Bloody Romance Chapter 16 (pt 2 Competition)

A Lifetime Waiting for you Bloody Romance OST (male version)

Just found the male version of the beginning song! It is sung by the actor who plays the male lead Chang an in the drama adaptation. Enjoy 🙂

The room was soon empty and despite Wan Xiang’s reluctance to leave, she still came to embrace Wan Mei and quietly asked if she was alright. Wan Mei frowned, and with her free hand, tried to wrestle the poisonous needle from Wan Xiang’s palm.

Except Wan Xiang’s grip was almost like the grip of the dead, no matter what she did, the needle remained fast in Wan Xiang’s hand. The two girls remained in stalemate for a while until Shen Mo finally lost his patience and called for his apprentice to come in to usher out the irrelevant persons from the room.

The apprentice hurried over to take both of them out but regardless what he tried, even when he squeezed his nose, he could not prise Xiao San from Wan Mei so he could not do anything but shoo Wan Xiang out.

And so, only three people remained. Wan Mei finally got the needle from Wan Xiang and slid it into her sleeve whilst Xiao San slipped in and out of consciousness, his hand never far away from the Soul Destroyer sword hanging off his waist.

With everything back in control, what they now needed was a chance. A chance when Shen Mo was distracted.

After Wan Xiang was ushered out, she knew she had lost. Lost because she did not have a shadow who was completely on her side. And so she left in low spirits until she realized she was in front of the Fang Residence.

Right at this moment, a late guest rushed through the door. They too were in low spirits and with their head hanging low, ran straight into Wan Xiang.

She was light and so the run in resulted in her landing straight on her backside. That person hurriedly leaned down to help her up but in the process of doing so, the painting tucked in his sleeve slipped out.

Wan Xiang glanced down and saw that it was a picture of a girl whose face was covered by a thin veil, only her eyes could be seen. It was Wan Mei.

The one she had a run in with was Han Yue, the man who hated Wan Mei more than anyone else. Wan Xiang felt like laughing, thinking what a gift the Heavens had sent her.

She frowned, her fingers drawing circles on the painting and slowly turned her attention to Han Yue. “Is this your lover? I just saw her now, did she not come with you?”

For a moment Han Yue did not realize what she said, a moment passed before her words passed through his mind. Gripping her, he asked her countless times where she had seen this girl.

“Over there.” Wan Xiang pointed. “The physician Shen is currently treating a patient. She is with them.”

The needle and sword thrusted inside Shen Mo at the same time. He died on the spot. Without thinking, Wan Mei cradled Xiao San in her arms and asked if he was alright.

He shook his head, gritted his teeth as he climbed off the bed and tugged his clothes on himself. “This is a Gu worm that the door of Ghosts use for interrogation. When I return, the chief will be able to save me.”

In the short time he spoke, a few more of his blood vessels burst. He pressed his lips together and tried to keep himself conscious whilst pressing Wan Mei to look for the Jian Chao.

She started to overturn the drawers in the room, meanwhile, Xiao San opened the red parasol so that the blood Gu worm could start it’s feeding. His blood was soon sucked dry and the earth reaching lotus flower retreated from the body but Wan Mei was still unable to find the hanging Jian Chao.

Outside they could hear Han Yue yell that someone was attempting to kill Physician Shen, and was leading a group of men over.

“Go!” Xiao San ordered, got Wan Mei to grab his shoulder, pushed open the window and they fled into the night.

Outside, walls surrounded the courtyard, Xiao San took a breath in and only managed to jump over the walls after several attempts. Wan Mei wrapped her arms around him and felt her palms immersed in something wet and hurriedly glanced down at them.

Blood. Her entire hand was covered in blood. Each time Xiao San lifted them up, she did not know how many more blood vessels burst.

Wan Mei sank in a moment of despair, and buried her head in his shoulder. Behind her, she felt a whistle of wind and the footsteps chasing them thundering closer and closer.

“It is good that we get to die together,”she lamented as she buried her head further in his shoulder, a saf smile creeping up her face.

Waves of dizziness swept into him, Xiao San could only grit his teeth and use the last ounce of strength in his body to take them into the woods.

It was dim there. Suddenly he saw a figure in front of them, a gray clothed person who had his hands behind his back and smiling at them.

“Where are you going?” Xiao San halted when he heard the voice. And that person pulled out a sword from his belt, blocking their path. Wan Mei recognized that voice, it was the calm, soothing voice of Fang Ge.

Any hope of escape was snuffed out by the person in front of the. Xiao San put Wan Mei down and as he ran towards  Fang Ge, whipped out the Sword Destroyer Sword, his eyes red with the intent to fight to the death.

The footsteps of their pursuers thundered closer. Fang Ge stepped forward but in the end he avoided Xiao San completely and stood just outside the wood.

“There is no one inside the woods.” He told their pursuers. “I saw then head east. Hurry and chase them.”

They glanced at each other but before they could figure out what had occurred, Fang Ge turned his head towards them, his face unreadable.

“Help me send my regards to your Gongzi/ Young Master,” he finally said, slid his sword back into its sheath and sweeping away in the easterly direction.

