The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 18 (Ep 40)

Luo Jinsang asks Kong Ming what’s wrong as he seemed very distracted but he continues to ignore her. Qingyao comes to speak to Kong Ming asking him what he plans to do in terms of Bei Yuan’s defence as Shunde has consumed all of Zhu Yan’s remaining power and will for sure attack Bei Yuan. Kong Ming finally loses his temper and tells them both to shut up.

Yunhe interrupts him and declares that they will create a strong magical barrier and prepare for the war. She also announces that she and Chang Yi plan to marry in 3 days. Although Qingyao is a little worried that 3 days may not be enough time to prepare for a lavish wedding to celebrate the nuptials of Bei Yuan’s ruler but Yunhe tells them that she and Chang Yi don’t care for frivolities like that and they onyl want a simple wedding inviting only their close friends and associates.

Back in Mt Lutai, Shunde continues to consume power, causing evil magic to encircle the entire mountain. Because of this, news has quickly spread that the Grand Tutor and Zhu Yan have been extinguished. Li Shu and Sanyue are immediately informed of this news when they leave Mt Wuliang by Li Shu’s men. Sanyue is extremely pleased that Yunhe was back as she always felt guilty that she was happy whilst her friend could not be with the one she loves. Li Shu has to leave the room as he still can’t forget about his grandfather’s words. His men and Sanyue notices this change in him so Sanyue goes out to try and figure out what is wrong. However Li Shu lies to her although he does try and test to see what her reaction may be if he leaves for somewhere but can’t take her with him. Sanyue tells him that she will marry another if he does that again and asks her where he is planning to go. He hides his tears and tells her that he plans to go to Bei Yuan with her. After Sanyue goes to prepare for their trip, his men give her a family heirloom, a hairpin for Sanyue and give him their blessings.

Lin Haoqing tells his father that he’s cured everyone of the frost poison after a long period of unconsciousness. Si Yu comes to visit him and tells him about Yunhe and Chang Yi’s upcoming wedding. He seems shocked at the news.

Back in Bei Yuan, Luo Jinsang gives Yunhe some red cloth to make her wedding robes and offers to help her embroider them but Yunhe is determined to make them herself. She uses this chance to give her an invitation as well as one for Princess Qingyao who comes to visit her. It seems like Princess Qingyao has finally put the past behind her and decided to start a new chapter of her life.
On Chang Yi’s side, Kong Ming tells him that he regrets dragging Chang Yi into this war and thinks that everyone would’ve changed if he didn’t do that. Chang Yi reassures him that he wouldn’t have such a good friend as him if he didn’t involve him and give him an invitation to his wedding.

That night, he sees Yunhe making their wedding robes and offers to help her out. Yunhe jokes and tells him that it would be more useful if he squeezes 2 tears out so she can make a pair of earrings out of his tears. They spend the night together.

In the morning after, Kong Ming reveals to Chang Yi that he’s done his best but the frost has spread quicker than anticipated. He will only have one more day left and will completely freeze up on the midnight of his wedding.

Despite this, the wedding remained in place. The Ruhuo bird visits Yunhe and does her makeup and hair for her. She notices that Yunhe doesn’t have much hope in her eyes. Yunhe explains to her that a fleeting moment of happiness that she will always remember for the rest of her life was enough.

Night falls and it’s their wedding. Hand in hand, they enter the main hall to carry the rituals in front of all their close friends. They manage to get through to the wedding and then to the wedding night, however as midnight draws closer, Chang Yi starts to freeze over. To hide it, he tells Yunhe to turn around and sings to her. However, Yunhe already knows that he will freeze all over at midnight tonight but turns around anyway so he can’t see her tears and know that she already knows.

Meanwhile, Li Shu and Sanyue finally make it back however were too late to join the celebrations. Kong Ming finally gives in and tells Luo Jinsang and them about Chang Yi’s condition.

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