Chef Fang Ep 3 English subbed

Synopsis: Fang Yi Shao is an orphan girl who is a talented chef, but unwittingly gets forced to marry infamous young master Shen Yong as a substitute bride. Coincidentally, Shen Yong had inadvertently saved her from being kidnapped before, becoming her savior. With her culinary and martial arts skills, she wins the hearts of her in-laws and eventually Shen Yong himself. Yi Shao strongly believes in Shen Yong’s good nature, contrary to rumors.Under her influence, Shen Yong changes his wayward ways to make a name for himself in this heartwarming and comedic story. (synopsis from mydramalist)

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  1. can’t wait to see the other episode.. such a good drama thank you very much for subbing it, just wondering if you’re gonna subbed it slowly or if you will sub an episode per week? thanks again for your hard work


  2. Oh, thank you for taking this on! I have a snow day with all meetings cancelled so – woo! woo! – I have time to watch. Maybe I’ll watch all three just to remember every detail of the food! For other viewers, if you are missing all this delicious food, I’d recommend heading over to Volare Novels where a novel called Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator is being translated. The heroine uses her fascinating cooking skills to win over everyone in a land where spices are not well known. And the translator puts in photos of all the food referenced – Chef Fang would feel at home there.


  3. Another tantalizing appetizer in the form of a Chef Fang episode, a warning for anybody that has not yet seen it … eat before you start or you will be stuffing your face afterwards, the display of enticing food bits and pieces tends to give you an uncontrollable appetite.

    Not sure which historic era the drama is depicting but whatever it is the “Melon Ball scooper” that was used on the Guadeloupe was not yet in use . Supposedly that utensil was first documented to be used by Lady Augustina Dungbeetie in 1846, amazing the irrelevant details you go and look up whilst watching a piece of Cdrama fiction …

    I wish to give you a spread of goodies to thank you for the subs, I will be waiting patiently for more episodes, you have a lot of translation buns in the oven.

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