The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 19 & 20 (Ep 41 & 42)

Luo Jinsang can’t understand why Chang Yi and Yunhe’s love has to end like this and how they could get married like this. She volunteers to freeze in Chang Yi’s place. Sanyue wanted to keep Yunhe company but Kong Ming tells them that Yunhe knew about it long ago and to not disturb them.

Shunde visits Lin Haoqing and tells him that he should fight to get her back. She attacks him and he seems to be under her control. It turns out that she has gathered al the Grand Tutor’s disciples and all the spiritual masters and controlled them via the golden bell. She decides to send them all to Bei Yuan.

Back in Mt Wuliang, the Heavenly Emperor has figured out that the final piece of the lamp are the bones of an Immortal. He plans to use his own but his two advisors, Lei Zhe and Dong Lian have worked that out before him and stopped him. They tell him that Shunde is the new devil and tell him that he must stop her before sacrificing their lives to restore the lamp.

Yunhe bids farewell to Chang Yi the morning after the wedding night and goes out to continue the duties that Chang Yi left behind. She tells Luo Jinsang, Kong Ming, Qingyao, Sanyue and Li Shu to not tell anyone about Chang Yi’s condition before heading off to check the defence barrier. Qu Xiao Xing wonders why she spends all day observing the barrier and preparing for war instead of keeping Chang Yi company. Yunhe sends him away. Luckily Sanyue and Li Shu come to see her and tells her that she doesn’t have to put up such a strong front in front of them. They promise that they will find a way to unfreeze him and when she goes to find a solution, they will help her protect Bei Yuan. Yunhe tells them that this was her duty and Chang Yi’s and she cannot shy from it.

The Heavenly Emperor comes to visit them and tells them that Fei Lian and Zhe Lei have sacrificed their lives for the lamp. He asks to see Chang Yi to see if there is a way to cure him but could not find a solution. To distract them, Yunhe asks Qingyao how the preparations are going in terms of the war. Although the barrier is up however the only thing that can stop Shunde is the crystal lamp. The Heavenly Emperor tells them that although the lamp is restored however the Heavenly Flame has been extinguished long ago and he fears that it will not be powerful enough. Li Shu realizes that he may be the only one who knows how to retrieve the flame and get it.

Whilst everyone goes to the border to make sure everything is ready, he excuses himself to bid farewell to Chang Yi. Then he heads out of the capital and asks his late grandfather the way to the thunder sea to retrieve the Heavenly Flame. The skies suddenly open up and a large cloud of thunder appears.

The crystal lamp suddenly heats up whilst Yunhe, Sanyue and the Heavenly Emperor wonder why there is such strong thunder all of a sudden. Sanyue feels that this may have something to do with Li Shu as no-one has seen him.

Li Shu has successfully retrieved the flame however, the thunder sea had fatally wounded him. He releases the flame before he starts to dissipate. Finally, the crystal lamp is lit but before they could rejoice, Sanyue disappears to find Li Shu and only manages to find him as he turns to dust. Luckily, Li Shu left a message in the hairpin he left behind which was revealed when one of Sanyue’s tears dropped onto it. He tells her that he hopes that she can be happy and that he gives her his blessings for marriage to another man. That was why he only carved Sanyue on the hairpin so that she would be able to marry another man without anything holding her back. But Sanyue carves “My wife Sanyue” onto the hairpin and swears that she will only marry him. The Heavenly Emperor asks her what she would like to which she said to protect Bei Yuan and to kill Shunde with the lamp. The Heavenly Emperor promises that he will doe everything in his power to protect Bei Yuan but does not make up his mind to kill Shunde until after considering it beneath the Bodhi tree that Shunde had nurtured his soul in when he was defenceless.

Luo Jinsang wants to join the battle and fight with the rest of them but Kong Ming refused to let her go. They argue but Kong Ming is adamant as he would be distracted if she was there.

Meanwhile, Shunde has already reached the border of Bei Yuan. She uses the golden bell to control all the defectors and spiritual masters to attack Bei Yuan whilst creating arrows to destroy the border. Yunhe decides to face Shunde on her own and goes to provoke her. It turns out that she and the Heavenly Emperor have decided that she will distract Shunde whilst he sets up the Demon Vanquishing formation. However, Shunde has seen through their trap and easily overpowers her.

