Bloody Romance Ep 22 (Dust pt 1)

Apologies for the long wait. It’s a longer chapter and I was a little busy this week. I promise to try and upload a few more chapters by the end of this week.

The knife was made by the younger brother because he had heard many people had died painfully so he had left it to commit suicide when it became too much to bear.

They were no doubt a pair of weak and fragile brothers yet when they were pushed to their limit, they gained unlimited strength in their desperation.

Cha Luo started to laugh when the knife was only an inch away from her nose. The scene that played out resembled a cat playing with a mouse. Xiao San who was by her feet launched himself at the elder brother, like an arrow fired from a bow. He grabbed hold of the knife with one hand and with a twist, he pierced the dagger into the elder brother’s eyeball.

The brother let a cry and just before death, he turned to look at his brother and the two of them swiftly met their end together.

The fresh blood soaked the Persian rug on the floor and a myriad of colors flashed in Cha Luo’s eyes before her irises finally settled for a blazing gold colour. Her eyes locked with Xiao San’s.

“Why did you kill him?” she inquired as she grabbed hold of his chin, her eyes still maintaining a bond with his, “do you not find that he deserved a more difficult death?”

But Xiao San remained silent, his lips pressed together, his dark eyes clear and bright; not a single shadow of fear was reflected in his eyes.

The rainbow crystal iris could crush a person’s mind but to Xiao San it was completely useless. This person was as strong minded as Xing Feng’s mind was back then.

“Xing Feng…” Cha Luo’s heart started to race as she thought of his name and she realized how similar Xiao San was now to the Xing Feng back then.

They shared the same precious soul, the same kindness in their hearts, and they both loved their mistresses.

That night when Wan Xiang and Wan Mei fought to become Heavenly Slayers, when she insisted on Chu Ba and Xiao San contending with each other, she saw the unmistakable look that was passed between Wan Mei and Xiao San, she immediately knew what had occurred.

The two of them had fallen in love. 16 years later, finally the fate she and Xing Feng were destined for would be repeated.

She could not deny that before she had once suspected that Xiao San was the assassin but now it was clear that she no longer needed to suspect him. Then he could remain alive, alive so that he could take part in a good play.

A selfless love was forced to make way for fate, what a good show that would be. Cha Luo lifted a brow and smiled brightly. She lifted a hand to help Xiao San up, “Stand. Regardless, I should reward you. Reward you for your loyalty in protecting me.”

Two days later, Wan Mei returned to the Gate of Ghosts. Immediately, Cha Luo summoned her over. The cut on Wan Mei had still not recovered and her complexion was pale with weary.

Brushing away the hair covering Wan Mei’s forehead, Cha Luo frowned when she saw the nasty cut. “You must hurry and see to it. Otherwise, you may get a scar.”

Wan Mei lowered her head and sighed, “If February was not such a coward, I would not have needed to find such a useless partner and I would have not made such a mistake.”

Cha Luo smiled and moved closer to her, “If it was Xiao San, then would you not have made such a mistake?”

Wan Mei did not say anything but it was enough for Cha Luo to let out a silent laugh, before she changed the subject. “Miss Wan completed this mission very well. It seems you will be able to succeed sooner or later.”

She immediately made a modest reply about herself and after she had spent almost half a day saying pointless things before Cha Luo finally switched back to the main topic. Cha Luo’s voice was low but she could hear the laughter lacing it, “An Absolute Slayer. Liu Guang has become an Absolute Slayer for eight years already, yet she is becoming more and more cowardly. Miss Mei is clever, I am sure you know what I am saying.”

Wan Mei was extremely surprised but Cha Luo continued.

“If you and I are one of heart, then you may replace Liu Guang, “she told her, her hand holding Wan Mei’s. “I can give you anything, of course that includes Xiao San.”

Those words gave Wan Mei undescribable courage. Within two months she had completed two difficult missions one after the other and they were both completed perfectly.

She was only somebody’s pawn, that she knew clearly, but she had no other choice.

She was unable to control that destiny, because she was still too weak. She could only bury her head and charge forward.

Regarding that, Gongzhi raised his concerns. In the listening bamboo courtyard, he had already shook his head three times that day. ” I told you before that you need to understand it yourself to be able to use the thirteenth technique,  absolute darkness. If you continue to charge forward so recklessly then there is no difference between you and a madcap.”

Hearing this, Wan Mei pulled back Sheng Yin and because she was now tired both physically and mentally, she shook slightly and looked fragile.

