Bloody Romance Chapter 11 (pt1 soul destroyer)

The night was silent, the room was still pitch black. And when she was led before the bed pallet, her head remained low. It was so silent that she could even hear the heartbeat of the person lying on the pallet. She could tell it was a heartbeat slower than normal.

“Congratulations on succeeding in your mission. It proves I chose the right person.” The man finally spoke after a long period, his tone still sounded as if he was high above her.

Wan Mei lowered her head, her heart easing a little but then heard it speak again, “But you made a mistake. You did not allow the Blood Gu worm to consume the target’s blood. I think you should explain it to me.”

Wan Mei stumbled for a moment. But finally she raised her head and told him the truth, “I feel that…. Han Xiu deserves the right to have an intact body.”

The person on the pallet snickered coldly, “Because of his infatuation? Because as a woman you desire a love that can overcome life and death?”

Wan Mei fell silent, not denying the fact that what was in her heart had been spoken aloud. That person finally lowered his voice, ” Then what do you think love is? Or what do you believe love is like?”

“Shao Yao (chinese peony).” Wan Mei told him without hesitation.

He fell silent and then clicked his fingers. Suddenly a weak light started to glow in the room. A string of small dots of light started to flutter and fly and finally gathered onto his palm, forming a white circle.

Wan Mei opened her mouth but no words came out. She thought she saw fireflies that would only come out in the summer.

“These are not fireflies but fire Gu flies,” he told her. His long pale fingers gently twitching, “Take a look. See if the love you believe is like this.”

Wan Mei opened her mouth again, and watched that circle of light twist and turn in his hand finally becoming a blooming white Shao Yao/chinese peony.

“Then what do you think if I gave her to you?” He asked lightly before turning his hand over.

That glow of light danced towards her and the Shao Yao/chinese peony moved towards her hand.

She pulled her hand out to catch it but that flower was like a ghost, penetrating her arm before gliding straight into her chest and disappearing into her body in a flash.

It was not a small surprise. Wan Mei glanced down and saw that her skin had an ethereal glow that was dissipating from her skin as if she just bathed in  mercury.

Before she could scream she had already fallen onto the ground and the person on the pallet started to play his Xiao lulling her into a dream.

It was a happy dream at the start. Wan Mei discovered that she was lying naked on something soft and fragrant. It was a bed made from a sea of Shao Yao/ chinese Peony petals.

A person came towards her, she could not see his appearance clearly but yhe hand that touched her shoulder was a gentle one. His kisses were tender and his every touch was loving and caring.

The kiss traveled down her body, down to her nipples and he enclosed his lips around them, his tongue gently teasing the soft tip.

Wan Mei let out a murmer, her body bent upwards, the tip of her nipple burning with desire. The fire Gu flies, detecting the heat, fluttered all to her nipples, making both peaks bathe in a gentle light.

After a while, the light floated downwards and gathered around her waist. That person had begun to kiss her waist and was teasing her naval. Wan Mei felt her arousal becoming more apparent, her legs rubbed against each other, her private area starting to moisten.

Finally the man started to kiss her private area, gently sucking dry any moisture before playfully stroking her nether lips his tongue darting in and around, exciting her further.

As there was enough foreplay so when he finally penetrated her, she did not feel any pain, only that her body now felt very full. Every stroke he delivered to her made her feel as if happiness was blooming and filling her heart.

Her private area became more and more wet and scorching, the rubbing between the area between her legs became more and more intense, her nipples were hard little buds and her body arched in pleasure.

The Fire Gu flies flew to her lower body and when her love juices flooded out they formed a small white chinese peony outside her body.

Wan Mei felt herself reaching the peak of pleasure, she gasped with desperation, “Do not stop….”And then her body bowed like a string and her breathing stopped.

The Fire Gu flies fluttered apart like a shower of fireworks, scattering in the air and then fell, entering her body.

Feeling satisfaction, Wan Mei reached up and pulled the neck of that person towards her. She finally saw that he was about 70% alike in appearance as Xiao San.

Their faces drew closer, and just as they touched, suddenly she saw a river of blood pour over them and a trickle of blood trailed down Xiao San’s neck.

Fresh blood covered the sky and ground. The flowers disappeared without a trace and Wan Mei found herself lying in a pool of blood. Beside her, Xiao San was cut into pieces and there was also a trail of blood dripping down her neck and  a female ghost was opening her mouth to consume something…..

She finally woke up after a scream. When she opened her eyes she saw that the glow by her neck swayed to and fro because it was the Ground Touching Golden Lotus with its mouth wide open!

The corpse flower will only bloom when it detected death and Wan Mei could not utter a single word. When she felt her soul almost flying out of her body, she saw the golden lotus float past her body and back into a pale hand.

Everything was just a dream but Wan Mei still felt herself soaked in cold sweat and bending low, it took a long time before she managed to croak out, “Thank you Gongzi for the lesson you taught me. I will never dare to dream about such fanciful things again.”

That person shook his head, “It is not I who wishes to teach you a lesson. I only helped to guide you to look at what your heart truly thinks. It is you who believes that love will become like a Ground Touching Golden Lotus, that it will ruin everything you have.”

She lifted her head, startled at his words. Those fire Gu flies that had become a golden lotus were slowly fading and although there was not sufficient light to see the man but it was enough to see his chest that was half covered by a silk robe, half naked, a thin but nethertheless solid chest.

“Actually, you do not need to worry,”he spoke again after the Fire Gu flies had all disappeared. ” You are not Han Xiu, so when it is hard to choose between love and your future, I believe you will know what to choose. What you need to consider now is if you are prepared to take the punishment.”

