The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 7 (ep 29) recap

Bei Yuan is in a bad situation now that Lin Haoqing and his army was able to break free. They receive news that Lin Haoqing had blocked all the roads out of Bei Yuan, surrounding it through 3 powerful formations. As Yunhe knows Lin Haoqing well, she tells them that Lin Haoqing would use 3 of his best spiritual masters as the eye of each formation. If they can capture these 3 spiritual masters, then the formations will break and would flip the cards around. Chang Yi asks Yunhe how did she know what Lin Haoqing’s plan was to which she replied that she knows Lin Haoqing well. Chang Yi couldn’t hide his jealousy but Yunhe tells him Bei Yuan’s future lies in this/ Kong Ming doesn’t argue with her for once and agrees on to help her capture one of the spiritual masters/ They decide that Kong Ming, Chang Yi and the Green Bird Deity will each capture one of these spiritual masters. Luo Jinsang volunteers herself to persuade the Green Bird Deity much to the dismay of Kong Ming.

Chang Yi realises that one of Yunhe’s aims was to force him to take back his inner pearl. Chang Yi promises that he will be back within 2 hours to return it to her body. Luo Jinsang realizes that the transfer will be mouth to mouth and wanted to stay and watch/help but Kong Ming drags her away. He removes the pearl from her and promises he will be back within 2 hours. Just before Chang Yi leaves, he asks her if she is totally on his side this time and will not betray him again however before Yunhe gets to answer, they are disrupted by Luo. However he does not know that Yunhe has another motive which is to find out from Ning Xi Yu what happened to the Grand Tutor and why the Green Bird Deity is the key to stopping him.

As expected, Yunhe falls into her subconsciousness and sees Ning Xi Yu again. She demands for her to show her the past so that she can decide whether she will help her or not. Ning Xi Yu agrees and shows her the past.

It turns out that the Grand Tutor had a sad childhood. When Ning Xi Yu found him in the mortal realm, he had no name or parents despite being the descendant of a spiritual master/ master(s). She gave him a name and taught him how to create formations, different from Ning Ruo Chu as Ning Qing (The Grand Tutor) was more sensitive, unconfident and an introvert. However, because of Ning Ruo Chu and the Green Bird Deity’s love, that was the excuse the Lin Clan needed to remove her from the position of Chief of the Flower Valley and stripped her of half her cultivation. She was then banished from the Flower Valley as she was seen to have tainted the reputation of the Flower Valley and bringing disgrace to the spiritual masters due to the fact she allowed her disciple to love a Bird demon and supporting their love. Any trace of her existence was then removed from the valley.

Ning Qing left with her and they returned to the mortal realm, subduing evil spirits and demons that had broken the rules. She discovered that Ning Qing became more cruel and vicious when subduing those who had committed crimes instead of understanding why they did it and realized it may have been to help her regain power again. She wanted to put him back onto the right path however one day after being surrounded by a group of powerful evil spirits and not getting any help from the Flower Valley despite the calls for help Ning Qing sent, she passed away. After her death, because she had put so much of her spiritual power in her traveling journals, including Yunhe’s favorite journal, her primordial spirit was not completely snuffed out and she remained in the world carried by the wind.

Ning Qing blamed her death on the Flower Valley, the spiritual masters and Ning Ruo Chu and the Green Bird Deity. To set his plan in motion, he first begged the Flower Valley to take him back in after delivering news of her death. He then tricked Ning Ruo Chu into creating the Decagon Formation as he fooled him into thinking that the Decagon Formation would create a second realm allowing him to live the safe, happy and peaceful life that their Master Ning Xi Yu wanted him to have. However, just before Ning Ruo Chu jumped into the formation, Ning Qing murdered him so that he and the Green Bird Deity will never be able to be together.

After seeing this, Yunhe decides to help her out but asked for a bit more time as she had to help the one she loves first. 2 hours had passed. Chang Yi returned on the dot after capturing his spiritual master and returned the pearl back into her body.

Kong Ming has also returned but when he learns that Luo Jinsang and the Green Bird Deity went to capture Lin Haoqing instead of capturing the spiritual master in the formation, he is furious at Chang Yi for letting her go with the Green Bird Deity.

As they brought Lin Haoqing back, Yunhe asks Chang Yi to let him visit him to negotiate a peace deal with him and the Flower Valley. Chang Yi is reluctant at first, but Yunhe tells him that she will be fine as he is with her. Chang Yi finally allows her to speak to Lin Haoqing for 15 minutes (time to burn one incense).

After seeing Lin Haoqing, Chang Yi and Yunhe argues as Chang Yi could no longer contain his jealousy after seeing how happy Yunhe seems to be. He asks her why he can reminisce the past with everyone else apart from him, why she has so much to say to everyone else apart from him and can smile because of them. He asks her what he is to her. He even goes as far to tell her that as long as she tells him that she never betrayed him at the abyss, no matter how absurd her reason may be, he will believe her. But Yunhe refuses to say anything which caused Chang Yi to leave bitterly disappointed.

Luo Jinsang who witnessed the argument asked her why she had to complicate things like this. Yunhe explains to her that there are some types of love where you would do everything in your power to be with the person you love but there are some types of love where the only thing you want is for the person you love to be safe and happy. She later reveals in a flashback that although Lin Haoqing is happy to negotiate a peace deal with Bei Yuan in exchange for the medicine to suppress the frost poison however he must bring Yunhe to Princess Shunde for her to torture in order to protect everyone. Yunhe agrees as she has little time left anyway. Lin Haoqing gives her a talisman to hide her whereabouts and situation from Chang Yi for 2 hours and tells her he will order Siyu to launch a pretend attack on Bei Yuan to distract the guards and escape back.

Meanwhile, the fox king has woken up. Qi Yuan tells him how badly Chang Yi had treated Qingyao and that he never loved Qingyao. The fox king thought that Qingyao and Chang Yi loved each other which was why he left Qingyao in Chang Yi’s care and thought Chang Yi had fallen in love with someone else. Qingyao revealed it was all a lie but the fox king is determined to kill Yunhe because of the threat she may become to Chang Yi and Bei Yuan.

Back in Daiyu, Li Shu tries to pick the jade dew ganoderma, mistakenly believing it had matured but instead triggers the gold thunderstorm.

Apologies, couldn’t find any clips of the scenes between our main CP for this episode. I think Croton Media has been keeping a close eye on them and removing any clips as they are going to sub the drama.

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