Cambrian Period Ep 20 English subbed

Disclaimer: This is a fansub, so apologies for any grammatical mistakes. Please do not reupload this video in any format or on any server although it is fine to download it as long as it is for your private use.

Recap of recent developments: With Suo Tou now dead, Jin Lin now focuses all her attention to her plan to steal all of the funds of Autumn’s Door to overthrow Zhan Shi Li and become the power who will control Jambudvipa. Meanwhile, Jian Zi and Tang Yin escape from Jian Zi’s engagement party that was forced on him by his father. Although Jian Zi wishes to exchange the encoder that is the key to transferring the profits from the casino into Jin Lin’s pocket, however Tang Yin is determined to use it as bait to lure out her best friend Shen Keke’s killer. When they went to Jin Lin’s house to found evidence of who could have been Keke’s killer, they found documents found at Jin Lin’s which reveals the secret relationship between Officer Li, a mysterious police officer with secrets of his own and Jin Lin’s late husband who was a powerful mafia boss in Mainland China and had wished to control Jambudvipa. At the end of Ep 18, Tang Yin finds herself cornered by Officer Li and Jin Lin’s lackey. What would she do and will the encoder finally fall into the wrong hands?



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  1. This felt a bit like a filler episode, the hunt for a little bit of plastic …
    Far too much screen time for Ms Fluffy bit Doctor, I find that Cambrian period has been well cast except for this role, she looks like a high school cheerleader, the actress filling this role is either very incompetent of completely miscast, she could not even come across as a credible junior nurse … yes I do get hung up sometimes on these irrelevant details.

    I can not give enough praise to the subs, I salute you with a nice glass of amaretto!


    1. for me videos on the site work fine in two different internet browsers:
      – in mozilla firefox with uBlock Origin installed
      – in opera with Adguard installed
      both add-ons stop advertisement but videos can still load


  2. Thank you!

    Earnest Request / Courteous Appeal/ Wailing Plea

    with reference to your plans, Productive Procrastinator, announced on FB, is there any chance that you would like to reconsider your policy of sharing new shows and complete subbing Cambrian Period before starting Seige of Fog ?

    let me analyze the situation,
    there were:
    4 ep in week 38 translated, uploaded up to 25/09 (13 – 16)
    2 ep translated in w39: 17 – 18, uploaded on 29/09 and 01/10
    2 ep translated in w40: 19 – 20, uploaded on 06/10 and 09/10

    with that tendency we can forecast:
    episodes 21-22 translated in w41, uploaded by 16/10

    then 2 first episodes of SEIGE of FOG are scheduled next, with a release date, I guess, around the end of week 42

    … which would mean we can expect episodes 23-24 only at the end of week 43, with the grand finale on around 30th October ??

    oh dear…. a prospect of being two weeks in suspense…

    Oh, please, please, please, have a mercy and lighten the awaiting!


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