Bloody Romance Chapter 15 (pt 1 of competition)

Although she was told it was a competition, however there was no further news about it for quite a few months. The days continued to pass, Wan Mei took on a few more missions, rubbing shoulders with the door of death several times and in a blink of an eye winter had arrived.

She was born in the year of the snake, so winter was the season where she would have the less vigor, hence she remained indoors as much as she could whilst ordering Xiao San to roast some sweet potatoes for her.

It was on a day like this when Wan Xiang paid her a visit. Wan Xiang felt hunger rise in her as she saw Xiao San and Wan Mei peeling red potatoes around the fire. After managing to get one herself, she settled in, congratulating Wan Mei, “Little sister, felicitations. Our superior said that according to the results in the past couple of months, only the two of us qualify to participate in the competition to become Heavenly Slayers. They have ordered us to leave now and that whoever completes the mission, they will become a Heavenly Slayer.”

Wan Mei stared at her in surprise, “Leave now? You mean immediately?”

“Exactly.” Wan Xiang nodded. “We will leave for Ling Feng city, the 40th birthday of the leader of the jianghu (pugilist world), Fang Ge will be tomorrow. We are there to kill the physician Shen Mo, who can bring the dead alive during the meeting of the pugilist heroes and bring his hanging Jian Cao. It is not an easy task at all.”

Ling Feng city, only when Fang Ge took over the city did it live up to its name. 12 years ago, when he ascended to the position of the leader of the pugilist world, he was a fairly unknown swordsman. There were countless people who questioned his ability to keep the position and whether a martial artist like him can gain the respect of people from all stations and ranks.

Now, 12 years have passed, time had proven everything. Warriors from far and wide gathered in Ling Feng city, everyone who had once questioned his capability now hurried over to gain his favor.

The Fang Residence was filled with the booming voices of well-wishers. Wan Mei and Wan Xiang stood in front of the main entrance, and like everyone around them, came bearing a basket of gifts.

Their identity today were the twin beauties of Miao valley. The leaders of a small clan in Miao Jiang. And although across the entire Miao Jiang, everyone had heard of their name, but here, in Zhongyuan, they were simply two fresh faces. The housekeeper of the Fang Residence also shared the surname of Fang was one who was well traveled. Glancing down at the bells attached to their wrists he said, ” The soul catching bells. You are the twin beauties of Miao valley. It must have been a difficult long journey.”

Wang Xiang looked at him, her smile even more alluring that the sound of the bells. “It is a little far, but to see all this excitement is it no hardship at all. As long as elder brother will not look down upon us barbarians, it is fine.”

The words Elder brother was enough to cause the housekeeper to blush and his ears to redden with heat. He led them personally in and even arranged for them to be seated near the main table of his Master.

Soon, all the guests had arrived and after exchanging the normal few minutes of vulgar conversation, the banquet finally began. Throughout the banquet Wan Mei and Wan Xiang continued to exchange words and when they become immersed in their conversation, they even laughed and smiled, attracting the attention of everyone on the table.

Wan Xiang even took the chance to stand up, lifted her glass and said, “We are from the Miao tribe so we have little knowledge of etiquette, and embarrassed ourselves. But do you not feel that it is so dull just to drink alcohol? My sister and I are not worried about embarrassment. What do you think if we enlighten this celebration?”

Even before she finished, someone had already cheered their agreement. Wan Mei turned around and saw that the person who cheered was Shen Mo and smiled sweetly at him.

Shen Mo smiled back at her, his eyes bright and clear as if he was unfettered by the shackles of etiquette. Beside her, Wan Xiang clasped her hands together and bowed, “Then please can we borrow a zither from the master?” The male attendants hurried out and found a black wooden zither which Wan Xiang took from them, before throwing it into Wan Mei’s hands.

Wan Mei could only sit down and start plucking the strings of the zither, and start playing a melody, “The female dancer,” a seductive, playful melody. On the other hand, Wan Xiang, started to dance in time with the tune. Her tiny waist swayed here and there, the bells chimed, each beat hit seemed to strike the heartbeat of the men around the table.

