The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 4 recap

After Chang Yi moves all his things to the Cloud Manor to live with Yunhe, she makes a passing comment that he is now living a luxurious life after becoming the Chief of Bei Yuan. Chang Yi introduces her to Kong Ming. Kong Ming retorts that Chang Yi is apart for a certain person, Chang Yi will never spend more than necessary. Chang Yi remind Kong Ming that he sent him here to read Yunhe’s pulse. Yunhe is surprised that Kong Ming knows medicine as well as she only knew that he was Chang Yi’s advisor. Kong Ming explains that he used his skill in medicine to save the life of someone that a certain someone stabbed and pushed off an abyss.

After reading Yunhe’s pulse, Kong Ming tells them that Yunhe only has a month to live at most and there was nothing he could do. When they go outside, Chang Yi manages to get Kong Ming to agree when he reminds Kong Ming that if it wasn’t for Yunhe all those minor immortals imprisoned in the Grand Tutor’s manor wouldn’t have been saved.

On Princess Shunde’s side, after the Heavenly Emperor comes to bid farewell to her for his trip to Daiyu and tells him to return to the Heavenly Palace. Princess Shunde thinks back to her first encounter with the Grand Tutor and remembers how he was captivated by her face. She decides to visit the Grand Tutor’s Manor to search for this secret chamber that Lin Haoqing told her about and sees the painting of the lady who looked exactly like her. She remembers how the Grand Tutor would give her clothes that resembled the one the woman in the painting wore and even the martial arts he taught her was exactly like the one the woman was pictured doing. The Grand Tutor returns and tells her that she shouldn’t be there but refuses to answer her when she asks about the painting. Princess Shunde realizes she was just a replacement for someone else and tries to destroy the painting. However, the Grand Tutor stops her and forces her to accept the treatment for her face.

Siyu informs Lin Haoqing that Princess Shunde seems to have seen through the Grand Tutor’s motive but she was unable to oppose him and was worried that all their efforts would go to waste. Lin Haoqing reassures her that Princess Shunde is proud and arrogant and will fight back when she finds a chance.

He then goes to visit Princess Shunde at the Grand Tutor’s Manor and pledges his loyalty to her. Shunde tells her why the Grand Tutor was so special to her, it was because he was the only one who told her that her wishes and desires were important too and that she was not only the Emperor’s elder sister with the role purpose to raise him well but Shunde. She asks why Lin Haoqing made her wake up from her beautiful dream. Lin Haoqing tells her that it was better to wake up than be ignorant and tells her she will be able to get what she wants if she becomes powerful.

During the few days that Chang Yi had moved in, Yunhe notices that he’s always awake when she wakes up and is still working when she goes to sleep. Yunhe tries to persuade him to get some rest. (See video below for details). Kong Ming walks into their kiss and interrupts them. Chang Yi tries to cover it up by saying that he’s tried it and it doesn’t work. Yunhe tries to disguise it as a fall whilst Kong Ming jokingly says that he wonders how she could fall when she was sitting down. Their relationship has eased a little after their little heart to heart when Kong Ming came to give her medicine. He reveals that he knows that everything Yunhe was doing now and at the abyss was to protect Chang Yi. He promises her that he will not tell him that as it will ruin the grand scheme of things. Yunhe promises that she will do everything she can to help Chang Yi become a good ruler.

Outside, Chang Yi asks Kong Ming if Yunhe’s condition has improved or not to which Kong Ming said that if he doesn’t do certain things to her then her pulse wouldn’t have quickened today. To hide his embarrassment, Chang Yi suggests to Kong Ming to discuss the political affairs in his room all night instead. However, he thinks back to the kiss and becomes distracted.

When he returned back to the Cloud Manor, he discovers that Yunhe had been waiting for him all night. She asked him that she was his enemy so why did he kiss her? Did he not know he was breaking the rule that all merpeople can only have one lover for the rest of their lives? Chang Yi explains that he has never broken it and Yunhe will always be his person. He tells her that the mark he put on her was only for that special person and it would connect her to him. That was why whenever Yunhe came into any danger, he would always know. However it didn’t impress Yunhe. She asks if he thinks she is a puppet, to which he replied that she was his bird in a gilded cage. He’s satisfied that he can keep her by his side with the mark. As Yunhe goes to sleep, she is worried what will become of Chang Yi after she dies.

Meanwhile, Luo Jinsang wonders if leaving Yunhe imprisoned was the right thing to do or not. She sees Kong Ming going to treat Yunhe again and knows something is up. On her way to follow him, she sees Princess Qingyao who is also coming to visit Yunhe. She hears the conversation between Qingyao and her maidservant and finds out that Yunhe tried to commit suicide during Chang Yi’s coronation ceremony.

Luo Jinsang rushes to find Kong Ming who tells her the truth now that she knows. Luo Jinsang begs him to let her save Yunhe but he refuses, telling her that he can’t do anything. Luo Jinsang then goes to find the Green bird Deity and begs her to go and ask Chang Yi to offer her help. The Green Bird deity refuses at first but after Li Shu persuades her further and tells her that he can tell she is a little anxious about what is going on between Yunhe and Chang Yi, she finally agrees.

Luo Jinsang, the Green bird deity, Sanyue and Li Shu go and find Chang Yi who refuses them entry. Li Shu works his magic again and tells him that Yunhe has probably not smiled sincerely for a long time and maybe letting her see her friends will make her happier and help improve her condition. Chang Yi finally softens and let them all in.

Yunhe was surprised to see them and wonders if she was dreaming. She asks them to tell her what has happened. Chang Yi is worried if Yunhe’s body can cope with the excitement. He goes in and remind the Green Bird Deity to take a look at Yunhe. After the Green Bird Deity has taken a look at her, she tells them that living one more day is one more day of pain. It would be better to give Yunhe a swift end and there was nothing she could do. Chang Yi send them away.


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