The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 16 & Ep 17 (Ep 38 & 39)

Ep 38

Lin Haoqing finally finds out the truth about the arctic poison. Chang Yi tells him of his plan to destroy Zhu Yan with the Heavenly Emperor which should eradicate the arctic poison. Lin Haoqing agrees to help but also asks to see Yunhe before leaving. Chang Yi agrees and allows him to speak to her alone. Lin Haoqing only visits her to offer his blessings and her favorite osmanthus cake. He tells her that he will not stop her as long as she’s happy as he’s her elder brother. As he leaves, he warns Chang Yi that if he makes her unhappy he will take her away from him.

After leaving Bei Yuan, Lin Haoqing decides to go to Mr Lutai to find Zhu Yan as he has an idea where he is hiding. The Green Bird Deity steps out and tells Lin Haoqing to tell her about Zhu Yan and tells Lin Haoqing that she plans to seek revenge. They decide on a plan where Lin Haoqing will find Zhu Yan’s hiding place and destroy it whilst the Green Bird Deity would fight the Grand Tutor and when Zhu Yan was eliminated, she would be able to kill the Grand Tutor.

Yunhe sees Ning Yuxi again before waking up again. Outside, Jinsang and Kong Ming wait anxiously. When the light fades, Jinsang worked out that Yunhe has probably woken up so she wanted to go in but Kong Ming stopped her as it’s been a while as they probably have lots of things to talk about. Jinsang decides to settle an account with him as she suspects he knew that Ah-Ji was Yunhe before he came back. Kong Ming told her that he had promised Chang Yi he couldn’t tell anyone and Jinsang told him he tricked her as he said she was the most important person to him. However they quickly make up.

Inside, Yunhe asks Chang Yi to take her somewhere high up to see the whole of Bei Yuan. As they admire the scenery, Yunhe wanders if the view was more beautiful on the other side of the mountains. Chang Yi mistakenly thinking that Yunhe plans to leave him again reassures her that he will let her have her freedom this time and she can go wherever she wants to. However Yunhe has decided that she wants someone to hold her back, somewhere she can always go back to rather than being free to roam around. She then apologizes to stripping him from being able to make a choice before she “died” and that she never betrayed him. Chang Yi told her that he knew that already and that she only did that to save him. He promises that once everything ends, he will abdicate and will go traveling around the world with her.

When Ji Ning visits Kong Ming, it’s clear that Kong Ming is a little worried about Cheng Yu. However he tells Ji Ning that there is nothing he can do to help him as he’s made the decisions himself.

The Green Bird Deity invites Ning Qing (The Grand Tutor) to meet her and reveals to him that she knew the truth behind Ning Ruo Chu’s death. She asks him why he did what he did but Ning Qing told him that if Ning Ruo Chu was willing to give her up, he wouldn’t have killed Ning Ruo Chu. The Green Bird Deity tells him that she did feel some guilt but Ning Xi Yu would not have wanted to see what Ning Qing seek revenge for her like this. They argue over what Ning Xi Yu would’ve wanted and start to fight.

Meanwhile, Lin Haoqing has correctly worked out that Zhu Yan was hiding in the painting of Ning Xi Yu. They use the medicinal herb which contains the most Yang to burn the painting and hopefully kill Zhu Yan with it. Although Lin Haoqing manages to destroy the painting, however Zhu Yan manages to escape and so the Green Bird Deity was unable to kill the Grand Tutor instead, he overpowers her and captures her. Cheng Yu realizes that the evil spirits in the manor was simply a distraction and heads over to his master’s study where he discovers Lin Haoqing. He tells Lin that he and Si Yu may go as they had done nothing wrong. However he remains as a disciple he must accept any punishment his Master gives him for letting his enemy go.

The Grand Tutor returns to discover that Ning Xi Yu’s painting was completely destroyed and knows that Yu Cheng had helped Lin Haoqing escape. As punishment, the Grand Tutor sucks him dry of his spiritual energy, killing him.

Ning Xi Yu visits Yunhe again and tells her that the Green Bird Deity was in trouble. She lends her her sight, allowing her to see Zhu Yan visit the Green Bird Deity and offer her a deal. If she is willing to give her magical body, the body of the ruler of the birds to him, he will help her destroy every being that hurt her and Ning Ruo Chu. The Green Bird Deity agrees and lets out her inner pearl to allow Zhu Yan to enter. Ning Xi Yu tells Yunhe sadly that she plans to give up her life and Yunhe asks her to carry her spirit to the place the Green Bird Deity is imprisoned in to speak to her in her final moments. As expected, it was all simply a ruse. The Green Bird Deity destroyed her inner pearl and dies. In her dying moments, she tells Yunhe that she could feel that Zhu Yan has been badly injured by her but not quite vanquished as he managed to escape from her pearl in time to hide in the Grand Tutor’s ring. She believes that he will not be able to go anywhere else as he is badly injured.

After returning back to her body, Yunhe tells Chang Yi everything she had seen and heard. They decide to strike the iron whilst it’s hot and come up with a plan to make the Grand Tutor give up the ring willingly to them. Yunhe believes that she has found his weakness and that using his weakness, they should be able to make him give up the ring. However the Grand Tutor has further plans which he believes will plunge the world into misery very soon.

