The Blue Whisper part 2 Ep 10 (Ep 32)

The Heavenly Emperor visits Bei Yuan to offer his condolences however Chang Yi still mourning for Yunhe so refuses to see him. Although Li Shu tells him that Chang Yi may never see him due to Princess Shunde but the Heavenly Emperor tells him that he owes this to Bei Yuan and believes the person Yunhe sacrificed her life to help will not remain in mourning forever.

After reading the letter Yunhe left him (see video), Chang Yi decides to come out and see the Heavenly Emperor. The Emperor tells Chang Yi that he came to apologize for the fact that he did not discipline Princess Shunde causing Yunhe to die and that he owes Bei Yuan a debt. Chang Yi tells him that Bei Yuan doesn’t need his pity and they will settle any debts themselves. The Heavenly Emperor also wanted to join forces with Bei Yuan to oppose the Grand Tutor and restore peace back to the land. Chang Yi asks him why he chose him to which the Emperor replied that although Chang Yi is still mourning for Yunhe’s loss but he believes that he still cares about the world and the living beings living in it.

After thinking back about his past with Yunhe, Chang Yi finally decides to let Yunhe go and takes her out of the room and lifts the seal from her to let her body disperse with the wind. He promises that he will help her deal with all the injustice and conflicts in the world. After the funeral, he seals off the Cloud Manor as Yunhe didn’t like that place.

After clearing out the Cloud Manor, he discovers that Yunhe had folded back one of the pages of her favorite journal and wrote Ning Qing on the corner. He shows it to the Heavenly Emperor when he tells him that he will agree to work with him to fight against the Grand Tutor. Kong Ming appears and tells them everything Yunhe had told him about the Grand Tutor’s past. He reveals that the Grand Tutor was not naturally gifted and was just an ordinary spiritual master.

He only became powerful after he visited a strange mountain that he and Ning Xi Yu had visited many years ago. When one enters this mountain, they would be trapped in illusions of everything you want the most in life as well as everything you fear. After the Grand Tutor returns from the mountain, he becomes extremely powerful over a short period of time and even created the frost poison. Although Ning Xi Yu was unable to enter the mountain to see what happened but she knew that power came from the mountain. However, none of the villagers knew about it’s existence and she had no idea how the Grand Tutor found it again. Luckily, she had recorded it in her book, Yunhe’s favorite journal and named it the nameless mountain which Yunhe had bookmarked by folding the corner of the page.

The Heavenly Emperor recognized that it was the mountain that the Decree of the Deities showed. He asks to borrow the book from Chang Yi to search for this mountain as it will probably be the key to how to defeat the Grand Tutor. He invites Chang Yi to join him in the search but Chang Yi tells him that Bei Yuan will be the escape route for the people who plan to rebel against the Grand Tutor and hence he must remain there to protect it.

Lin Haoqing is freed by Qingyao on Chang Yi’s orders. He learns that some of the spiritual masters have decided to remain at Bei Yuan whilst others decided to leave. Lin Haoqing decides to return to the Flower Valley. On his way back, he runs into Elder Dong Lian and Qu Xiao Xing who wish to continue to serve him. Lin Haoqing send Elder Dong Lian to look for the ingredients to make the medicine that will suppress the effects of the frost poison and orders Qu Xiao Xing to remain at Bei Yuan to help him protect the spiritual masters who decided to remain in Bei Yuan.

Lin Haoqing actually had another reason to why he decided to return to the Flower Valley. This was to help Yunhe take the human form again. It turns out that although Yunhe’s spiritual master body had vanished forever, however because she carries the demon fox meridian within her body, this would awaken after the meridians of the spiritual master vanishes will awaken and this would mean she would have another chance in life.

After she “died”, she took the form of a young red nine tailed fox. By using one of Yunhe’s old handkerchiefs, Lin Haoqing was able to locate her and take her back to her old home. He seals the place up to hide the fact she was alive from Princess Shunde and feeds her with half his cultivation in order to help her take the human form once more. The young, reborn Yunhe wakes up holding Chang Yi’s red tear in her hand. This may be the key that may bring her and Chang Yi back together in the future as Si Yu suggests. Yunhe asks Lin Haoqing if he knew her to which he replies that he is her Master (Tutor).

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