Luckily, Chang Yi wakes up at the nick of time to save her. It turns out that the Heavenly Emperor did have a way to save Chang Yi, through the Bodhi fruit that was from the tree that his soul spent hiding whilst he was powerless. The fruit would unfreeze the ice within Chang Yi and restructure his meridians. However they didn’t tell anyone about it so that Shunde would believe that Chang Yi was truly dead and would lower her guard.

Ep 42 (Final Ep)

Chang Yi and Yunhe work together to snatch the golden bell and destroy it. However Shunde has created a new bell through her dark magic which she used to directly control Lin Haoqing. Yunhe figures out that she probably sent him to attack the Heavenly Emperor and rushes over to protect him whilst Chang Yi continues to fight Shunde.

After a bitter struggle, Lin Haoqing gains a moment of consciousness which stopped him from killing Yunhe, instead he pulls Yunhe’s sword deeper into his body so that he would no longer be able to hurt her. Together with the Heavenly Emperor and Chang Yi, they finally manage to trap Shunde in the Demon vanquishing formation. However, unwilling to give up, Shunde decides to turn into evil wind so that she can continue to kill all the beings in the world. Yunhe uses her body as a container to purify her evil aura and jumps into the underground sea of fire to seal herself off whilst she purifies Shunde’s evil aura but promises that she will come back when it has been purified. Chang Yi promises to wait for her no matter how long it will take. He also decides to abdicate his position to Princess Qingyao and go off to the mortal world to wait for Yunhe to come back.

Luo Jinsang joins the battle despite Kong Ming’s disapproval and protects him from Yu Cheng when he tried to kill Kong Ming. Luckily, Yu Cheng gains a moment of consciousness and protects Kong Ming when another tries to kill him and dies as a result. Fortunately Luo Jinsang’s injury wasn’t fatal and she ends up marrying Kong Ming. After the war, Kong Ming becomes the new Grand Tutor and advisor to the Heavenly Emperor. Their scenes end with Luo Jinsang telling him that he will be a father soon.

Sanyue adopts a black cat and takes care of it. One day, whilst chasing her new pet, she sees a new mortal disciple who looks exactly like Li Shu, who also likes cats too. The Heavenly Emperor’s advisor suggests to the Heavenly Emperor that the Lu clan has nine lives and Li Shu may not used up all of them.

Lin Haoqing has lost the ability to walk during the war but survived despite his injuries. Si Yu now takes care of him as they manage the Flower Valley together. He seems a lot happier and content now.

(In the Eastern Sea, Chang Yi has decided to stay there to wait for Yunhe’s return. 300 years later, on a nice morning whilst he is fishing, he suddenly feels his fishing line being pulled and a girl jumps out of the water. She flies towards Chang Yi who manages to catch her and the two smile and embrace.

The ending scene shows the two of them together, sat on a cliff edge. Chang Yi asks her why she now has a tail to which Yunhe replied that his pearl has been within her for 300 years which caused her to gain a tail. ) Yunhe asks him if he has ever changed into his merman form. Chang Yi replied that he wants Yunhe to be the first to see it. They dive into the sea together and disappear into the sea before coming back up again, flying towards the sun.

NB: The part in brackets is a cut scene from the episode. If it wasn’t in, it might have seemed a bit more ambiguous if the ending was a good or open ending.


  1. The ending is not what I’m expecting it to be but at least its a happy ending! 🥺🥺… Thanks for the recap, I appreciate all the efforts! ❤️💚❤️

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  2. Thank you so much for the recaps of part 2! I know Mandarin, but historical cdramas are slightly more difficult for me to understand. So your recaps really helped me fill in the gaps. 🙂

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  3. I like the novel better with showcase a more unique characteristic of each person as well as better explanation of each event. The two leads in drama kissed multiple time and she acted all surprised changi gave her his Mark as the one. In the novel, they have not officially declare their feeling until she reborn. So her surprise make sense in the novel compare to drama. And, The reborn plot keep reuse on multiple characters start to get boring the second time. It doesn’t explain how she reborn even when director explain cut scenes. Also the way the quickly end like they are tired of editing is so silly. They should of stick with novel ending. Short and sweet. I read the novel multiple times. I might watch once when English sub officially out.

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  4. Ugh. Why’d they cut that scene? Thanks for the recaps. Found it weird to watch that ending without subs. I still like the novel’s ending better. It’s such a waste for them to delay the subs. I would’ve liked this show much better if they released official subs it before WRTW came out.


    1. English subs will be released after Part 2 is completed for all Chinese viewers (not only VIP). It’s some sort of deal between Croton and Youku.

      That doesn’t stop fan subs, but letting you know they will be coming out.


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