The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 11 & Ep 32 (Ep 33 & Ep 34)

NB: There’s no interaction between our two leads in these 2 episodes, mainly just shows Yunhe as she grows up as Lin Hao Qing’s disciple and Chang Yi either busy working or drinking by the lake thinking about Yunhe.

Deity Cheng Yu reports to the Grand Tutor about Princess Shunde’s plans to send men to the mortal realm to capture and punish the spiritual masters who have escaped to the mortal realm as she sees it as betrayal. The Grand Tutor hints to him to let Princess Shunde do as she pleases and that a pawn is a pawn and should not have an opinion and gives him the decree to let Zhu Ling dispatch some men to the mortal realm.

Cheng Yu decides to try and persuade Zhu Ling to give up however they end up arguing. Zhu Ling only cares about power about how he goes about to get it as he believes history is written by those who are successful anyway so no-one in the future will know about what he did as long as he succeeds in getting power. He tells Cheng Yu that what the Grand Tutor has done is unforgiveable but Cheng Yu still obeys his every order. As Cheng Yu was unable to dissuade Zhu Ling and he was unwilling to go against his Master’s wishes, he decides to write a letter to Kong Ming to tell him what has happened.

Back in Bei Yuan, Kong Ming receives Cheng Yu’s letter. Luo Suo, Chang Yi’s manservant to tell him that Chang Yi rarely rests and spends all his time handling political affairs. Kong Ming goes to visits him and tells him about the letter Cheng Yu had written to him. He decides to use this chance to get the support of more spiritual masters and recruit them into Bei Yuan. Chang Yi agrees and tells Kong Ming to go.

Kong Ming apologizes to Chang Yi about his involvement in Yunhe;s death but Chang Yi understands that no-one can stop Yunhe once she decides to do something.

Before Kong Ming leaves, he visits Luo Jinsang one more time to bid farewell to her. Luo Jinsang has stopped drinking wine now, instead she has decided to make wine and sell it so that she can earn enough money to buy the island she and Yunhe have always wanted. Kong Ming tells her if she needs anything to find Luo Suo as he will be away from Bei Yuan for a very long time. He leaves with tears in his eyes but unbeknownst to him, Luo Jinsang’s eyes are also filled with tears.

Before long, Luo Jinsang decides to leave Bei Yuan too. She wants to visit all the places Yunhe wanted to for her. She tells Yunhe that she is envious that Chang Yi and Yunhe can loves each other even through the pain and she doesn’t understand it. She doesn’t know why she’s in so much pain now that Kong Ming has left.

Meanwhile, Lin Haoqing raises the young Ah-Ji, feeding her lots of delicious food and giving her lots of story books to read. As spiritual energy passes through her veins, she grows very quickly. Within ten days of taking human form she has grown many inches. Si Yu jokes that if she continues to grow, the hut won’t be enough to contain her. Lin Haoqing reassures her that Ah-Ji will stop once she reaches her original height. Si Yu asks him if Lin Haoqing plans to lock her up forever but he tells her that he does not plan to and will let her go wherever she wants to. Si Yu is worried that with her face, Shunde and the Grand Tutor will find out about her rebirth soon but Lin Haoqing says he will find a way.

Ah-Ji is curious about her past as she keeps dreaming about lying on a cold icy floor and being held in the arms of a man, she suspects that it has something to do with her past but can’t remember. Lin Haoqing does not want her to remember but promises to her that he will teach her magic so that she can go traveling around the world with him.

Ah-Ji soons regrows back to look exactly like Yunhe. She soon picks it all up. Finally Lin Haoqing teaches her a spell to change her appearance into a man’s and promises her that if she can maintain that form then he will let her travel. As long as the red mark remains on her forehead she will be able to maintain a man’s appearance. He also makes her promise that she will never step foot on Mt Lutai and Bei Yuan and never show anyone her true face. Ah-Ji happily swears that she will never show her true face to anyone and will never go to Mt Lutai or Bei Yuan.

In Bei Yuan, although on the surface it is flourishing as a kingdom with many people joining however there are strong tensions between the different clans who have joined. Qi Feng and some members of the fox clan are unhappy that so many spiritual masters have come to live in Bei Yuan. This soon causes friction. A new group of spiritual masters led by someone called Lu Jing Yan tries to snatch the Fu clan, (who are snake demons)’s home. Qingyao kindly offers a third of her clan’s home to the snake clan so that the spiritual masters can move into the Fu Clan’s old home. Qi Feng is furious but does not dare to argue with her.

