Bloody Romance Chapter 13 (pt 1 of Qi Xin/of one heart

In the study of the Qi Residence, Qi Wei finished writing the final character of his written report to the Emperor, stretched back into his seat and glanced over to his yawning adopted son who was sat beside him.

It was the season for summer clothing, and under the candlelight Qi Xin seemed to be even more slim, his face as pale as porcelain and his two lashes that turned a pale yellow in the light, fanned gently like the wings of a dark butterfly.

Right at this moment, footsteps could be heard outside the room, a female attendant patted in, carrying a bowl of hot ginseng soup. Qi Xin startled awake and hurried forward to attend to his father.

The female attendant was recently bought, and was a little slow. When she brought the soup over, she almost burned herself from the hot utensil but her body shape and looks were very good.

Her snowy white peaks were wrapped tightly within her robes which trembled slightly above Qi Weird head.

“What is your name?” Qi Wei inquired as he lifted the bowl to his lips without even lifting his head.

The female attendant seemed to be even more anxious at that moment and stammered out, “B-Bi… Yao…”

Qi Wei nodded and raised his head to look at her, “Then Bi Yao, if I increase your wage thrice, are you willing to serve Young Master?”

Bi Yao gaped in shock at him and said a dozen thank yous before coming to stand behind Qi Xin to express her wish.

Qi Xin turned pale, he tried to look up at Qi Wei but in the end gave up the struggle, lowered his head further and held Bi Yao’s hand in his own.

“You may leave first,” Qi Wei ordered as he steadily drank the broth. “I will come in a moment.”

Inside Qi Xin’s room was a strange large bed. Overhanging the bed was a large bronze mirror which seemed to sway in the candlelight.

Bi Yao lay spread eagled in the middle of the bed, her limbs tied to each post on the bed.Sitting lifelessly on the edge of the bed, was Qi Xin who waited patiently for his father with hollow eyes.

It did not take long before Qi Wei pushed open the doors. His eyes shone brightly at the sight in front of him. He waved his arm and ordered ,”Let’s start then.”

Hearing this, Qi Xin pulled his clothes off and slowly climbed onto the bed, knelt between Bi Yao’s legs and places a candle between them.

It was a long thin candle and when Qi Xin pushed it into her private area, Bi Yao screamed, her arse pointed upwards and she tightened the muscles in her backside.

Qi Wei who watched the whole process intently on the chair, swallowed and scolded, “Great! I knew this wench wasn’t a virgin. And just as I thought, there was not a single drop of blood.”

Qi Xin did not say anything only took out a flint and lit the end of the candle before pushing the head of the candle onto a plate.

At that moment, Bi Yao felt as if she had lost almost half her mind, she could only watch Qi Xin crawl over to her head and shove his manhood into her mouth.

It took a few sucks before the length in her mouth started to harden. He then retreated, knelt in front of her and used the mushroom head to rub against her nipples.

The candle that was between her legs had aphrodisiac rubbed onto it. Slowly, she began to feel it’s effects. Her cheeks started to flush, and she twisted and turned her body but the flame of the burning candle pressed against her inner thigh and she shrieked with pain.

The corner of Qi Wei’s mouth qirked up. His eyes turned red and he leaned forward in the chair.

Qi Xin turned away and took a brush, dipped it into warm oil on the plate, and then started drawing circles with it around Bi Yao’s private area.

Bi Yao felt her entire body burning with arousal from head to toe, she wanted to relax but she could not and could only painfully clasp the candle between her legs with her inner muscles and her body frozen in fear.

The brush dipped further down and Qi Xin used it to circle her arsehole before inserting the brush in it’s entirety fully into her back hole.

With her body hot and restless, Bi Yao could not handle it and lifted her head and let out a weak moan.

“Fuck her.” To her side, Qi Wei suddenly spoke up, his voice scratchy as if his throat was full of sand, “Fuck her. What are you waiting for?”

Qi Xin bit down on his lip and cut the rope that tied Bi Yao’s legs to the bed, pushed her legs forward so she was kneeling in front of him and pushed his full length into her back hole.

Her back hole was wet from the warm oil so Bi Yao did not feel any pain. Slowly, pleasure started to build up and she began to moan every time he stroked into her.

