet. Yunhe wakes up with the fires all snuffed out and an angry Chang Yi who figured out what she had done through the merman’s mark. In order to save her, he left in the middle of his coronation ceremony without an explanation leaving Princess Qingyao and Kong Ming to deal with the aftermath and ruining the image of Bei Yuan as a strong opponent.

Yunhe attempts to die again, first by pulling Chang Yi’s hairpin out of his hair and stab herself with it. When that was to no avail, she tries to provoke Chang Yi to kill her by reminding him what happened at the abyss that day. She tells him that if he had left when she told him to, then she wouldn’t be captured by Princess Shunde. Chang Yi replies that he will never free her and leaves angrily.

Despite his anger, Chang Yi gets Kong Ming to treat Yunhe. Kong Ming is furious that he still cares about Yunhe when she ruined his coronation ceremony and if not handled well may strain their relationship with the fox clan. Chang Yi promises that he will give Princess Qingyao and answer. However, when Princess Qingyao tells Chang Yi that he can no longer let Yunhe affect his decision making, he questions her back and asks if she only forced him onto the throne in order to give Yunhe up. Qingyao tells him that she only want to see him well and Bei Yuan to be well.

To prevent Yunhe from committing suicide again, Chang Yi decides to move in with Yunhe and moves all his things including a bed into the Cloud Manor.


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