The next day, Yunhe appears at Mt Lutai and demands to see the Grand Tutor. She tells him that Ning Xi Yu told her all about him and that she would often visit her in her dreams.

Reunion and confession

Ep 39

The Grand Tutor warns her to not make up jokes like that. He doesn’t believe her as Ning Xi Yu has never visited him. However, Yunhe tells him the poem that his name was derived from that only he, Ning Ruo Chu and Ning Xi Yu knows about. In a moment of weakness, he is drawn into Yunhe’s dream and with Chang Yi’s help, they manage to trap him there. This was their plan, to get Ning Xi Yu to convince the Grand Tutor he had done wrong and to give up the ring.

The Grand Tutor finally sees Ning Xi Yu again. Unfortunately, instead of praising him, Ning Xi Yu tells him that he has been very wrong. They argue over Ning Ruo Chu and the Green Deity’s love and how it contributed to her death. Ning Xi Yu shows him a memory he had suppressed which revealed that it was him who revealed Ning Ruo Chu and the Green Deity’s hiding place to the Lin Clan as he was worried that their love would break up their family. This was the catalyst to the tragedy that happened afterwards. Because he revealed their hiding place, Ning Xi Yu spoke up to show her support to them however this caused her to give up her position as the Chief of the Valley and to be banished. She further shows him that because he wanted fame and success quickly so he was too cruel to the spirits when he controlled them, killing their chief which caused those spirits to become vengeful and used every power they had to kill her. He was the main cause of her death.

Sensing danger, Zhu Yan rushes to find Princess Shunde and tells her that Ji Yunhe was still alive and she and the merman were working together to hurt the Grand Tutor. Princess Shunde was shocked but she was determined to use the energy she had sucked out of her victims to kill Ji Yunhe. She rushes to the scene and starts attacking the barrier Chang Yi had set up around Yunhe and the Grand Tutor.

In order to keep the support of the Grand Tutor, he reminds him that there was no longer a way back. However the Grand Tutor asked Ning Xi Yu if she hates him. Her reply was that he was the one she wanted to save the most and that she wants them to return to the home they built together. Luckily, the dream ends there. Yunhe is unsure if Ning Xi Yu has managed to convince the Grand Tutor or not.

Soon, it’s revealed that Ning Xi Yu was successful. The Grand Tutor tells them that he knows why they are here and decides to remove the ring and give it to them. This would essentially break the bond between him and Zhu Yan which caused his hair to whiten immediately.

Zhu Yan is furious with this betrayal and decides to use his remaining power to kill everyone. Chang Yi, unwilling to put Yunhe in danger, traps her in a barrier and uses the blood on the tip of his heart to create a sword to vanquish Zhu Yan. Although he’s successful, however Princess Shunde grabs the remaining evil power within the ring that Zhu Yan had left and consumes it. She believed that all this is Ji Yunhe and Chang Yi’s fault so she used her power to attack Chang Yi and Ji Yunhe who were both injured and exhausted from the fight with Zhu Yan. The Grand Tutor shields them from Shunde’s attack and uses a spell to send them back to Bei Yuan.

Shunde is furious and threatens to suck his life energy dry unless he listens to her. However The Grand Tutor, finally realizing that he had done wrong, tells her to stop this and go back to the kind princess she once was. He apologizes to her and tells her that he was the one who turned them both into monsters. Ning Xi Yu appears suddenly and reminds him of the first spell she taught him. He uses that to commit suicide, leaving an enraged Shunde who swears that she will destroy the world that Ning Xi Yu loves.

Back in Mt Wu Liang, Li Shu finally meets the man who called him and led him to find the mountain. It turns out it was his deceased grandfather who reveals that it was the duty of their clan to use their nine lives to cross the thunder sea to retrieve the Heavenly flame to light the Lamp of the Crystal Flame. That was the cause of his death and this was the fate of Li Shu too now that the world needs the Heavenly Flame. Li Shu refuses to accept this and his grandfather tells him that it’s a fate that he will never be able to escape from.

Sanyue’s frost poison has gone and Deity Zhu Lian calculates that it’s because Zhu Yan has been vanquished and the Grand Tutor has died. However, his calculations bring an even more ominous news that a new Devil has been born who is just as powerful as Zhu Yan as they consumed all the remaining power Zhu Yan and the Grand Tutor had left. The only way to defeat it was to light the lamp of the crystal flame. Once again, the Heavenly Emperor decides to split the group up. He and his advisors will remain behind to try and fix the lamp whilst Xue Sanyue and Li Shu will go back to rest.

Yunhe goes back to her dream to search for Ning Xi Yu however Ning Xi Yu told her that she now has to leave and that she could not help them anymore. She finally wakes up and finds Luo Jinsang by her bedside. Luo Jinsang tells her that Kong Ming has imprisoned Chang Yi in his room treating him of his wounds.

Although Chang Yi anf Yunhe got back safely, however Chang Yi was fatally wounded by Zhu Yan. Zhu Yan’s body was formed of the black ice and this entered Chang Yi’s body freezing his blood and flesh which meant he had very little time left. Yunhe overhears this conversation and takes Chang Yi back to their room.

There she proposes to him. Chang Yi is adamant that he can’t marry her because of his condition but Yunhe refused to give up and he eventually agrees.

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