Ep 34

Ah-Ji dreams about her “death” again. This time she could finally see the face of the man holding her and the details more clearly. When she wakes up, she finds Lin Haoqing coming into her room. She tells him about the dream in detail and Lin Haoqing realizes that it was about Chang Yi. He tells her about his love for Yunhe, without mentioning any names but Ah-Ji doesn’t understand and tries to persuade her to not look back into the past. When Ah-Ji persists, he distracts her with some cake.

Lin Haoqing has finally gathered all the ingredients to make the antidote for the frost poison. Elder Dong Lian has found the last final ingredient but that could only be found in the mortal realm so he decides to start cooking the medicine. Unfortunately Elder Dong Lian and his team are ambushed by Zhu Ling and are captured. Before his capture he manages to send a letter to Lin Haoqing about the news. Devastated and realizing their home and Ah-Ji may be discovered very soon, he decides to get Si Yu to leave with Ah-Ji. However Si Yu refuses and so Lin Haoqing had no choice but to tell Ah-Ji to head south alone to find his old acquaintances who would look after her for him. He on the other hand decides to go to the Grand Tutor’s Manor to save Elder Dong Lian.

Back in Bei Yuan, Qi Feng murders a Fu clan brother and sets up Lu Qing Yan as the murderer as they had fought in the past over a place to live. When Chang Yi hears that they found Lu Qing Yan drunk on the lake where Yunhe’s body scattered to ashes, he throws both the reminaing Fu clan brother and Lu Qing Yao in the bottomless pit and await for execution for breaking Bei Yuan laws. Qi Feng is smug and feels that he has got away with it.

However Chang Yi later reveals he did that one to punish anyone who fights in Bei Yuan, disturbs the peace of the lake and Yunhe who he believes is resting there and also to allow Qi Feng to put down his guard so that he can catch his flaws and punish him properly.

Luo Jinsang is bored of the mortal realm already. One day she sees Qu Xiao Xing going into an inn and follows him inside. It turns out that he and Kong Ming are looking for injured spiritual masters to treat their injuries and persuade them to join Bei Yuan. Qu Xiao Xing realizes that she must be there to see Kong Ming but Luo Jinsang denies it, instead she says she is looking for a husband. Everyone mocks her and says someone as ugly as her will never be able to find anyone.

Luo Jinsang is upset and says that as long as she cultivates with someone she will become pretty and will be able to find someone. Kong Ming is filled with jealousy when he hears that, especially when she seems to target Qu Xiao Xing and promises that she will take responsibility for her actions after the deed is done. He drags her into his room and asks her if anyone will do. She replied that anyone was better than him to which he tells her that she can only do that with him and take responsibility of him and kisses her to prove it. The two make up.

After “cultivating” with him, Luo Jinsang realizes all the marks on her face had disappeared. She asks Kong Ming if he had always disliked her looks. Kong Ming explains to her that she was always pretty to him as she had a beautiful heart which was the only thing he cared about. He explains that he only avoided her as he felt strange when she was around him and also when she wasn’t around. Luo Jinsang also confesses her feelings.

Ah-Ji finally reaches the mortal realm however her master had still not caught up with her. She writes to him, telling him about her adventures. One night, she detects someone using spiritual power and thinking it was her master rushes out to take a look. It turns out it was Ji Ning, the one who didn’t want to hurt spiritual masters however he was caught by several spiritual masters from Bei Ning who thought he was one the Grand Tutor’s cronies going around hunting them down. Ah-Ji misunderstands that Ji Ning was being bullied by Bei Yuan as Ji Ning is alone whereas there were a few spiritual masters. Luo Jinsang appears and tells her that the Grand Tutor’s henchmen were the evil ones. Ah-Ji refuses to believe that and captures her before taking her and Ji Ning away.

She teases her and steals her money as she thought that Luo Jinsang had stolen that money. Luckily, Kong Ming quickly finds them and knocks Ah-Ji and Ji Ning out. He tells Luo Jinsang to return to Bei Yuan with them as he has received news that Chang Yi had thrown Lu Qing Yan and the Fu brother in prison for no apparent reason but he knows Chang Yi would never do that without a good reason. However he cannot go back himself yet as the spiritual masters are still in danger. He promises to Luo Jinsang that he will return as soon as he can.

Ah-Ji wakes up to find herself in the bottomless pit with Ji Ning and Lu Qing Yan. The Fu brother is in the other cell. Through their argument, she misunderstands and thinks that the bottomless pit was a place where prisoners wait to be executed. She devises a plan to help them all escape. However once they are free, her necklace suddenly shines and pulls her to a certain direction…..

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