When she reached the table Fang Ge was seated at, she bowed according to the Miao custom, and before she could finish writing the last character in the phrase Felicitations on your day of birth Shen Mo had already snaked an arm out and wrapped it around her waist.

“The waist of the Miao women are indeed tinier than the women in Zhongyuan,” he teased after his hand left her waist, “that is why your dance is even more alluring.”

Wan Xiang frowned at his quip and was just about to retort something rudely, when suddenly, there was a commotion above her head and then she felt a shower of pins rain down at her chest. Everyone on the main table were all heroes with some rank or reputation, and seeing this rushed to form a protective circle around Fang Ge, weapons appeared in their hands, their defense an impenetrable border.

The only person who cared about protecting a weak woman was only Shen Mo who did not carry a single weapon. Instead he took off his outer garment, wrapped it around Wan Xiang and protected her in his embrace.

Finally, all the needles fell to the ground, everyone else seemed to be fine, except Shen Mo, who was slightly injured as a needle had embedded itself in his the space between his thumb and index finger.

Seeing this, Wan Xiang anxiously leaned forward, and clutching his arm, she gasped with a frown, “What should we do? What should we do? We do not know if that needle has poison on it or not?”

Shen Mo smiled and copied her frown said, “I fear it may be poisoned. If I die today, you must remember that I died because of you Miss.”

Wan Xiang murmured something to him. Suddenly, she felt a little light-headed and then blackness consumed her and lost consciousness, her head leaning against Shen Mo’s shoulder.

Shen Mo startled, felt her pulse and knew something was terribly wrong. With haste, he carried her and left the banquet. Naturally, Wan Mei followed them and  anxiously yelled, “Elder sister! Elder sister!” Her face full of concern.

The banquet fell into chaos immediately and when Wan Mei looked back, she noticed that Fang Ge had stood up and was attempting to calm the guests down. Despite the uproar, she could still clearly hear his even and soothing voice which was unlike the voice of the blind Gongzi in the dark room, yet his voice carried the same power to influence the masses.

Fang Ge, it was a name she would keep in her memory. She would remember his weathered yet handsome face, and his graceful air and manners.


After they arrived at the guest room, the first thing Shen Mo did was to peel away Wan Xiang’s clothes, revealing her two soft peaks. Above one breast was a single needle. Shen Mo took a breath in and in a blink of an eye pressed a few major acupoints around the injury.

His apprentice rushed over to help him warm a bath of water and ushered Wan Mei out pressing her by saying, “I think you should leave.Young Master does not like anyone disturbing him when he is caring for a patient.”

Wan Mei did not say anything, she glanced at Wan Mei, then glanced at Shen Mo, her eyes filled with pitiful tears.

Shen Mo glimpsed at the apprentice, “I think you should be the one who should leave. They are sisters and I need an assistant now, she is definitely better than you who never knows how to care for a woman.”

The apprentice was one with a hot temper, and after scolding his Master that he was a pervert, stormed out, swinging the door shut behind him.

And Shen Mo pressed his lips together, rolled his eyes and called his apprentice a bastard. However his hands were still agile and nimble as they pulled out the needle and took out a silver knife to make a small cross shape on her breast.

A drop of dark blood seeped out from the wound, Shen Mo leaned over and started sucking the poison out of her body and only then, pushed a pill inside her mouth to improve her circulation. After the time it took to drink a cup of tea, Wan Xiang woke up, and in a daze, she helplessly watched Shen Mo’s fingers busy threading a thread made from goat’s innards to sew up the cut on her breast.

On the other side, Wan Mei noticed that the wound on his hand, which was also turning a frightening shade of black and hurriedly said, “I noticed that your injury is quite serious too, are you….”

Shen Mo glanced down and smiled, “My injury is right. Miss’ chest is delicate and pale, if there is an injury on there, then that would be bad.”

