Bloody Romance Chapter 6 (Assassination part 2)

“Then that is such a shame.”  It took a while before Wan Mei could speak again. “You really lose some enjoyment in life by practicing that martial art.”

Pang De felt that it was a regret too and could not help but glance at the sword attached to his shirt.

Indeed normal weapons could not hurt him but the weapon he had with him today was no normal weapon.

His thought did not escape Wan Mei’s eyes. She turned her head and noticed a sword underneath his shirt. The sheath was a plain metal , there was not even a single engravement on it.

It seemed like a normal sword. She reached over to pull it out of it as sheath but she only needed to glance at it once to know she was wrong.

It had a normal shape but it was a black sword about 7 feet. When she pulled it out, she saw the dark edges, as sharp and dominating as a king’s eye. Even though she did not understand swords she still felt fear resonate in her.

Pang De opened his mouth and just as he was about to say no, he saw the knife slip in Wan Mei’s hand slicing her finger.

It seemed this person did not understand martial arts and Pang De swallowed back his words.

On the other side, Wan Mei silently smiled. Lifting her hand, she let a drop of blood drip onto his chest and used it to write the character “happiness”.

“Let’s write the character happiness. Happiness from love. That happiness,” she whispered in his ear. She untied Pang De’s manhood and rubbed up and down to tease it bigger.

His manhood stood up and Wan Mei lifted her shirt, breathed in and sat on top of his legs.

Beneath her shirt was a pair of undergarments. She pulled open the hole at the back, revealing her arse hole but covering her womanhood. It took a little poking before his manhood finally inserted into her.

A month of training had made her back hole the right tightness. Pang De took a deep breath and began to think he really came across a jem tonight.

“It seems you have served quite a few men. This is…. Quite comfortable.” He croaked unable to wait and started stroking into her at her rhythm.

Wan Mei moved up and down his length unrestrained. Despite sweating heavily she did not forget to draw the first stroke of blood on his chest.

The sword really was a good one. It took little effort to draw tiny beads of blood from him which reflected off the candlelight as they slowly rolled down his body.

With the combined pleasure of his lower body and the stinging pain in his upper body, Pang De felt as if he had never felt so good before. He couldn’t help but shout out “Good!”

Wan Mei frowned, she lowered her body, inserting his entire length in her before quickly moving back up again.

Pang De groaned with pleasure and she lifted her arm, making another cut on his chest, this time with a bit more force, deepening the cut.

Pang De gasped in pain, but as he did so, he frantically moved his length in and out of her, increasing both the pleasure and the pain. Her sweat dripped from her cheek but she continued ti slice him again and again to with the word to carve the word happiness. Slowly, his entire chest was covered in blood.

It was a strange sight indeed. The color of blood excited her, making her afraid yet at the same time she felt a thrill from the sight.

Her private areas started to dampen, her groans mingling with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, unable to discern pleasure from pain.

And Pang De was falling into a sexual frenzy, his eyes were closed and when she sliced him hard, he groaned and she knew that her chance was here. It was at this moment when a man’s defences were the lowest and she would lose it if she missed it.

She tightened her grip on the sword, her right hand shook a little, although it was a small movement, but her hand still shook.

“If he does not die, then I will die. I cannot die because of another man again!” It was this thought that overwhelmed any fear that she had left. She raised her arm, and using all her strength delivered the sword into his chest.

Blood spurted out, splattering her entire face. Pang De had no time to be surprised before he fell from the clouds straight into hell. Her hand fell away from the sword and as if by instinct moved one final time on his body. Immense fear consumed her mind and after trembling above his body, it finally sent her into climax.

Her lower body was almost strangling his length, every pore in her body wide open. She felt blackness overcome her and amongst the pool of blood, she felt the most intense climax she felt in her entire life.

That was how she finished her first mission. She sat where she was for a long time after she woke up before she finally came to that reality.

The first thing to do was to wash her face and hands. It took a long time washing her hands before her hands finally stopped shaking. Next, was to change her appearance. After loosening her hair, thinning out her eyebrows and changing into the female clothes she prepared, the young man disappeared without a trace.

The sword lying on the ground was still shining in the candlelight and after a moment of hesitation, she picked it up, put it back into it’s sheath and hung it around her belt. After checking that everything was in order, she picked up the parosol and brought it to Pang De’s feet.

It still had the appearance of a normal parosol when she opened it up. On one side, there were a few golden flowers lining the edges. Xiao San told her it’s name was “The ground filled with golden lotuses.”

After a while, she felt a breeze that caused the candle flame to flicker, she thought her eyes were playing with her as she saw the little golden flower petals sway slightly.

She bent down to look closely and noticed the petals suddenly blossoming, it’s movements in the wind alluring. Her eyes widened, she forgot to breathe as she saw the flowers spit out the stamen and stigmas. They were bright red which grew and grew, gently crawling over Pang De’s arm, wrapping around his body before finally resting against the wound on his chest.

The blood was still warm. When the flowers found the right direction, their stigma and stamen suddenly lengthened and crawled into the gaping hole, their ends disappearing into goodness knows where.

Pang De’s body suddenly shrinked, his eyes sunk into their pockets and the bottom of his eyesdarkened, like a bag that was slowly being sucked dry.