Back at the Gate of Ghosts, inside Cha Luo’s room, the interrogation Gu was finally under control. The large rash disappeared and he managed to retrieve his life just before he stepped through the true gate for the Ghosts.

Wan Mei remained where she was, holding her breath. Only when she saw Xiao San stumbling off the bed, barely able to stand up with the agony, did she feel her heart twist in pain.

Right at that moment, she could hear footsteps behind her. Wan Xiang who went with with her finally returned to report back to the chief.

“Chief, this is the hanging Jian Chao.” She announced after she passed through the doorway, and lifting a long wooden box. Cha Luo ordered someone to open it, glanced inside before closing it and released a sigh.

“What should I do?” Her eyes darted between Wan Mei and Wan Xiang. “Wan Mei killed the target but Wan Xiang brought the item back. How should I decide who is the victor?”

“Why don’t we call it a draw?” Wan Xiang suggested. “We are both equal in talent so we are evenly matched in this round.”

Cha Luo nodded at that, “That is good. It is a draw this time. Then we will add another match. As the mistresses are equal in talent, then the shadows will compete against each other.

“Chu Ba, Xiao San step forward.”She waved her hand. “Use everything to fight this match. Whoever wins, their mistress will become the Heavenly Slayer.”

Chu Ba immediately stepped forward, a red handprint was plastered on his face, evidence of Wan Xiang’s fury. Now was a good chance for him to vent his anger.

But Xiao San had just lost too much blood. His movements a little stiffer and she could see that he could barely hold his balance.

Cha Lou favored Wan Xiang, even a blind person could tell.

Wan Mei remained where she was as she stared at the scene unfolding in front of her. She saw sweat dampening Xiao San’s forehead, the fingers gripping his sword turning pale, and suddenly felt that it was all over. That any fight she had left had disappeared.

“I give up!”She heard herself say, her voice steady and determined as if she had never been more sure of it.

“I give up!”When she saw Cha Luo narrow her eyes she added, “Whether it is beauty or skill, sister Wan Xiang is more talented than I am. She should be the one who should sit in the position of Heavenly Slayer.”

And so the competition ended, Wan Xiang got what she desired, becoming a Heavenly Slayer and she was summoned over to listen to the bamboo courtyard by Gongzi that night.

The room was still dark but Wan Mei was not afraid. She felt she had become that darkness and had developed some kind of a silent agreement with its owner.

The first thing she did was apologize. She lowered her head and in a grave voice told him, “I disappointed you Gongzi. Please punish me.”

“But I wish to congratulate you for learning to give up,” he replied lightly yet she could not tell from his tone if he was truly pleased or not. “You followed the cheif’s wishes, protected your shadow, and did not get on bad terms with Wan Xiang so early on. You killed three birds with one stone.” Wan Mei lowered her head even further. The darkness caused her sense to smell to heighten and she could smell the faint scent of a herb of some kind, one whose fragrance was even more long lasting than a flower.

“That is the world’s last hanging Jian Chao,” he explained, “it is extremely fragrant but it’s scent is not one that will complement anything.”

Wan Mei lifted her head up at that, “I hear it can maintain the life of someone at death’s door for seven years and if someone with good health was to receive it, their martial arts will improve vastly. Congratulations Gongzi for a chanceto improve your skill in martial arts further.”

He did not reply but she heard him scoff coldly. Quickly she changed the subject, “Fang Ge allowed us to leave and asked us to send his regards to you.”

His voice dropped in volume, “Then Iike you, he had learned to make concessions and give up, I congratulate him also.”

Hearing weariness lace his voice, Wan Mei gently climbed onto his bed and pulled off her clothes as she half kneeled on the hard surface.

Their lovemaking resumed as usual except this time it was Wan Mei who took the lead. Afterwards, he lay beside her, his hands still as cold as before.

“There is something you may not know,” he suddenly said  before closing his eyes. “Cha Luo came to visit me just now. She feels that your shadow is willing to sacrifice his life for you, and you are willing to give up the position of the Heavenly Slayer for him. Your relationship cannot be one between a Mistress and her slave. Any love between a slayer and her shadow, is prohibited here. If I do not give her an answer, then your shadow will be unable to live to see tomorrow’s sun.”

She felt as if her heart was dropped into a glacier. Her mouth started to tremble, pleading words formed in her mouth but she could not say them.  It took a long time for her to decide what to do.

“Although you do not beg for forgiveness, but it does not mean you  have no feeligs for him,” Gongzi pointed out, “I know you do not wish for his death. But whether I do you this favor or not, depends on how worthy you are.”

Just as the last of his words resonated  the room, a dim glow began to light the room up. Ten fire Gu worms danced in mid air, their mysterious blue incandescent not quite penetrating through the darkness.

“Learn to control them. Use their light to see my face. If you succeed I will help you,” he told her quietly, “remember you must do it before I wake.”

Wan Mei stared at him, and watched as the blue dots of light drifted around the room, despair rising inside her. But still she got off the bed and walked steadily forward.

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  2. I can only say: thank you so much. We will translate this drama in Italian for Viki. I’m deeeeeep in love with Qu Chu Xiao.


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