The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 9 (Ep 31)

Kong Ming gives Yunhe the pill to allow her to return to her peak state. She promises that she will not tell Chang Yi or Luo Jinsang about this but Kong Ming tells her that although true love is hard to come by but there are some things one must do that is more important than that. He asks how Yunhe plans to stop the war when the relationship between Bei Yuan and the spiritual masters of the Flower Valley are as irreconcilable as fire and water. She tells him to take her to see someone.

This turns out to be Princess Qingyao. Yunhe pays her respects to the fox demon king before she tells Qingyao that she has a way to return Chang Yi’s inner pearl to him and stop the war between Bei Yuan and the Flower Valley.

The scene flashes back to the battlefield. Both sides are within sight of each other as the two sides confront each other. Chang Yi has still not given up negotiating a truce with them but he warns them that if the Flower Valley wants to engage in war he will show them how Bei Yuan for their fearlessness in war. Although Qu Xiao Xing is hesitant, however Elder Dong Lian reminds him that the lives of the spiritual masters in the demon valley rest on this war and if they win, they may be able to survive. Qu Xiao Xing makes the order to start the war….Luckily Yunhe gets there in time to stop them.

She tells them that she has met their chief Lin Haoqing and told them that he brought them to Bei Yuan to show his sincerity in co-operating with Bei Yuan and to free them from the chains that the frost poison has placed on them. Kong Ming tells them that he has a medicine which can suppress the effects of the frost poison and their comrades who came to Bei Yuan are alive and well because of it. Elder Dong Lian is still hesitant but Princess Qingyao promises that any spiritual master who pledges their loyalty to Bei Yuan will be accepted as one of them. Finally, the spiritual masters put down their weapons and agree to surrender.

Zhu Lian appears and realizing that the spiritual masters had surrendered, lashes out his fury and triggers the frost poison in all of them. Yunhe unleashes all of her inner power to save them and ends up dying in Chang Yi’s arms. Just before she breathed her last, she tells him that she never betrayed him but was afraid to tell him that. See video below for details.

Sanyue returns with the ganoderma but it was too late. She informs the Heavenly Emperor who is enraged and sentences Zhu Lian with the most severe punishment. He also takes Princess Shunde to the Bodhi tree where she placed his primordial spirit and nurtured and took care of him until he was powerful enough to defend himself. The Heavenly Emperor wanrs her that if she does not return to her original benevolent self then he will punish her. He strips Shunde of her titles when she expresses that she never did anything wrong and locks her up in her room to reflect on her actions.

The Green Bird Deity finally finds out the truth through the letter Yunhe left her and decides to wait until the best possible moment to seek revenge. p

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