The parosol slowly turned red and the little lines were slowly filled with red liquid again, turning from pale red to crimson and then brightened to the redness, of the lips of a young girl.

When it became fully red, the flowers stopped their movements, the stigma and stamen retreated back out, and the gold petals closed, stopped at a position to becime like a drawing on the parosol again.

The demon red parosol was red again. It’s canopy bright red, it’s handle jade green, with gold lotus flowers on one corner. it was an enchanting sight.

Only then, did Wan Mei lift her hand up and close it. The room no longer smelled of blood and when Wan Mei reached the doorway, she turned back to take a look. The body of Pang De on the floor was like a bag of bones, even the wound was now an alabaster color as if it would only took a gust of wind to blow him away.

The wind suddenly picked up when she opened the door and blew out the candle. The night was silent and as Wan Mei looked back at Pang De, his eyes seemed to glint with fury. Hurriedly, she closed the door and rushed out of the inn.


When she found another inn to rest in, she quickly discarded the parosol in a corner of her room before wrapping her arms around herself and remaining close to the brazier to add firewood to it.

It was only at dawn when she would be collected and delivered back to the Gate of Ghosts.

When she arrived, it was by horse and carriage, she was blindfolded even before she left the door, and had no idea where she was at. When she got off the carriage, she realized she was in a graveyard, the driver told her the direction she should go before telling her she would be collected at the same location at dawn.

It was a long night. Time after time she wanted to flee but time after time she forced herself to forget the idea. Before she came, Xiao San had already told her that, “The first time, the shadow is not allowed to follow. But you must remember, there is always a pair of eyes watching you to judge if you are a competent assassin for the Gate of Ghosts. If you run away, the consequences will be extremely severe.”

After admiring the skin peeling work of the leader of the punishment hall she knew that Xiao San’s words were not to be taken as false. So she could only wait. Wait until the sky slowly brightened before making her way west to the graveyard.

Outside, it was snowing more heavily. Wan Mei could barely walk through it and struggled to hold her parosol up. Regardless, this blood thirsty parosol must be by her side at all times. When that thought came into her mind, she gritted her teeth and opened it up.

Morning, it was early morning and Han Yue rubbed his aching head, realiz ing he had fallen asleep next to Yan Yan’s grave after drinking himself to a stupor.

His fingers remained intact, and his toes still had feeling in them. He brushed off the snow that had accumulated on his clothes and started to laugh bitterly.

“It seems your inner strength will succeed soon, my great hero Han Yue,” he shook the empty wine flask as he mocked himself, “sleeping outside on a snowy day. You are practising your inner strength in your sleep to stop yourself freezing to death. I must write this trick down.”

There was not a drop left in the wine flask. His lips rubbed against each other in disappointment and tried to remember what day it was.

“2nd of February?” A date finally entered his mind. He jolted awake.

2nd of February was the date eldest brother had told him to absolutely remember.

The soul destroying sword of the Xie family from the Shan Xi  district, because of the destruction of the entire Xie family and now lost its owner. A few days ago, some leader of a clan from the pugilist world suggested that Han Yur from Liao Dong was the only person who was worthy of such a sword and insisted on delivering the sword to him and told him it would arrive on the 2nd of February.

He did not care about the sword but he cared about the feelings of his eldest brother. If he did not clean himself up and welcome that leader’s gift, then he would did from eldest brother’s lecturing.

Just thinking about that stroked fear I’m him. He quickly brushed off the snow from his face before rushing back to the town.

The snow was almost like torture, apart from him, he was the only one in the countryside.

It was then when he saw a red spot, a ghastly bright crimson that was crossing through the snow towards him.

When she walked closer, he saw that it was a red parasol and beneath it’s canopy was a girl. She had a little face with a sharp little chin and a pair of clear eyes which when they saw him fluidly moved around as if they had many words to talk to him.

His heartbeat increased. It was not so quick that he felt uncomfortable but like the beauty of the girl, it was the type that was modest and you accept from your heart.

He watched her sigh. The snow from her hair floated down and slowly dripped down her neck.

He felt his heart fall into a steady rhythm with a slight touch of desire pushing the blood to his lower body and he felt a slight burning on a certain area.

He froze in shock.

It had been 3 years since Yan Yan’s death. 3 years since he had felt something for a woman. Whenever he saw a woman he would feel like a wooden stick, only managing to let out desire through intense self encouragement.

But the girl in front of him lured out his desires without uttering a single word as if she already knew each bone in a man’s body and understood what she needed to do to bring out the desire of men.

He was a little embarrassed and tried to cover it with his words, “Err.. Miss it is snowing heavily and it is not fully light yet so it is not very suitable to be alone outside.”

The girl did not reply but the corner of her mouth qirked up as if she was about to smile as her eyes swept to the ground in front of him.when her clothes brushed past him, her scent was even stronger. Han  Yue remained where he was, his desire even more pronounced.

When he lifted is gaze, he saw her drifting back towards the graveyard, with the red parasol and yellow clothes.

“Is it a ghost?” he wondered, “a ghost who after drinking the blood of mortals is returning home? But is there a ghost so beautiful in this world?”

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