There was a splutter of laughter on the bed, Wan Xiang sat up after he finished, and started to climb off the bed, she leaned over and rested her chest against Shen Mo’s arm, “I am indebted to you, elder brother. How should I repay this favor?”

He raised a brow and gently breathed over one of her nipples, “If you wish to pay me back with your body, that is alright, only I fear your injury….”

As for the last part of his sentence, despite waiting for what seemed for several moments, but he never got the opportunity to finish it, for Wan Xiang had already pushed her soft, pillowy breasts into his face.

“The Miao tribe are not so delicate.” After rubbing her chest in his face she said with smile, “I only fear that the people from Zhongyuan are too pedantic and do not care for women to repay their debts with their bodies.”

Shen Mo blinked and unable to resist, leaned forward and gently nipped her nipple with his teeth, “Then do you not want to see if this man from Zhongyuan is pedantic or not?”

Beside him, Wan Mei veering over, her hand probing to find his manhood underneath his robes. Finding her prize, she freed it from the confines of his clothes, her tongue tasting his seed that had escaped through the tip before passing a smile to Wan Xiang, “I do not think he is pedantic sister. This is so big, it is even a match for the men in the Miao tribe.”

And so Wan Xiang joined her, studying his organ with interest. She flickered her tongue out and with Wan Mei started lickin it, one girl on the left, one on the right. Shen Mo lost control and his manhood soon stood proudly up. Seeing this, Wan Xiang nodded and concluded, “It is indeed big. Bigger than any I have seen.”

Shen Mo did not know whether to laugh or cry, but when Wan Xiang accidentally pressed against his wound, he couldn’t help but suck in a breath. The two sisters immediately stopped what they were doing and asked him if he was alright.

“I am not alright. But that is that the area that needs more attention.” As he spoke, he pulled out the thin needle and discarded it to the side. “But you must both remember, do not give me too much pleasure,  as long as my blood does not run so quickly that the poison does not enter my heart, I can still be saved.”

“You really are a lustful ghost [1]!” Wan Xiang reprimanded playfully, as she opened his robe with her teeth, slowly teasing him until he felt as if he would spill his seed any moment.

Finally, the three of them saw each other in their full naked glory, Wan Mei knelt between his legs, her tongue teasing the mushroom head whilst Wan Xiang leaned on his chest using her tongue and nipples to stroke every inch of his body.

Shen Mo gasped, inserting two fingers inside Wan Xiang. At the same moment, Wan Mei opened her mouth, pushing his entire length into her mouth, her tongue stoking the sides as it slid in. Both Shen Mo and Wan Xiang let out a groan and their arousal burned even higher.

But right at the most crucial moment, Shen Mo suddenly yelled them to stop, sat up and pulled the bells off Wan Xiang’s wrist.

“I apologize but I have a bad habit.” He rubbed his temple. “It is because in the past, when I was immersed in carnal pleasure, there have been women who attempted to take my life and I almost became a true amorous ghost so now I….”

Wan Xiang laughed and pulled a funny face, “Then does Elder brother believe that my sister and I are here to assassinate you? That this bracelet of mine is used to strangle you? That my sister will use her hairpin to stab you blind?”

He let out an embarrassed laugh but he did glance at Wan Mei, at her hairpin. Wan Mei could only sigh and pull it out from her hair, which fell like a black curtain down her waist. Wan Xiang still kept her innocent expression plastered on her face and then said, “From what I see, you should hide this needle too. Otherwise I may use it to stab you in the chest.”

A look of embarrassment passed his face, he coughed again before turning to put everything in a close by drawer. Wan Xiang watched up but then entwined herself with him as soon as he returned so Wan Mei could only continue playing with his manhood, glancing out to the window as she did so. Someone stood out there, Xiao San who was here to deliver the red demonic parasol.

