The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 13 & Ep 14 (Ep 35 & 36)

Ep 35

Ah-Ji and Ji Ning are hesitant at first to follow the direction that Ah-Ji’s necklace pointed at. This was because the road seemed to lead to somewhere barren and isolated. However Ah-Ji believes that the more barren it is, the less likely the evil merman would be hiding there and it might be a shortcut out of Bei Yuan so she decides to follow it. However it gets colder and colder and more and more barren Ah-Ji decides to tell Ji Ning to wait in the woods for her whilst she scouted what was ahead.

The path leads to a massive frozen lake which she found familiar. On a rock outcrop she notices a drunken man lying there. It was the mysterious man she had seen countless times in her dreams and she calls him the name she hears in her dream. Chang Yi wakes up and strikes out at her. Because of her disguise he doesn’t recognize her and asks her who she is.

Ah-Ji finally notices that the clothes he was wearing was expensive and an ordinary person in Bei Yuan would not be able to afford them. Ji Ning rushes out and warns her that he’s the ruler of Bei Yuan Chang Yi. Ah-Ji tries to escape but Chang Yi easily overpowers her. Sensing that Chang Yi plans to punish her, she yells out Long Tailed Fish which stops Chang Yi in his tracks. Luckily for them, Luo Shuo arrives and tells Chang Yi that a wild fox demon helped Lu Jing Yan and the Fu brother to escape from prison. Chang Yi tells him to bring Ji Ning and Ah-Ji back with them to the main hall.

Qi Feng hears that Lu Jing Yan escaped out of prison and decides to use this excuse to execute him so that his lies will never be found out. Ah-Ji uses the words that she remembered Chang Yi say in her dream to persuade Chang Yi to not execute her. He becomes interested in her and asks her for her name, when Ah-Ji told him her name, he tells them to take them to the Wing Yan camp to do manual labor.

After arriving there, Ah-Ji suspects that Chang Yi only let them go relatively unscathed because of her name although she doesn’t know why. She suspects that Lin Haoqing didn’t let her visit Bei Yuan because she and Chang Yi were past enemies and if he finds out her true identity he will not show any mercy. That made her more determined to escape. However her opinion of him has changed and believes he is not as merciless as rumored to be.

Chang Yi refuses to brush away his suspicions and keeps visiting Ah-Ji, asking her about her background and questioning her to give him a clue to who she might be. When Ah-Ji tries to escape by dressing in female clothes, he asks her if she was female however Ah-Ji manages to come up with an explanation with everything. Chang Yi is still suspicious of her and tells Luo Shuo to keep a close eye on her. This close interaction leaves Ah-Ji to seel that Chang Yi doesn’t seem to hate her instead he seemed to behave like someone who has been waiting for her return.

To try and get help to confirm his suspicion that Yunhe might be back, he writes to Kong Ming to ask him if Yunhe could possibly be revived from the dead.

After a while Ah-Ji decides to come up with a plan to make Chang Yi let her go. She tells him that she has a talisman that would help him revive the dead snake Fu Brother from the dead to ask him who his murderer was in exchange for her freedom and Ji Ning’s. Chang Yi snatches the talisman from her and tells her that she can go wherever she wants in Bei Yuan but cannot leave it.

Chang Yi orders Luo Shuo to get the casket and revive the dead Fu brother. As expected, Qifeng hears about this and rushes over. He sees someone who looks like the dead Fu brother and exposes that he was the real murderer.

Back in the Heavenly realm, Lin Haoqing has been kneeling outside Princess Shunde’s door to beg her for her forgiveness. She finally allows him in but only to suck him dry of his spiritual power. Unfortunately for her, his spiritual power clashes with hers and hence instead of benefiting from it, it lashes against her. Shunde is furious at Lin Haoqing as she knows that Lin Haoqing has been using her all this time. She found the final medicinal herb and tells him that if he wants his people back then he must destroy the herb to show her his loyalty. Si Yu tries to stop Lin Haoqing from destroying it as it only appears once 500 years however Lin Haoqing cares more about his subordinates and destroys it. Princess Shunde is finally satisfied and allows him to take his men back and warns him that only obedient dogs can live.

The spiritual masters are disappointed that he destroyed the herb however Lin Haoqing revealed that it was simply a show. The real herb was never destroyed and that he had planned for this to happen in order to get the real herb back. He tells the spiritual masters to return to the valley whilst he remained in the the Grand Tutor’s Manor to remake the antidote and show Princess Shunde that he was loyal to her.

Although Princess Shunde was fooled, however the Grand Tutor knew all about his plans. He also knew that the cloud of evil had visited Shunde and enticed her to accept his power. The cloud of evil tells the Grand Tutor that Li Shu and Xue Sanyue are hunting for the nameless mountain and to find someone to kill them. The Grand Tutor tells him that he’s already sent someone, Deity Yu Cheng.

Despite his Master’s orders to capture Li Shu and Xue Shan Yue, Deity Yu Cheng only uses one of the golden talisman that the Grand Tutor had given him instead of the three allowing them to escape. He goes back and tells the Grand Tutor he had failed to capture them who knew that he had not done his best to capture them. He warns Deity Yu Cheng if he disappoints him again, this won’t be the end of it next time.

Ep 36

Knowing that everyone’s attention was on Qi Feng, Ah-Ji decides to use this chance to escape with Ji Ning. However Qi Feng noticed that Chang Yi seems to care more about this fox than anything else so he has ordered his men to capture her to use as leverage if Chang Yi punishes him.

Although Yunhe manages to escape from her pursuers however she loses all spiritual energy and fails to maintain her male form. Meanwhile, Ji Ning managed to escape and tell Chang Yi that someone plans to kill Ah-Ji and they were by the woods near the lake. Chang Yi manages to find Ah-Ji and finally sees her female form.

