Bloody Romance Chapter 5 (Assassination Part 1)

The second day Wan Mei was shaken awake. When she woke up, she discovered that Xiao San was already standing by her bedside, in his hand was a fan.

On the fan was a vine with a butterly fluttering amongst it. The frame of the fan was made of purple narra wood (a type of expensive wood) and hanging off the handle was a seven color tzizit, it was no normal fan.

Xiao San quietly told her it was a gift from the chief. She took it from him and studied it under the light.

The skin of the fan was thin, allowing a little light through. When she wafted it, she felt a cold wind brush against her skin.

“This fan really is good. When you use it in the summer, just the knowledge that it was made from human skin is enough to cool the heart. I should thank the chief for her gift,” she said with a smile.

Xiao San did not reply, only held out a piece of white cloth and started to wrap it around her chest as if he was wrapping a Zongzi (a type of chinese rice dish wrapped in a banana leaf).

He wrapped it so tightly that she could barely breathe so she reached out to hit the injury on his little finger. The injury opened, his blood seeped through the bandage. Xiao San sighed and rewrapped his bandage again.

“Today you must go and head to your mission. The head has announced that the target has changed so I must make new preparations,” he explained as he rewrapped the bandage around her chest, ” your target is called Pang De. Master Pang is a homophile. Everyone knows that. You must disguise yourself as a boy,”

“Master Pang is a homophile?!” Wan Mei repeated, the backs of her hair raised, “why was my target changed? Who is this Pang De?”

Xiao San explained expressionless, “Pang De, known as Master Pang, the head of the well known escort guard company in Zhen Yuan and practices a special type of martial art. They changed the mission because someone does not want you to live. Because the chief gave you this fan.”

Wa Mei fell silent and watched Xiao San dress her up to become a delicate young man.

“It is a little far so you must set out now.”Xiao San moved back to pick up a brush to make her eyebrows thicker. “Remember to take your parosol.”

“Take the parosol?” Wan Mei laughed coldly, “You mean take that red parosol? So that everyone from far and wide can tell that I am an assassin?”

Xiao San bent down and pulled out the parosol from under the bed and pushed into her hand. “Look carefully, it is not red anymore. The demon red parosol has not drunk any blood for the entire month so it’s appearance is no different from a normal parosol.”

Wan Mei stared at it in shock and saw that the parosol has indeed changed. The handle was still jade green but the color of the canopy was now a yellowish color and apart from a few faint spider web like lines on the surface there really wasn’t much difference between the parasol to a normal parasol.

“But when I first arrived it was clearly red,” she insisted as she thought back to a month ago.

“That was because it had just drunk some blood. My mistress from before,”Xiao San told her darkly, “there are many secrets surrounding this parasol. When you succeed in your missions you will earn the right to know each of them.”

Wan Mei fell silent as she clasped the parasol , her mind wandering off.

Beside her, Xiao San asked, “Are you afraid? If you are, shiver as much as you can here. But do not reveal anything in a while.”

“I am afraid.” Wan Mei told him, nodding as she bit her lip. “But do not worry you will not be hurt because of me because I do not wish to die. And I do not want to die twice at age ten and six.”


The sky had started to snow again, each snowflake after each. Pang De waved his hand signalling his two guards to follow him into the little inn to rest.

It was a small village so there was only one inn. He raised his head and noticed that the name of the inn was called “Luck”.

His stomach started to warm up after a few cups of alcohol. Satisfied, Pang De reached around to feel that sword hanging off his belt.

His mission this time was to deliver this sword but no one would ever expect that he would audiciously hang it on his belt and that in the metal enclosed box was a counterfeit. Remembering how he came up with such an idea he felt proud of himself and lifted his glass,  his eyes locked onto the doorway.

The snow outside was falling heavily. A thin young man closed his parasol and jumped in sitting on the empty table next to his.

In a short while, the server brought him hot tea and the young man seemed more and more beautiful as he drank it. Pang De felt his heart miss a beat as he raised his cup again to glance at the young man. His eyes full of desire and arousal gradually filled his body.

Seeing his response, Pang De’s two men startes to smile wickedly. The young an stood up and called the server to get him a room at the top as it was too cold out in the main hall.

He was led up and Pang De who was watching below at his seat finally waved to a server . “I want rooms at the top . Two of them.”


The sky quickly darkened. Hurriedly, Pang De rushed to the door of that young man’s room and saw a parasol with a green handle with oily paper leaning against it. Snow had frozen on it and speckled onto the canopy. It was seemed as frail as it’s owner.

He drifted outside the room, hesitant to enter. The door suddenly creaked open revealing the young man who watched him with narrowed eyes.

“If you wish to come in then come in .” The young man’s voice was crisp and clear. “Why stand outside?”