But that pleasure did not last long as the candle clasped tightly by her inner msucles burned shorter and shorter. Not only did it start dropping with hot oil it almost burned the hair surrounding her private area.

The pain mingled with pleasure in a way she did not know how to express it, she panted and huffed, her body soaking the bedsheets.

On the side, Qi Wei’s eyes burned even redder and he started to pant like an ox. His fists tightened his hold on the chair, and he started to cackle with laughter. HIs entire composure making him look like a madman.

As the flame of the candle finally reached her private area, Bi Yao started to scream. Qi Xin finally reached his peak of pleasure, his length pulled out of her arsehole and released all his seed onto the area surrounding her womanhood.

The flame flickered and then fluttered out. Bi Yao sucked a breath in and after a brief moment of relief, began to cry.

Win Xin had lost all his strength now, he fell onto the bed, his long eyelashes fanning shut.

A hand touched his forehead, Qi Wei’s large callused hand.

“Xin’er,” he sighed by his ear, “why do you not feel pleasure at this? As father and son, we should be of one heart, I plan to leave all my belongings and my title to you. You are my son, those human scum who wish to steal from me cannot be compared to you.”

“Actually Mistress and Young Master does not wish to steal your assets, they only cannot stand it… Why did you have to sweep them out of your door? They are your wife and offspring after all,” Qin Xin replied, his eyes fanning open.

“They are only a group of debt collectors who plan to conspire against me!” Qi Wei shouted in fury, “No one will understand my pain. Apart from you, you are my only family in the world.”

“You won’t betray me right?” After a while, he suddenly tightened his grip on Qi Wei’s chin, “you will not fall in love with a woman and then conspire with her to kill me right?”

Qi Xin was forced to raise his head. His chin hurt but he dared not express any sign of it, instead he stared blankly at him.

“You will not betray me.” Finally Qi Wei let go of his chin and wrapped his arms around him. “Qi Xin, after I die, everything I own will belong to you. We must be together in heart. We must.”

Qi Xin remained silent but kept his head leaning on his adopted father’s shoulder.


It was in the middle of the night, in the silence, Qi Xin felt as if he could hear the sound of someone weeping as he turned around in bed. Any dream that he had vanished, sitting up, he pulled on a shirt and climbed off the bed. In the corner of the room, he could see Bi Yao on her knees crying, her feet bare and her eyes as red and puffy as peaches.

He sighed, unsure on how to comfort her, he could only kneel down beside her and rub her shoulders.

“I am gong to die soon, right?” Bi Yao asked as she leaned her head against his shoulder. “I just went to relieve myself and then I heard the other female attendants say that any maid who had served Young Master would lose their life very soon.”

Qi Xin could say nothing to that. Not denying it meant it was a silent confirmation. Because Qi Wei would often suspect that he would fall in love with the women around him, so he would often kill these women to express his loyalty.

“That means I will definitely die right?” Bi Yao raised her head when she realized he did not answer her, her eyes filled with tears, “but I am only seventeen, young master. I have not lived for long enough, Brother A-Nui is still waiting for me in the village….”

“Enough!”Qi Xin jumped up without even waiting for her to finish, he paced around the room in circles before pushing the door open and stormed out.

Few pubs were open this late at night, there were few in the entirety of the capital city. Qi Xin picked the one he knew would have the least frequenters and stumbled in. Only a few cups of alcohol was enough to make him inebriated.

Suddenly someone slid into the table next to him. They placed a sword that had no scabbard onto the wooden surface, attracting everyone’s attention to him.

“You’re a hero right?” Qi Xin asked leaning against his chair. “Carrying a sword even if you’re out and about. Do you think it makes you look attractive? Is it interesting to kill a person?”

That person crossed his arms and glanced at him, “How do you know I plan to kill someone? And what right do you have to judge that it is not an interesting thing to do?”

“Of course it is pointless.” Qi Xin rested his face against the cold surface of the sword. “Especially when you are forced to kill, you do not know how much blood a person loses when they die. And that blood will continue to flow and flow. You close your eyes and it continues to flow. It speaks for it’s owner, tell you that she doesn’t want to die, she doesn’t want to die….”