Just a while ago, there were two people waiting on the roof, Xiao San who was there to release the poisonous needle and Chu Ba who was there to find an escape route. But as soon as someone noticed them he had taken off by himself, leaving Xiao San to help Wan Mei and Wan Xiang if there was to be any trouble.

It turned out that Shen Mo had been tricked by women in the past and therefore cautious of any woman who was in his arms. Wan Xiang had hidden this fact from them, yet it was the most crucial point. He hesitated for a moment outside, before making a decision and left.

And inside, the lovemaking continued. Wan Mei was highly talented at fellatio. When she saw that Shen Mo was about to release his seed, she gripped his length, turned her body, her wet, private area rubbing against his chest and then pulled her nipples, her face the picture of a woman enraptured in pleasure.

Shen Mo let out a growl, pushed her beneath him, his cock sliding straight into her before he thrusted in an out of her like a beast during mating season.

Wan Xiang took the chance to pull back and crawled behind him. First, she teased his back with her two erect nipples and then she slid a finger between that crack between his backside and started rubbing the pleasure point there. Shen Mo’s arousal burned higher and higher, his sight almost clouded by the sweat dripping from his forehead.

It was at that moment when Wan Mei saw her reach behind her arsehole and pull out a long thin object from it. It was a needle, one that was encased with blue wax. Wan Mei narrowed her eyes, and tried to push Shen Mo to change his position so that Wan Xiang could not attack him from behind. But Shen Mo was already in the cusp of reaching his pleasure point and was in no state of mind to care about her so Wan Mei had no choice but to lay beneath him and watch as Wan Xiang rubbed the blue wax away little by little.

After all the wax was removed, the remaining needle gave off a mysterious blue glow. Wan Mei watched as it was lifted high above his head and when it reached about an inch above his head, she finally gave up and prepared for Shen Mo’s impeding death.

But right at this moment, a group of people without any warning at all, threw themselves in, yelling the words “Save him”, over and over again. Shen Mo let out a cry of fury, he looked as if he had just eaten a pile of shit, threw on a shirt that was hanging on the chair and spat out angrily, “Which bastard is it that is dying right at this moment and demanding me to save him?!”

“He is an assassin.” One of the men said, lowering his head, “We chased him for a long time but was unable to catch him. But when we returned we found him lying on the floor of the mansion, carrying a box of needles and claimed that someone tried to kill him to shut him up and begged us to save him.”

Although it did not alarm Shen Mo, but shocked both Wan Mei and Wan Xiang so they hurried and got dressed, snaking their way amongst the throng of people to see what had occurred.

Only they were now in good view of the said assassin but it did not lessen their shock as the person that was cradled in the arms of the man who had spoken was no other than Xiao San. A Xiao San whose face was now as pale as a white sheet.

Shen Mo’s face darkened and with a flick of his sword, he tore open Xao San’s robe. Xiao San rocked slightly and everyone in the room gasped at the red rash that had appeared on his chest. To be exact, it was not a rash but a red web, one that seemed alive as it inched it’s way through his blood vessels and slowly climbed towards Xiao San’s chest. Wan Mei covered her mouth with her hand and watched as the red thread that was closest to his chest suddenly burst. A trail of blood shot out from under his skin and unfurled into a red rose. Unable to keep her composure anymore, she felt her legs buckle underneath her and collapsed in front of Xiao San.

Xiao San opened his eyes at that moment his face twisted in pain. He opened his mouth and bit down onto her shoulder and no matter what she did, she could not shake him off. “You may all leave.” Finally Shen Mo raised his hand, a light shone in his eyes, a light of excitement, one that was even greater than when he was sandwiched between her and Wan Xiang. “This is the first time I have seen something like this. I must study it.”


  1. 风流鬼: fengliugui amorous ghost is an expression often used either to tease to lecture someone. Ghost in this instance does not mean ghost but rather maniac/ demon/bad person and we stick it behind degrading terms like Sigui 死鬼 or bad ghost which means bastard/rogue/scoundrel or dugui 赌鬼 gambling ghost to describe someone who loves gambling.

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