Pang De laughed dryly, rubbed his eyebrows and stepped in.

After he poured him some tea, the young man shifted towards the brazier to warm him hands turning them over and over intently.

Pang De coughed, but did not touch the tea. He stared at the young man and said, “You are very delicate looking. I thought you were a woman at first glance.”

The young man humphed in reply. “There are men who play the Dan (a female role). I have to look like a woman to put food on the table. If you wish to discuss a price then let’s not get distracted by something else.”

Being stripped bare like that, Pang De felt a little embarrassment. “I think you might be mistaken. I only…” He coughed out.

The young man turned around to stare at him, his eyes clear and sharp,”I won’t mistaken such a thing. I have spent 8 years at the theatre, and I have seen men for 8 years. I will not make such a mistake.”

Pang De let out an embarrassed laugh and tried to explain but that young man simply crossed the room, grabbed and manhood and started to tease it.

“I only want ten taels. Just escaped from the theatre group so I need to earn some money for my journey.” Watching Pang De’s stiff manhood he sighed, “I am very tight and clean back there. I only drink liquids.”

Pang De could feel his earlobes burning but he could not resist such a temptation and watched as the young man slip his hand under his clothes.

With the first step done smoothly. The young man qirked an eyebrow, cunning flashed past his eyes.

The young man right now was of course not a man but Wan Mei. Wan Mei who was here to collect his life.

A month of teaching had trained her to know all the sensitive points on a man.  Her tongue wriggled out, first she pulled his earlobes into her mouth and then traced the inner part of his ear before her hand moved down , tracing the areas around his manhood but not touching it.

Pang De sighed, his entire body relaxed, his posture indicating his pleasure and Wan Mei  seized the chance to untie his belt and pull open his shirt.

This was a man who looked after himself well. His muscles were hard and well defined. Wan Mei grabbed hold of his waist and her tongue traced it’s way down .

When she was teasing his nipples she discovered that not only were there the normal two small holes but also traces of being burned.

She started but did not hesitate and continued to move down his waist and purposefully teased the hair surrounding his length.

It slowly straightened. She stuck a finger in his arsehole and his manhood went rigid whilst his body softened.

She bent down, her hands wrapped around his length and her tongue curled around the tip, teasing it.

This time she discovered that there were injuries on his manhood too. It was an injury made from a thin rope that had been tied too tightly around it and had not quote closed.

She stopped for a moment. The manhood in her mouth grew and Pang De suddenly opened his eyes and with a growl pounced on her trapping her below him .

“I will give you thirty more taels. Let’s play a game shall we?” He panted, one hand moving to undress her.”do not worry I know my limits. You will feel a little pain but you will not be seriously injured.”

Thing had escalated to dangerous territory. If Pang De moved a little lower he would realize that the person under him was a woman .

Her heart beat frantically all the blood practically flooding her brain and towards the end an idea suddenly tore through her mind, a bold and daring one.

“Master likes to play torture games right?” She pushed him away from her, smiling seductively at him. “It is such a coincidence, we not only have destiny to meet but also have the same preferences too.”

Pang De’s eyes lit up, his expression proving that she gambled correctly.

“Why don’t I begin first?” She sat up and pushed him onto the bed and sat on his waist. “Let me have some fun first and then I will leave myself in your hands.”

Pang De did not say anything but his breathing quickened with excitement.

Wan Mei smiled to herself and glanced around the room. She noticed the bowl of cold water she had used to wash her hands in and stood up to get it. She poured it onto him. His manhood shrinked as soon as cold water hit it. She ripped some cloth from her and wrapped it tightly around it.

His breathing became more and more heavy, his shining eyes signalling to her to tie it even tighter.

She obeyed and then leaned down and teased him. First playing with his manhood, biting his nipples and pulling and pushing her two fingers into his back hole.

His manhood could not expand under the restriction, he felt it hard to breathe, but the more pain he felt the more pleased he was, a complete masochist.

Wan Mei’s heart beat quickly in her chest, but this time because success was in sight.

“Do you like blood?” she whispered as she climbed on top of him and leaned towards his ear. “Shall I go and take a pair of scissors, gently make a cut and then let you see each bead forming and rolling down? That feeling is priceless.”

He nodded and Wan Mei’s heart fluttered madly with happiness.

But that happiness was not to last long. But his next words almost sent her to despair.

“I do like blood,” he told her, “but I practice a form of martial arts that prevents me from bleeding. Normal weapons cannot draw my blood.”

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    1. I am sorry to hear that. I think that’s happened to most bloggers from time to time. Unfortunately there’s nothing much we can do about it except try and get our name out there and make it stand it even more than those who have copied and reuploaded your work


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