She stared at him, but before she could think carefully at his words that person’s right palm had reached over to her, a flash appeared from under his sleeve, cutting through the artery in her right hand.

Blood flowed down from the wound. It was not a dream this time. Wan Mei forced herself to remain standing at her spot and felt him place a soft creature in her hands.

“This is a blood Gu worm. One that has matured after drinking the blood of ten people.” That person told her before dragging her into his arms.

When the two of them joined together as one, she felt that her wound had closed and the blood Gu worm travel in the opposite direction as her blood flowed, burning hotter and hotter, and combined with her desire, almost scorched her into smithereens.

After he finished inside her, that man held her hand as he slept, his breathing light and weak whilst Wan Mei lay beside him, her eyes wide open. She did not know how long it took before her body cooled down again.

About two hours later, that person woke again. He loosened his fingers and allowed her to leave the bed before ordering her to use her palm to push in front of her.

Wan Mei half believing, half doubting him swiped her palm. She felt a cold draft pierce the  air in front of her like a gust of inner strength.

“A mature blood Gu worm can replace 5 years of martial arts training,” that man slowly explained, “In the future you will become a Heaven Slayer who is able to use martial arts to kill. They rely their inner strength with their blood Gu worm.”

“Showing you what you have lost is the punishment you deserve.” He then traced his right hand on her lower back, his inner strength moved around her limbs. It took a few turns before he completely shattered any inner strength that had managed to congeal in her body.

That pain was incomparable to the pain she felt before but she gritted her teeth and do not make a sound. Only it took a long time before she could stand again.

From her composure, the man could feel that she was calm and collected and then instructed her to leave in a less severe tone.

Wan Mei bowed in greeting, “Thank you Gongzi. You really know the workings of someone’s heart.”

“That is because I am blind,” he scoffed lightly, ” You can see Heaven and Earth but I can only see people hearts.”

After Wan Mei was called away, Xiao San headed into the kitchen, he chopped up the firewood and prepared supper.

Suddenly he heard a pair of light footsteps march up behind him. Xiao San turned around and after seeing the person behind him got down on one knee.

It was Feng Zhu, the absolute slayer shadow and also the leader of all the shadows.

Feng Zhu bent down to pick up the sword he used to cut firewood with and then in a dark voice said, “The ghost eyes reported that you managed to slice apart Han Xiu sword with just one stroke. Surely it was not this sword right?”

Xiao San replied with a quiet yes.

“Any weapons an earth slayer acquires she may keep, but only if she gets the permission of her leader, do you know that?” Feng Zhu asked as he bent down, giving Xiao San an icy glare.

Xiao San nodded. “I do. Only I thought it was a normal sword so I did not think it was a precious weapon and did not report it.”

Feng Zhu lowered his eyes and pulled out a curved sword and touched his sword with the one he picked up from the ground.

In the night, the sound of sharp metal clashing with each other could be heard. The curved sword was clearly more powerful and brought a dent in the other sword.

“It is not a precious weapon after all.,” Feng Zhu humphed, “but it is not a conclusion you should make. Your mistress only arrived recently so she does not know the rules therefore you must be punished in her place.”

Xiao San lowered his head and Feng Zhu grabbed him by the shoulder before pushing a little inner strength in his meridians.

It felt as if a thousand ants were crawling inside him, Xiao San gritted his teeth and held his breath but spat out a mouth of blood  when he opened it.

Feng Zhu sneered coldly, used more of his strength to force Xiao San to cough up another mouth of blood. Only then did he pull back.”Oh I did not realize you were hurt. If I did, I would have held back a little.”

“Han Yue is known as Liao Dong’s finest swordsmen. It is not strange to escape under his watch with injuries.” Xiao San bent down to pick up the soul destroying sword as he watched Feng Zhu as footsteps disappear.

When Wan Mei returned, she discovered that Xiao San had already made her a bowl of red bean congee, she was touched by the gesture but did not drink it, instead crawled between her covers.

After suffering a little shock earlier, so she could not sleep fitfully. Finally she woke up soaking in cold sweat.

Outside, the sky was starting to brighten, it was around 3-5am the time when everyone in the Gate of Ghosts was snoring away asleep.

Feeling a little melancholy, she left the room quietly and drifted into the corridors until she found herself outside Xiao San’s window.

The paper window was closed tightly but at the top of it was a gaping hole. She leaned forward wanting to see how Xiao San was.

The entire room was immersed in darkness and Xiao San was on his bed. Except he was not asleep  but was sitting with his legs crossed, in his hands was the soul destroying sword.

The sword was black, about 3 feet long. He called up his inner strength to lengthen the sword by another 3 feet, this time the color of the tip turned green. It’s cold aura felt as if it was about to fly off the sword.

At the last moment, Xiao San pulled back his power and after a few pants whilst he clasped his chest with a frown, the sharp green point disappeared again and became a normal black metal sword again.

By this time , the day had started to brighten and Wan Mei with narrowed eyes could see a glare in Xiao San’s eyes that she had not ever detected before.

In the end she did nothing except turn around, held her breath and quietly left.


Fun fact: Xiao San 小三 is a chinese term with a couple of ambiguous meanings. I don’t know if the author had a pun in mind but Xiao San could mean that he was the 3rd child in the family to be born or in more recent times it is what you call the mistress (often female) in a romantic relationship. As they are the 3rd person in the relationship.

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  1. Wait… so does that mean Xiao San is the mistress…? 🤔🤔 but i mean GongZi is hella fine tho so like i dont mind…


    1. Well the term Xiao San means the third one but we usually call anyone a mistress that in chinese (as in the 3rd person in a relationship). But here the author used it as a name. Maybe a play with the name and his role?
      FYI: Gongzi means Young Master in chinese,


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