Bloody Romance Chapter 20 (Shen Ying pt 2)

No-one expected Xiao San to recover so quickly, it only took ten days and he could already move as he wished to and was already well enough to attend to the needs of Cha Luo just like before.

Winter had already arrived and Cha Luo had started to pick people again, around six she thought and each person who was picked ashened immediately.  Whenever winter came, Cha Luo would once again engage in carnal pleasure because of the reflective attack from the Monarch Gu worm.

It was not a reason many people knew, they only knew that the last six who went, none of them lived to come back and the color of the pool was apparently red with blood.

Xiao San naturally needed to recover before she made her choices to grasp this rare opportunity. At that moment, Cha Luo’s finger moved back and forth between the line of men and finally came to a stop in front of him.

“You.” She smiled softly as she sealed his fate, “You will be the sixth one.”


“It’s already the sixth person. Why are all these secret movements that were shared with me all rubbish?” Qin Yu Sang complained as he huffed about the room as he cradled the tea pot in his arms.

The housekeeper stood by the doorway and announced, “Young Master, there is a man and a woman by the door who requests an audience with you.”

“A woman?” Qin Yu Sang repeated blinking , “is she pretty?”

“She is.”

“Then I cannot see her. ” Qin Yu Sang replied, waving his hand, “You know, my wife does not like it when I see a beautiful woman.”

“But that woman said she had a whip named Shen Ying…..”

The housekeeper did not even manage to finish his words and Qin Yu Sang had already disappeared out of the door, tea pot in hand to welcome Shen Ying.

After she saw Qin Yu Sang, Wan Mei could not help but smile. All the information that she was given about him was correct, he was indeed pleasing to the eye and a simple but a passionate lover of martial arts.

It was snowing a little heavily outside. Wan Mei closed her parosol and followed him in. When he noticed that a little bit of snow had landed onto Shen Ying, he hurriedly reached over to flick it away, his movements gentle like a lover brushing away snow from his loved one.

“I can teach you the Shaolin crouching tiger naked punch and give you Mt Hua’s demon slaying sword. Give me that whip,” he immediately bargained with her. It seemed it was habit for him to do business like this.

“I cannot give you the whip,” Wan Mei told him with a shake of her head, “but I do know the 13 whipping techniques for Shen Ying. It is probably worth more than the price you gave me.”

Qin Yu Sang pressed his hands together, to constrain his excitement upon hearing her offer, “You know the 13 techniques?”

“Yes. The 13th technique is Absolutely Darkness in Heaven,”Wan Mei answered with a nod, she did not even blush at her lie, “In exchange for something from you.”

“Deal!” Qin Yu Sang said, his face flushing red as he slept up, “I can give you the mantra for changing your inner meridians or the sword techniques for the 9 Dugu swords.”

Wan Mei shook her head, lifted her eyes and gave her a smile, “Do you mind if we answer a question together? Write down the person who is most important to you on paper.”

Qin Yu Sang blinked. Beside her, she felt February give the room a look over before he finally found some rice paper and two brushes and rushed over to bring them over. Then he made his way between them to weather out some ink for them.[1]

The two of them leaned close to share the pot of tea anyway. In addition, the  space available was narrow so it did not take much to bump heads.  Qin Yu Sang took in a deep breath. He felt he could smell a faint aroma of osmanthus flower oil.

“You are very beautiful,” he told her after he finished writing his name. His answer was very earnest and pure.

Wan Mei gave him a small smile. She rested a finger on his rice paper and slanted him a glance. He felt his heart almost leaping out from his chest in response.

“Fang Ge,” she read, and in a flirting tone she added, “it seems we share something else too.”

His head whipped over to glance at the name on her sheet and saw that she had written the character Fang Ge too in a cursive script [2]. That discovery made him look a little uncomfortable. “Fang Ge has a wife, if you like him, then you may suffer.”

“Then why is he the mot important person in your life?” Wan Mei retorted, she lifted her finger and gently traced the back of his hand, “surely you do not love him?”

Qin Yu Sang flushed scarlet when he heard her words. He felt the blood rush into his head and he shot up and scolded her, “He is my benefactor, my twin flame, friend, elder brother. Regardless, he is the closest person to me. Do not think of him in such a crude way!”

“He is your god, right?” Wan Mei asked him as if she did not believe him, weaved her fingers together and rested her chin against her hand

“Yes,” he told after a short pause but then with a curt nod, he added, “he is my god.”