“I beg you to help me ask her to return Xiao San to me,” she finally told him what had been tormenting her for so long. ” I heard the chief say… she is using Xiao San to test the effects of new Gu poisons.”

Gongzhi raised his right hand to rub the space between his brows. “Do you know that the Gate of Ghosts only came under my command in these four years, yet Cha Luo has been the chief for over fourteen years? Even I am wary of her.”

Wan Mei felt herself sink into despair as she heard him say that and covered her eyes with her hand.

Beside her, Gongzhi suddenly asked, “Has she asked you if you are willing to be one of heart with her?”

She replied yes.

“She would say that to every Heavenly Slayer,” Gongzhi explained to her as he slowly rubbed his palms together. “Every Heavenly Slayer has the opportunity to become an Absolute Slayer. And every Absolute Slayer, according to tradition, can challenge the chief to a duel. And if they win, they may become the new chief.”

Wan Mei frowned at him, “I have been here for over two years, but I have not heard that Liu Guang has challenged Cha Luo to a duel.”

“That’s because Liu Guang and Cha Luo are one of heart,” Gongzhi replied in a low voice, “go back now. There will be an important mission in a few days. You will go with me.”

He lowered his eyelids and started playing with the teacup in his hand when he heard Wan Mei’s gasp of surprise. “You heard right. I will go personally. There is someone who is worthy for me to go personally for them in this mission.”


Wan Mei felt a slight touch of nervousness as she shared a carriage with Gongzhi.

Sleep was beginning to take over his senses yet he was unwilling to rest. His eyes seem to see through everything as if searching for a weakness in the place he was staring at.

She lifted a pillow and handed it to him, “Why don’t you rest for while?”

“I have no time. There are many things I must think about.” He placed his hand on top of the other, “I will just get sufficient sleep when I die.”

Not daring to press him anymore, she could only sit with him in silence as she went through the details of her plan to see if there were any flaws in it.

The target this time was someone called Wang Yu, he came from a family of martial artists and spent his life trying to uphold justice in the pugilist world. Even his manor was called Justice Manor and the names of his two daughters, one of them was called, “Wang Yi” and the other “Wang Zheng”. (Zheng Yi means justice in chinese) so everyone in the pugilist world would called him Wang Zheng Yi (Justice Wang)

She could not help but laugh whenever she thought of it. But before she could finish laughing, the carriage had already halted and the driver had pulled back the curtain.

“Remember to bring him here, “Gongzhi instructed her, “do not let me wait for too long.”

Outside, there was a little drizzle of rain. She nodded, opened up her red parosol, and her pale shadow was soon swallowed up by the surroundings.

The justice manor was indeed oozing with justice. The doors were at least three time wider than the norm and the word “Zheng” was engraved on the knocker.

A smile broke out on Wan Mei’s face before she reached over and tore a corner of her dress. Frantically, she knocked on the door.

The person who answered was a young male attendant. Wan Mei begged him in a low voice, “Little brother, my clothes were torn by some branches. Is it possible to borrow a room and some needle and thread?”

The male attendant lifted his head to glance at her. Her dress was indeed torn, even her undergarment had been torn apart, revealing two snowy globes underneath the translucent fabric. He lost all thought and immediately welcomed her in.

The thread and needle as quickly found and Wan Mei repaired her clothes in the attendant’s own room. She knew that he was peeping at her outside so she took off her shirt and and started to talk to him through the open window.

Through the male attendant, she discovered that would train the lion growling technique in the garden at dusk every day.

Not even hesitating, she threw open the door, opened her parosol and in a quiet voice begged him, “why don’t you take me to steal a glance at hero Wang? I have admired him for a long time. Could you let me see him just once?”

The male attendant was a virgin and by this time was completely enthralled by her. He did not even stop to think before agreeing to it. And so the two of them strolled towards the garden under the cover of the red demon parasol.

On the northwest side of the garden was a man carved hill, which the attendant took her to, to cover up their presence. He himself hid behind her and one of his hands, rested on her waist.

Wan Mei smiled coldly and without warning, pulled out a hairpin and stabbed it into his temple. He immediately lost his life.

Bending down, she rubbed a bit of his blood into the edge of her mouth and watched passively as the ground touching lotus flower started to grow and spread,  reaching out to the body until it was sucked dry of blood.

At that moment, she could hear footsteps, a set of slow, steady footsteps, a set of footsteps belonging to a highly skilled martial artist.

