The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 15 (Ep 37)

Yunhe asks Chang Yi why he is suddenly so nice to him when she has done nothing in particular. He replied that the view was beautiful but Yunhe doesn’t believe his reason and makes a note to herself that she’ll avoid him from now on. However, the mood is ruined when Ah-Ji tells him that she wants to leave Bei Yuan after she has explored it a little. Chang Yi asks her why she’s so unwilling to stay with him but she tells him that it’s because she wants to see more of the world. Chang Yi tells her that he will consider her request as he still can’t decide whether to let her go yet or not.

However, later in a conversation with Kong Ming, Chang Yi reveals that he doesn’t want to trap Yunhe this time around. He was no longer just Chang Yi but the ruler of Bei Yuan and didn’t want Yunhe to be trapped with that responsibility too. Kong Ming advises him to think about what kind of future he would like Yunhe to have now that war is imminent. He shows Chang Yi the letter Xue Sanyue managed to send to them about how the Grand Tutor gained his power. However before Chang Yi can have a proper think about it, Luo Shuo comes in and tells him that Lin Haoqing has sneaked into Bei Yuan and taken Ah-Ji away.

Meanwhile, Zhu Ling runs into Qi Feng on the border of Bei Yuan. Qi Feng, bitter that he’s been banished by his cousin because of the merman decides to help Zhu Ling to find the underground fire channel under Ling Shuang Tai (the capital of Bei Yuan) so that it would kill Chang Yi. With his help, Zhu Ling quickly finds it and wakens it up. He kills Qi Feng on his way to leave Bei Yuan.

Ah-Ji wonders why she feels so sad and why her heart hurts so much at the thought of leaving Bei Yuan and the merman. However Lin Haoqing tells her to keep looking forward. But before they could escape, the ground starts to shake and gusts of smoke starts to come out of the volcanoes. Chang Yi and Kong Ming realize that someone must have awakened the underground thunder fire channel and quickly make the orders to help the people in Bei Yuan to escape. Chang Yi decides to go to the cave to suppress the underground thunder fire channel himself and orders Kong Ming to tell Luo Jinsang and Princess Qingyao to organize a quick evacuation. He also tells Qu Xiao Qing and Si Yu who helped Ah-Ji and Lin Haoqing to get away to tell her to never come back to Bei Yuan again.

However, Ah-Ji refuses to leave when she felt the earth tremor at her feet. She tells Lin Haoqing she has to go back to save her friends and the merman. Lin Haoqing sensing that it would be difficult o dissuade her decides to tell her that she and Chang Yi shared an unhappy past and she is now finally free of him so why is she going back? Ah-Ji told him firmly that she doesn’t want to see Chang Yi hurt. Unfortunately, Zhu Lian suddenly appears and sees Ah-Ji. He quickly works out that Yunhe was Ah-Ji and that she never died. He sees this as a chance to please Princess Shunde and is determined to capture her, Lin Haoqing and Si Yu. Lin Haoqing tells Ah-Ji to go and do what she wants to do whilst he and Si Yu stops Zhu Ling and his men.

Ah-Ji quickly finds Chang Yi in the cave and works with him to subdue the underground fire. Her pearl breaks and shatters in the process, helping her to recover her memories again. Because of the high heat in the cave, she loses consciousness after the battle.

Princess Shunde is enraged when she hears that her plan had once again been sabotaged by Chang Yi. She asks where Zhu Lian is but none of the men he sent out knows where he is as Lin Haoqing and Si Yu managed to kill him. The Grand Tutor comes to visit her to treat her face and Princess Shunde thinking that she was powerful enough to overpower him attacks him. However she is still no match for him and the Grand Tutor makes it clear he doesn’t care what she plans to do or what her feelings are to him, he only cares about her face. He only wants that face to see him seek revenge on the people who failed her.

Deity Cheng Yu who has been listening outside tries to tell Princess Shunde to turn back and return to the kind princess she was before. However Shunde doesn’t think she did anything wrong and believes that it is the honor she bestowed on those who she takes power from.

Back in Bei Yuan, Chang Yi uses his spiritual power to treat Yunhe despite his exhaustion. Kong Ming volunteers to treat her and tells him to rest. Even when Chang Yi tells him that he plans to go into retreat to treat Yunhe, Kong Ming no longer tries to dissuade him and instead agrees to help him take care of Bei Yuan. Princess Qingyao also gives her blessings to Yunhe and Chang Yi and offers to help Kong Ming whilst Chang Yi treats Yunhe. She seems to have put the past behind her now.

Lin Haoqing decides to request an audience with Chang Yi before he leaves which Chang Yi grants. Chang Yi uses this chance to tell Lin Haoqing the truth behind the arctic poison, that it was simply a part of Zhu Yan which was why the antidote that Lin Haoqing tried to create did not work, instead inflicting an internal injury in him.

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