The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 6

Because the Green Bird deity allowed Li Shu to go to Daiyu to find Sanyue, he ordered his men to sniff out her whereabouts. They find her talking to one of the Heavenly Emperor’s advisors. His men disapprove of their Prince’s relationship with Sanyue and decided to use medicine on Sanyue and the advisor so make them a couple. Luckily Li Shu funds them and stops them in the act. They told him that they decided to take matters into their own hands as Li Shu told them that he would leave Sanyue after he cleared up his misunderstanding with Sanyue. Sanyue overhears their conversation and puts a thunder talisman on Li Shu to keep him 3 feet away from her.

Qingyao visits Chang Yi and sees him staring at the vest Yunhe made for him. She gives him a vest that she ordered to be made specially for him but Chang Yi refused her gift as he already had one. But when she asked him who gave it to him, he lied and said he found it somewhere.

Meanwhile, Yunhe is struggling as she over-exerted herself to make that vest. Once again she dreams about the mysterious veiled lady again. Yunhe asked her why she stopped her from dying to which the mysterious lady said that she exists in the wind and can control and knows everything that has contact with the wind. She also reveals that she would need to enlist Yunhe’s help as she is the only one who can see her. To explain what she wanted Yunhe to help her with, she shows her a memory of the Grand Tutor when he first meets the Green Bird Deity. She explains that Ning Ruo Chu was the Grand Tutor’s senior brother. When everyone disapproved of Ning Ruo Chu’s relationship with the Green Bird Deity, they left and lived in seclusion on Mt Leyou. Ning Ruo Chu eventually contacted Ning Qing (The Grand Tutor) to visit him and the Green Bird Deity. Soon after his visit, the spiritual masters discovered their hiding place and came to arrest them. The Green Bird Deity injured the spiritual master sent to capture her and the situation escalated. One day, Ning Ruo Chu received a letter from Ning Qing and sneaked back into the Flower Valley. He told Ning Chu about the Decagon formation. It turns out that the Grand Tutor was the one who taught Ning Ruo Chu about the formation which caused the tragedy. However, Yunhe’s body was struggling to cope with staying in the subconsciousness for so long. Her heart started to hurt, caused by the power rejection which had reached her heart. Chang Yi detects her pain and drags Kong Ming over to save her.

The lady realizes that if she kept Yunhe any longer, she may not be able to survive and tries to tell her to go back. But Yunhe was determined to know what her identity was. The lady pulled down her mask and revealed a face that was exactly like Princess Shunde. She showed Yunhe a memory of when she was with the Grand Tutor and Ning Ruo Chu when they were children. It was the woman who the Grand Tutor had never forgotten. Finally she told Yunhe what she wanted her to help her with which was to tell the Green Bird Deity that Ning Qing was the one who killed her lover Ning Ruo Chu not the Decagon Formation and to stop him regardless.

Yunhe finally wakes up and finds everyone around her bed. Chang Yi pushes Luo Jinsang away and drags Yunhe to him. He uses his mouth to transfer his internal strength to his inner pearl which was within her much to the dismay of Kong Ming. After he gives her his internal strength, Yunhe tells him to take back his inner pearl but Chang Yi refuses.

Kong Ming is furious at what Chang Yi has done as it would mean Chang Yi would be too weak and no match for the spiritual Masters who were coming to attack Bei Yuan. The argument is witnessed by Princess Qingyao. Luo Jinsang pushes the thorn in her heart even deeper when she explains that Chang Yi had given his inner pearl to Yunhe. She is devastated as she realizes she can’t lie to herself anymore.

The next day, Yunhe looks much more better however the Green Bird Deity points out that Chang Yi’s inner pearl will only make her seem more energetic but it’s effect was like Kong Ming’s medicine, only treat the surface and nothing else.

She reveals that Ning Qing and Ning Ruo Chu’s teacher/master was called Ning Xi Yu and was the only female Chief of the Valley of Flowers. Yunhe figures out that she was the mysterious woman who visits her in her dreams. She asks the Green Bird Deity if she still feels anymore resentment to which she replied that she has started to look forward now. Yunhe decides it was probably better to not tell her what Ning Xi Yu had told her as it may push the Green Bird Deity back into hatred and despair.

Despite giving Yunhe some of his inner strength, Chang Yi had not forgotten his duty to Bei Yuan. He had already devised a plan in which he would use the natural landscape of Bei Yuan to set up a trapping formation to trap Lin Haoqing and his army of Spiritual Masters in a bit of land and then force them to negotiate. The plan worked well initially however Qi Feng, the cousin of Qingyao creates a flaw in the formation but attacking Lin Haoqing causing the formation to weaken and Lin Haoqing to escape from the formation with his army. Luckily, Lin Haoqing had other motives for declaring war with Bei Yuan anyway and sent Si Yu to try and negotiate with Chang Yi to hand Yunhe back to the Heavenly Immortals. Chang Yi agreed for Si Yu to meet Yunhe however tells her clearly that he will not give Yunhe to them as it was the Spiritual Masters who had initiated war and forced them to be enemies first.

Later, Yunhe tells Chang Yi he impressed her and that he behaved like the Chief of Bei Yuan. However she tells him that she will help him and they need a fight.

Meanwhile, things weren’t looking good regarding Li Shu and Sanyue. She told him that she needed to rethink their relationship again and sends him away. However Deity Fei Lian, one of the Heavenly Emperor’s advisor has seen through her act and knows that she only did that to keep Li Shu away so that if anything happened to her whilst she picked the Jade Dew Ganoderma, he would not be hurt. He reminds her that what she thinks is good for him may not be what he thinks is good for him and sometimes it is better for the other person to decide.

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