She overturned a nearby rock in purpose, making a dull thump sound on the dry grass. On the other side Wang Yu had already opened his mouth to practise his lion growling technique and promptly heard it. His eyes flashed with interest and silently, he made his way towards the back of the hill.

Lying behind the hill was a sucked dry corpse and Wan Mei was holding the red parasol in one hand and one of her fingers was rubbing away the blood at the corner of her mouth. When she saw me, she gave him a friendly smile.

It was a scene that stank of some shady business being done and Wang Yu, after his initial surprise, managed to steady himself and glowered at her. “Where did you come from, demoness? How dare you create trouble in my Manor!”

She smiled in reply and slanted a glance at him. “I remember that this is not the first time Master Wang and I have met.”

There was a blank pause for a moment and then he suddenly remembered, “You were the one who killed Shen Mo at Ling Feng city! I recognize you!”

“Master Wang, you have a good memory. Then you must know who is here to collect your life so you can tell the Lord of Death when you reach Hell.” She smiled as she twirled the parasol in her hand. Shen Ying who was hidden within the handle of the parosol suddenly appeared and cut an arc through the air.

He dodged the end of the whip, his fists flew towards her face, his punches merciless with power, forcing her to take a step back.

“Who ordered you here?” he asked through gritted teeth, his punches continued to fly towards her forming an impenetrable wall trapping her. It was enough to know that he was a highly trained martial artist.

“There were so many skilled martial artists in Ling Feng city that day, yet you were unable to catch the two of us. What, Master Wang, did you never consider why that was?” Wan Mei said calmly as she unleashed her whip  and escaped from the shadow of his fists.

Wang Yu stopped his tracks for a minute. The events in the following months flew past his mind and suddenly everything became clear.

“It was Fang Ge!” he declared, “he lured us to the east, helping you to escape!”Wan Mei raised her eyebrows, “You said that. That was not what I meant.” After she spoke, she raised her left hand, undid the button on her dress and tore off her outer garment.

She had already taken off her Dudou (vest that acted as an undergarment) when she was repairing her clothes so the only thing remaining on  her body was a pair of shorts and a jacket. Except they were made from the finest cotton, the delicate type.

The fine rain continued to fall from the Heavens and quickly soaked her jacket, revealing two twin pale peaks which her jacket seemed to clutch against.

Wang Yu hurriedly turned his head away and shouted, “Vixen, if you think you can seduce me, you are gravely mistaken!”

“Who said I”m trying to seduce you?” Wan Mei sighed. She seemed to be completely unaware of the situation as she launched another attack with Sheng Ying, “We are only fighting. What, you are allowed to fight bare chested and I cannot even take off my dress?”

Wang Yu could feel his fury building, after they fought for several more rounds, it started to rain even more heavily and Wan Mei’s jacket was completely soaked through and her breast were clearly peaking through under her clothes. The tips were a rosy pink and because of the cold, they were hard and erect.

Desire begun to pass through his body and Wan Mei glanced at his lower body, a taunting smile twisting her lips as if she was waiting for him to make a fool out of himself.

Wang Yu let of a long growl, his fists like appeared as fast as lightening, attacking her face and head.

The rain poured even more heavily at that moment. Wan Mei used her whip to defend herself. Her jacket was now soaked through, the rain had begun to deep through her shorts, revealing a dark triangle between her legs.

His punches halted, and he felt torn between two desires. On one hand, he wanted the rain to be even heavier, on the other, hr wanted to slap himself. It was at that moment, when Wan Mei shook her hair, dispersing the droplets of rain  trapped in it. Her jacket and shorts were drenched and it would have made no difference if she had been standing there naked. She seemed to be surrounded by mist, like a pear blossom flower that was attempting to express it’s feelings.

Wang Yu felt his feelings overturning like waves in an ocean. He watched as the rain slowly rolled down her body, and could not help but imagine himself as that droplet of water, how warm and pleasurable it would feel if his flesh was surrounded by that hair covered hole of hers.

If he had followed his plan, he would have launched an attack at Wan Mei’s breasts, but in the end, he could not resist. Hooking his right fist, he tore her shorts away instead.

Seeing that, Wan Mei swept a look at his lower body. “It seems Hero Wang can become hard as well. I thought you would be able to be restrain yourself.”

He lowered his head and saw that a certain something had started to tent up on the lower half of his body. He flushed scarlet and hurriedly tried to calm his heart and mind.