“Then why don’t we play a game?” Wan Mei replied, her head still resting against her hands, a smile creeping into her eyes, “let’s gamble whether Fang Ge is a god or not. The wager is the clothes we are wearing. Do you dare to play it with me?”

The game quickly begun. Qin Yu Sang awkwardly stood there for a moment before finally sitting down and told her his first reason.

“I came from a poor family, and since we were little he would help us because my father once saved him.”

Upon hearing that, Wan Mei did not even hesitate and promptly took off her cloak, revealing her little purple jacket.

The jacket was very close fitting to her figure. Around the collar and the sleeves were lined with white fur, giving off an air of innocence. Qin Yu Sang had to think for a while before he could say the next thing.

“He found me someone to teach me martial arts. He found 8 of them for me.”

Wan Mei did not say anything further and reached over to remove her jacket, revealing the clear curves of her chest and with every breath her chest rose gently up and down, calling to him like a siren.

“He also arranged my wedding for me. Helped me find a wife and bought this home for me,” Qin Yu Sang added.

“Then that wife…do you like her or not?” Wan Mei finally asked.

“I do,” he replied nodding. “Her cooking is very good.”

Wan Mei smiled but did not say anything, she cocked her head and looked at him as if waiting for him to add something more. He stared at her and did not know whether it was a good enough reason or not but he shifted through his feelings carefully.

She was gentle, knew how to run a household well, bore him an adorable son and even knew how to read in sanskrit and understood the complex movements in martial art books; all of that were her strengths. But what she was missing was that she was never capable of making  him blush or for him to daydream about her unlike the woman in front of him did today.

So he did not say anything and care-freely took off his clothes like Wan Mei did.

“He also searched for many books on martial arts for me helping me become more skilled,” he told her after he removed his jacket.

Except Wan Mei argued, “But did you not teach him what you learnt after? I think he is using you.”

Qin Yu Sang stared at her, clearly not agreeing with what she said and they were locked in a stalemate for a moment before they finally gave up and both of them removed another article of clothing.

Underneath her dress was her Du Duo (a type of undergarment like a stringed vest) but Wan Mei was wearing one make from organza. Two lotus flowers were sewn above it, which just covered her nipples. The other parts of her chest and stomach was barely covered by the sheer fabric, peeking through now and then as if covered by a thin mist, alluring him further.

Qin Yu Sang pulled at his hair and for a moment, he stared at her in a daze before hurriedly removing his robe.

The fire burned brightly in the room, and because he only wore two items of clothing today, by removing his robe, he was now topless. The two of them were only separated by a short distance and gradually desire started to crackle in the air.

“He even made me his second in command. Although it is a position with no power, but everyone in the pugilist world respects me and would come and ask me for advice. ” He spoke after a moment’s of consideration.

“But is that the kind of life you like to lead? Is the life you wish to lead really to interact with so many strangers?” Wan Mei pressed as she gently traced her humerus with a finger.

Qin Yu Sang suddenly froze and at that moment realization dawned on him.

All these years, Fang Ge had simply given him everything. Whether it was money, power, and even his wife and children but he had never asked him what he truly desired. He saw Fang Ge as a god hence he became the shadow behind the god, never once living for himself.

“I do not like it,” he stated, lifting his head up, “I like peace, but…”

“Alright,” Wan Mei interjected, “I will not force you, today I wore more than you so I will let you win this time. ”

As she spoke, she lifted her hand and pulled off her long skirt. Underneath the skirt should have been a pair of trousers but Wan Mei did not wear one. She only wore a skirt made from organza fabric and was just as sheer as her du duo. And covering the small haired triangle above her private area was a lonely lotus leaf.

And that sight was completely bared in front of Qin Yu Sang. He saw her thin, fragile waist, the slight bump of her collarbone, her long and alluring pair of legs and those three secret unspeakable areas.

A bead of seat rolled down from his forehead and dripped onto his undergarment but it was not enough to extinguish the fire burning there. Wan Mei’s finger ran along her collarbone to her chest and stopped right at the corner of a petal of a lotus flower. She did not lift her head up as she asked him nonchantly, “Why do you not speak? Are you afraid of losing?”

“We will not compete anymore!” he boomed, “I like you, so I will not hurt you.”

His words did indeed surprise Wan Mei, she never expected that he was half a gentleman at least.