Once again, Ah-Ji dreams more about her past whilst unconscious. When she wakes up, Chang Yi is thrilled that she’s back but is surprised that she doesn’t seem to recognize him. He treats Ah-Ji’s wounds and asks her to stay in his room and promises that no-one will disturb her whilst she is there. Although Ah-Ji is reluctant to agree at first but she eventually agrees.

As for Qi Feng, Chang Yi gives him to Princess Qingyao to punish who strip him of his power and banishes him from Bei Yuan forever.

Kong Ming returns and has finally found an answer to Chang Yi’s questions. He read in an ancient scroll that because Yunhe had the meridians of two different species within her so when her spiritual master form dissipated, it wakened her fox form hence she never died. However, all her memories were erased as a result. They figure out that Lin Haoqing probably found out about this before them which was why Yunhe managed to regain human form. He promises Chang Yi he will search for a way to find her memories again but Chang Yi, seeing how happy Yunhe is now decides to put the past behind him and let Yunhe stay as she is now. He doesn’t want anything to tarnish her happiness.

Luo Jinsang hears that Chang Yi is suddenly giving some fox who has the same surname as Yunhe a lot of attention and care and decides to kick him out of Bei Yuan. Whilst scourging through Kong Ming’s cupboards to find some poison, she finds out that Kong Ming is back. Kong Ming tries to tell her to let Chang Yi to move forward as he has promised him that he will not tell anyone about Yunhe but Luo Jinsang misunderstands and though that he would immediately find someone else if she dies. Kong Ming kisses her and tells her that she is the most important person to him. Meanwhile, Qu Xiao Xing suspects that Lin Haoqing is behind Ah-Ji’s appearance.

Back in the mortal realm, the Heavenly Emperor and his advisors has finally discovered the secret behind the nameless mountain and went to see Xue Sanyue and Li Shu to tell them about what he had discovered. It turns out that it was not a mountain that belonged to the mortal realm but one that was from the Heavenly Realm. This mountain was called Mt Wuliang or Mountain of Change and was the site of the fierce battle between the Heavenly Army and Zhu Yan. Because of the fierceness of the battle, the mountain fell and created a chasm in the mortal realm which was why it could not usually be seen. Only once in 500 years, when the rift between the Ying and Yang within the little realm it was in was imbalance could a crack appear and reveal the mountain. It was also the site where the late Heavenly Emperor offered his body as a sacrifice and used the Lamp of crystal flame to kill Zhu Yan. The next time it was due to appear was in a few days.

Few days later, they visit the site again but could not see any crack. Li Shu hears someone calling to him and from the sound of the voice, works out that the mountain is probably suspended in mid air. He and Xue Sanyue decide to test his theory by stepping off the cliff. It turns out he was right and Mt Wuliang appears in front of them. Determined to find out the truth, they all decide to go in. The Grand Tutor senses this and creates a barrier to seal off the entrance, preventing them from escaping.

Once they enter, they fall into the subconsciousness of the Deity of the 4 seas. He reveals that he has been waiting here for the arrival of the Heavenly Emperor so he can tell them what happened. It turns out the map the late Heavenly Emperor left behind was to lead them to meet with the deity of the 4 seas to tell them what happened, rather than a Heavenly Army.

Zhu Yan was not entirely killed by the late Heavenly Emperor, although his physical body and inner pearl was destroyed. Instead he was imprisoned within Mt Wuliang and waited until the right target came along to take him out and help him retake physical form again. This chance came along one day when the Ying and Yang was out of balance within Mt Wuliang allowing a disciple and his master to enter the mountain and for Zhu Yan to overpower the deity of the 4 seas. Zhu Yan managed to speak with the disciple, Ning Qing and told him that he would come back one day. Ning Xi Yu however was too perfect and unaffected by him that he could not make contact with her. Zhu Yan’s instinct was right. Ning Qing did come back after Ning Xi Yu’s death. Zhu Yan promised him that he could give him all the power in the world and teach him all the illegal magical practises if he would sign a blood pact with him, taking him out of Mt Wuliang and helping him regain a physical form. Because of the nature of Zhu Yan’s soul, each drop of it was arctic poison so if Zhu Yan doesn’t die, then the arctic poison will never disappear in the world.

The Deity of the Four seas then left the broken Lamp of Crystal Flame to the Heavenly Emperor and told him he can use it to subdue Zhu Yan before dissipating. Their only chance to escape from Mt Wuliang was to relight the Lamp of Crystal Flame again.

Back in the Heavenly Realm, Zhu Yan is furious that the Heavenly Emperor managed to enter Mt Wuliang. He demands the Grand Tutor to go and kill them however he reassures Zhu Yan that they will never be able to light up the lamp again and thus never be able to leave Mt Wuliang. He also promises Zhu Yan that soon there will be countless deaths and he will be able to get what he wishes very soon. How? Through Princess Shunde. He tells her about the thunder fire channel which runs beneath Bei Yuan. Once awakened it will scorch Bei Yuan, leaving nothing behind. Cheng Yu is worried and tries to tell the Grand Tutor that it would be too cruel to do that but the Grand Tutor tells him that he knows what he is thinking and to not disappoint him again.

The episode ends with Ah-Ji still wanting to escape. Chang Yi overhears her saying that to herself and she tries to disguise her words and tells him that she only wants a walk. Chang Yi invites himself along and takes her back to the lake. He tells her she can run around if she wants to and promises that it was his fault for making her do manual labor and for restraining her. He tells her that from now on, she can do whatever she likes as long as it makes her happy.

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