Towards the end, he finally managed to suppress his desire and maintained his gentleman reputation before he started to attack her again.

If they fought evenly, he was more skilled in martial arts than she was. But the technique he used, “justice punches” required him to be open minded and fair and to win in an overbearing way. However, what should have been fierce blows were now distracted by desire, which then became a major flaw in his attacks. Finally, after about 200 rounds, he was overcome by Sheng Ying. The whip wrapped itself around his right shoulder and pulled it off.

Blood shot through the air; he staggered back, pressing a hand against the wound to try and stop the blood flow and then bellowed, “Somebody!”

No-one replied. Because he would practise his lion growling technique here every day so for the sake of their ears, all his attendants would avoid this area at this time long before he begun.

Her chance finally came. She qirked the corner of her mouth and flung Sheng Ying towards him, it penetrated his chest in full force and completely left his body through the other side.

Wang Yu fell into his knees, his face full of fury and the expression on his face displayed the anger of falling for the petty tricks of a villain.

Wan Mei knelt down beside him and checked if he was still breathing. She used the corner of his clothes to clean her blood soaked whip, dressed and hid the whip within the red demon parosol again.

“You feel that it’s unfair right?” she asked him as she patted his cheek, “any man can have desire. But Wang Zheng Yi, Hero Wang, you felt that you were a god so it cannot be helped.”

“Master! Master!” Outside they could hear the housekeeperas frantic voice from outside the garden, “the group from Zhong Yuan are here. Hurry and….”

And so, Wan Mei slowly made her way out and hiding behind her red parosol she told him,”There. Your Master is there, behind the man made hill.”

The housekeeper kept blinking at her, not knowing who she was, but despite that he still walked past her.

Only until he saw the rivers of blood behind the hill that he realize what had occurred. He grabbed hold oh his Master’s arm and yelled, “Hurry and catch the killer! Someone has killed our Master!”

Wang Yu who was lying in his arms moved at that moment. He opened his eyes and spat out some blood. “I am still alive.” He grabbed the collar of the housekeeper, soaking it with blood too and instructed him, “that….that demoness has been tricked by me. I held my breath to lure her away. Hurry…Hurry and bring my thousand year ginseng to me.”


Meanwhile, in the punishment hall of the Gate of Ghosts, Xiao San had been poisoned by the pluk blossom Gu poison. Red rashes marked both his cheeks and that rash did indeed resemble the the 5 flourishing plum blossom petals in spring.

“This Gu worm is quite interesting,” Xing Feng said with a tender smile. He was holding a metal bowl to coach the blood Xiao San had spat out. “At first there would be one plum blossom petal and he would spit a bowl of blood per day and then when there are 5 petals he would spit 5 bowls of blood per day. It’s very exquisite.”

Cha Luo yawned, “It is so pointless. No matter what he will only spit blood out. Hurry and cure him, in case he is poisoned too seriously by then we will not be able to cure him.”

Xing Feng looked a little pained. “Then chief, what kind of Gu poisoning do you think is interesting?”

“The Gu poison the old chief gave you.” Cha Luo lifted her eyes up to glance at him.  Her irises were a dark colour this time. “A poison that not even the monarch Gu worm can control.”

Xing Feng fell silent, his head was lowered and the indication of his feelings was that his fingernails were deeply embedded in his skin. That’s right, the late chief had once poisoned him too and even now that poison tortured him often.

It was a rare incurable poison. As long as he felt any desire to anybody, even if it was a slight bit, then he would be racked in unbearable painas of the fires of hell were burning his heart.

He remembered when he was first poisoned with it, Cha Luo had been hurt by him so much that she had a fever, her teeth knocking into each other, her body shaking uncontrollably and he wrapped his arms around her to keep her warm.

He held her silently for the entire night,  and when she woke up in the morning, he had already passed out from the agony caused by the poison. Bloody holes had appeared inside his mouth as he fought to fight against the agony.

“I am even more like a eunuch than an actual eunuch.” She remembered that was what he told her when he woke up. At the time, he seemed calm and uncovered by it. But it was that which had changed the course of their lives forever.

Cha Luo’s temperament changed. She became a merciless and cruel killer. And he, as the shadow of such a killer fell into hell also.

“You mean, “Se Jie” (celibacy practice)?” Xing Feng lifted his head to look at Cha Luo as he thought back. “You want me to poison him with Se Jie?”

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