“If you do not want to kill then don’t.” That person snatched the sword away from him, “the person who forces you to kill is definitely a madman. Why should you listen to them?”

“He is not a madman!” Qi Xin suddenly stood up and smashed the wine flask into pieces. “He is a hero who killed the barbarians across the four seas, he was held at high regard throughout his entire life. In the end he was humiliated because he was unable to be a man, why can none of you understand his difficulty!”

“I will obey him. I will never betray him, he cannot lose me. What can I do? Is there a way where I do not have to betray him and not hurt anyone. Is there such a way?” Towards the end of his outburst, his voice became a whimper. A whimper full of despair and pain.

“Yes.” There was a long period of before the voice towering above him answered him. Qi Xin stared vacantly at him, thinking he was in a dream.

“There is a way,” that person repeated in a calm voice. And in a flash, his sword flew towards his chest. Qi Xin lowered her head and saw that the sword had penetrated his chest, it’s tip protruding from his back, his red fresh blood dripped from the sword onto the ground.

It was strange, at that moment, he did not feel any pain at all and could even stand. When he saw the sword pull out of his chest, his vision blackened and collapsed.

The next day, as soon as Qi Wei got up, he came to Qi Xin’s window and heard Bi Yao’s impudent voice. “This was a reward from Young Master last night.” She raised a black jade pendant, and boasted to all the female maids, “do you see this? This was a gift from Master to Young Master. Young Master told me, I will be the Mistress of this household soon.”

Her words resonated in his ears and he felt himself lean forward and saw that the black jade pendant in her hand was indeed the family’s relic that had been passed down for 3 generations.

Fury burned in his blood, Qi Wei felt his teeth clash together, reached out and flung open the doors. First she rewarded Bi Yao a slap in the face before shattering the black jade pendant into pieces.

“I am not dead yet!” He yelled at Bi Yao, fire almost spitting out from his eyes. “Where is Qi Xin? I want to see how he will be able to make you the Mistress of this Residence soon?!”

Bi Yao clutched her burning cheek in her hand and retreated back. She lowered her head and said, “He went to Fu Sou Garden to help me buy braised meatballs for breakfast.”

Qi Wei’s face turned a shade of green at her words. He only just managed to restrained himself strangling her on the spot except when he felt his control slipping back, that he was left standing awkwardly in the room.

Outside, the housekeeper started to hasten him, “Master, you should leave now. You cannot be late to the morning court session.”

“Fine!” Qi Wei yelled at him. He clenched his fists and spat out as he stormed out of the room, “When I am back, Qi Xin better have an answer for this!”

Behind him, Bi Yao timidly stared at him, she puffed out her cheeks but before he had walked out of her sight she said with a humph to the other female attendants, “What are you afraid of? I have my ways to stop Young Master from killing me. He can’t bear to kill me.” Except Qi Wei was skilled in martial arts, his hearing more sensitive than a normal person’s and heard every words she said clearly.

His head swung back and watched as Bi Yao stood in front of the window, her hand reaching for a porcelain flask.

Inside, it was filled with aphrodisiac. She leaned back and swallowed the entire contents. It seemed like Qi Xin would not be able to bear to part with her body.

Coldly snorting at her actions, Qi Wei swept out of the courtyard, murder filled his eyes.

But just as his sedan chair left the mansion, he caught sight of Qi Xin hurrying back, his face pale as if he had lost his soul.

Immediately, Qi Wei ordered the chair bearers to stop and pulled back the curtains as Qi Xin walked in front of him.

“Does not being able to buy the meatballs give you so much fear?” he snarled at his son, “it seems that woman has you entirely wrapped around her little finger.”

Qi Xin looked up at him in confusion, he was the picture of innocence.

Qi Wei humphed coldly and then carefully articulating every word, he leaned forward and said, “If you are really of one of heart with me, then remember, do not touch that woman before I am back!”

Qi Xin was even more confused but before he could ask more, the sedan had already left.


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  2. ProductiveProcrastinator That’s fine,just glad you updated. Keep it up this story is translated very well, thank you for your hard work, it means a lot. I can’t wait for the next update hope it won’t be a long wait.


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