The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 5 recap

After thinking about how happy Yunhe was when she saw her friends again and Li Shu’s words, he tells Luo, his servant that as long as no-one tries to take Yunhe away. then they can visit her anytime. Luo is confused by Chang Yi’s change of mind and goes to ask Kong Ming if Chang Yi wants to torture Yunhe or forgive her. Kong Ming advises him to stay out of it as Chang Yi probably doesn’t know either.

Back in their quarter’s, Li Shu asks the Green Deity how they could extend Yunhe’s life as from what the Green Bird Deity said before, it is clear that she knows a way that could help them extend Yunhe’s life a little longer. The Green Bird Deity tries to dissuade them as she had been there before and was only met with bitter despair when it didn’t work. Sanyue tells her that she will accept the outcome even if it’s a bad one. The Green Bird deity finally gives in and tells her there is a Jade Dew Ganoderma which can be found in Daiyu that could extend Yunhe’s life. Sanyue decides to go alone. Li Shu wants to go with her but Sanyue stops him and tell him to take care of their home.

Back on Shundi’s side, the Grand Tutor comes to give Shunde a medicinal herb to treat the scar on her face. Shunde agrees to take it no matter how painful it is, her only condition was that the Grand Tutor will let her have full command of the spiritual masters.

Although the Grand Tutor let’s Princess Shunde get her wish, however the Grand Tutor informs Lin Haoqing that the antidote for the frost poison will be delayed for 2 days. He realizes that the Grand Tutor suspects that he is up to something and this was a warning to him. He decides to take a gamble. He requests another audience with Princess Shunde who is stamping on some grapes and persuades her to let him declare war on Bei Yuan and send the Spiritual Masters to attack Bei Yuan. Princess Shunde agrees on the condition that he must kill Ji Yunhe and bring her eyeballs back for her to stamp on. Lin Haoqing struggled to keep his anger for a moment which caused Princess Shunde to lash out at him and remind him that she will only trust his loyalty when he brings proof of his sincerity to work for her.

When he returns, he orders all the spiritual masters to attack Bei Yuan much to the disagreement and resentment of the elders. They believe that he is doing it to please Princess Shunde. Also, because of the delay of the antidote for the frost poison, many of the elders and disciples of the Flower Valley have died mysteriously. There are rumours that their deaths were caused by something called the frost poison.

Unknown to him, the black smoke that hangs around the Grand Tutor reveals that everything Lin Haoqing did was part of the Grand Tutor’s plan. It turns out he was the one who spread the rumour that the deaths in the Flower Valley was caused by frost poison to push Lin Haoqing to declare war on Bei Yuan. The black smoke is pleased with this outcome as the aura of killing which is created when war is declared and during a battle will help it take physical form. However it is a little discontent that the Grand Tutor has been ignoring it as of late.

In this episodes, things progress between Luo Jinsang and Kong Ming. After visiting Yunhe and finding out that Yunhe still hasn’t explained herself to Chang Yi, she visits the Green Bird Deity to ask her to treat Yunhe. She refuses and suggests that she speaks with Kong Ming to put more effort in treating Yunhe. Luo Jinsang thinks it’s a good idea and so offers to cook medicine for Kong Ming. Kong Ming allows her to try, thinking that Luo Jinsang will give up however when he comes to find her, he notices how sad she is and asks her why that was. Luo Jinsang explains that Yunhe has always said all beings were equal and treated her like a sister and good friend. She asks Kong Ming if he had any friends apart from Chang Yi. Kong Ming tries to explain but Luo Jinsang thought he had no friends so tells him that she will be his friend from now on.

Chang Yi receives news that Lin Haoqing has declared war on Bei Yuan. His subjects are worried as they have a small army compared to the large numbers of spiritual masters. Chang Yi reassures them that as their Bei Yuan soldiers are skilled in war and know the land and surroundings well they have nothing to fear. After the meeting, he tells Luo and Kong Ming to keep meetings about the war at the main hall so that Yunhe will not find out. Kong Ming tries to poke fun at Chang Yu about Yunhe who retorts that Kong Ming isn’t any better than him.

Despite the order Chang Yi has made to not tell Yunhe about the war, Luo Jinsang has already told her about it. Chang Yi comes back and notices Yunhe is still weak. Whilst he gives her some of his spiritual strength, she wakes up and finds him by her bedside. Yunhe asks him what he plans to do now. After he leaves, Yunhe decides to create a protective vest for him.

In Daiyu, the Heavenly Emperor’s advisor tells him to find the Jade dew Ganoderma to help him with his cultivation. He notices something strange about it and stops his advisor from picking it. When Sanyue tries to pick it, he also stops her and persuades her to wait until it matures.

In the morning, Chang Yi comes to see Yunhe and finds her even weaker than the night before. He gives her a bowl of sweetened garlic but tries to disguise it for him. Yunhe sees through his disguise and gives him the protective vest she spent the whole night making. Chang Yi says he will not soften his attitude to her because of it. Yunhe pretends to take it back but Chang Yi quickly snatches it.

NB: Not much interaction between our main leads in this episode so I’ve translated pretty much all the scenes they have in the below video:

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