“Then let us go back to topic and talk about our business today,” Wan Mei said, standing up. She grabbed hold of her whip and showed him the first technique,  Cloud breaker.

A breeze quickly swept through the room as she lifted the whip, the organza skirt lifted up, revealing it’s hidden secrets and the secret movements of the whip completely to Qin Yu Sang’s eyes.

He felt his focus slipping a little but it was not enough to stop him from catching the end of the whip as it snaked it’s way towards him and captured it in his hands.

The whip flashed past like lightening and when he grabbed hold of it, Wan Mei did not have time to pull it back into her hands. And so she felt herself tip forward and fall into his arms.

The two of them stood, their hearts pounding as one, the soft mounds on Wan Mei’s chest were plastered onto Qin Yu Sang’s chest. She felt as if she had given her heartbeat to him as his heart rate speeded up. She opened her legs and like a vine wrapped them around him, her arm snaked around his neck and breathing into his ear. “The 13 techniques of Shen Ying and me, in exchange for the method to destroy the realm Fang Ge set up. What do you think of this trade?”

A silver needle appeared in her hand as she spoke; it was just less than an inch from his neck. Qin Yu Sang felt his a cold sharp point by his neck but at the final crucial moment, his fingers grasped the needle between two fingers, he lowered his shoulder and threw Wan Mei onto the floor.

The silver needle did not reflect blue or black when he took it from her and sniffed it. He went down on his knees next to her and glanced at her, “This is an illusion drug. It will make it’s victim feel drowsy so you are not here to kill me but to find ask something from me. Except you are not particularly skilled in this. I have studied this method of assassination for a long time, the key to needle assassination is….”

“Why do you not ask what I wanted to ask from you? Instead you discuss my skill in the use of an assassination needle?” Wan Mei asked, laughter tracing her voice as she slowly picked herself up from the floor.

“oh yes,” Qin Yu Sang said, knocking his head with a fist, “I forgot, what secrets did you want to prise from me?”

However, Wan Mei asked him a rhetorical question, “Then do you know why Fang Ge is the most important person to me? It is because he is my enemy. Because my father refused to give him Shen Ying so he killed him.”

“Impossible!” Qin Yu Sang bellowed, “someone must have framed him! Elder Brother Fang would not do something like that!”

“But my father died from a stab to his heart. The wound was crescent moon shaped. That is a technique only Fang Ge uses, no-one else knows how to do it.”

“Who said that?” Qin Yu Sang was now red with rage, “You only need to take a normal thin sword and before you slice the flesh, you twist your wrist like this and look, if you control your strength and your inner mana well you can create a crescent moon wound!”

He showed her as he explained it to her, determined to persuade her and worried that she did not understand, he repeated it thrice.

Wan Mei watched him and finally asked, “Then it means you trust him completely? Then let me ask you, what about your wife and children?”

“My wife takes my children to the silent sea temple every month. And then she will stay at her parent’s home for a few days it has nothing to do with you.”

“Of course it does,” Wan Mei retorted as she picked up her cloak from the floor and rested her hand on his, “do you dare to visit the silent sea temple with me?”


At the same moment in the Gate of Ghosts, a fire burned just as brightly in the room but instead of the anxiousness atmosphere brought in from revenge and murder, there was only an air of warmth and comfort.

Cha Luo was lying on the chaise lounge, a hand resting on a black cat, her long hair loose and flowing.

Xing Feng was standing behind her, combing her hair with a yellow poplar wood brush. Each stroke through her hair was gentle as if he was planning to do it for eternity.

“You must feel unwell, right?” he asked, his tone was tender too, “The monarch Gu worm will attack you tonight, and you will suffer again.”

Cha Luo reached out to stroke the fur around the neck of the cat. Her voice was also gentle when she answered him,”I have overwhelmed it. It has been over a decade already. I have finally overwhelmed it. It will not attack me again.”

Xing Feng startled when he heard her words, “Then why did you pick those six people to serve you tonight?”

“Do you remember the person who tried to assassinate me last time?” She turned her head, “I think he will come again. Then I will wait for him personally tonight.”


1) The chinese uses ink from an block of ink which they add water to and then using a black stick they will rub the ink block with the stick to create ink.

2) chinese cursive script: this is a sort of a shorthand way to write the chinese characters as the characters flow from one character to the next easily. It is more difficult to read than non cursive script.

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