Bloody Romance Chapter 24 (Liu Guang pt 1)

*Strong suggestion: Please do not consume anything whilst you read this chapter, especially not anything red. Anyone who does, please read at your own risk…


It was an outcome that seemed to be within Gongzhi’s expectations. And so he watched silently as Fang Ge drank the entire contents.

“Good fresh bamboo tea. Thank you for inviting me.” After he finished, he slowly picked himself up. “May I leave now?”

Gongzhi wrapped his black fur cloak even more tightly around him, his voice remaining cold, “I think you should wait here and die.”

“I do not think so.” Fang Ge shook his head, “If you wanted to kill me, there are many ways to accomplish that. Once I die, naturally I cannot lead the pugilist world, but why would you go to such lengths to get rid of me?”

That seemed to catch Gongzhi’s attention. He threaded His fingers together and leaned slightly forward. “I did it to control you. After you fall out of favor, you would come to rely on me.”

Leaning forward too, Fang Ge bent down slightly. “If I was willing to become a dog, would it not be more easier to control me without revealing what you have to threaten me with? It is not not difficult to know that, I’m sure you understand that right?”

Watching Gongzhi keeping his silence at his words, Fang Ge finally broke out with a smile. He lifted the black cup and tipped the contents onto the ground.

White bubbles sputtered as soon as the liquid touched the ground. That was the one that was fatally poisoned.

“Thank you for your appreciation in me.” He stood up and left after he returned the cup to the table.

The flame that had heated up the red clay stove was still burning, Gongzhi removed his mask, revealing a gentle smile in the dim light.

“Guess why I let him go,” he asked without even turning his head.

“I think you must have placed Gu poison in the white cup,” his guard immediately answered.

Gongzhi smiled but did not say anything. Instead he turned his head towards Wan Mei.

Wan Mei bowed and in a serious tone replied, “Fang Ge is an incredible figure. With him as it’s leader, the pugilist world will not be easy to deal with. But Gongzhi appreciates his talent so he does not wish him dead. Therefore he did such a thing to remove him from power but spare his life as well.”

“Indeed,” sighed Gongzhi, “if he had chosen the black cup, then it would prove he was only a dog that was afraid of death and there was no point in leaving him alive. I have many dogs, I don’t need him as well.”

“I do not need to poison him with Gu.” He smoothed out his clothes and straightened up. “Only a fool like Cha Luo would believe that a Gu worm could control a person’s heart. I want Fang Ge to respect and obey me willingly in the future.”

“Only he was even more intelligent than I thought he was. He could tell that I did not wish to kill him,” he added after a moment of silence. He narrowed his eyes and indicated for them to return.

Wan Mei did not say anything again and followed him onto the carriage.

The journey back was a rambling one. Wan Mei could not fight her drowsiness and before long fell asleep. Whilst half conscious, she seemed to feel a sudden change beside her. Her eyes flew open and saw that Gongzhi was sat up straight, and was struggling to breathe.

After a while, he seemed to be able to breathe properly again. Hurriedly, Wan Mei poured him a cup of tea and handed it over to him. He held it in his hands but before he managed to lift it to his lips, he had already started to snore. The carriage passed through a few pits in the road, which ended up with him resting his head against her shoulder. In the short dream he had she could hear him mutter, “Mother, you must give me some time at least. I am so weary. I want to sleep for a while.”

When they returned to the Gate of Ghosts, there was a long period that Wan Mei did not see Gongzhi again. Time flew past like the light and soon spring came and Wan Mei turned nineteen. Unfortunately, Xiao San was unable to cook any noodles for her on her birthday, he had just left Cha Luo’s courtyard carrying a basket of fresh strawberries.

When he entered the courtyard belonging to the Absolute Slayer, he saw that Liu Guang was sitting just beneath the peach blossom tree and was idly sipping a cup of sour plum juice. Slowly, he made his way towards her.

Liu Guang only seemed to notice that basket of strawberries, and waved him away without even glancing his way. “Thank the chief for me when you get back.”

Xiao San turned around but stopped when she suddenly said, “Wait. Let me ask you, how many baskets did the Chief receive today and who did she give them to?”

“There were two baskets in total,” Xiao San replied in a quiet voice, “one she kept. The other she gave to you.”

Overcame with joy, Liu Guang who did not normally liked to eat strawberries put one in her mouth. “It seems to the chief, I am more important to her than Xing Feng.”

“Naturally so.” Beside her, her shadow Feng Zhu hurriedly filled her cup with tea, “You have performed so much merit for the chief. How can you be comparable to Foreman Xing?”

That put Liu Guang in an immensely good mood. And just as she was about to praise herself, Xiao San immediately said something that ruined the entire mood.

“That may not be true,” he suggested, “The chief sees Foreman Xing as her own man. Someone belonging to her means she can do anything and they won’t mind. Only an outsider needs to be bribed.”

Lou Guang’s hand froze. Her fingertip mashing the fruit into juice. A red sweet liquid dripped from her fingers to the floor.

“Then from what you see, the chief sees me as an outsider then?” Her tongue snaked out licking the droplets of fruit juice, fury flashing in her eyes.

Xiao San slowly answered her question as if deep in thought, “The chief is now looking for a new replacement for the Absolute Slayer but Foreman Xing’s position is as stable as before. He is the one the chief wishes to spend eternity with.”

Hearing this, Feng Zhu felt his words were becoming more and more ridiculous. He stepped forward, kicked Xiao San and gifted him with several dozen slaps in the face and asked, “Is your skin itching? If you are trying to distant the Absolute Slayer from the chief, do you want to pay Foreman Feng a visit?”

Xiao San let out a cold laugh. His behaviour spoke volumes about how little he feared that, so much so that Liu Guang couldn’t help but study him, before slowly bending down to lock her gaze at him, “Does the chief really plan to replace the Absolute Slayer? Why did you come to tell me that?”

“Yesterday the chief poisoned me with the devouring heart poison.” He lifted his head, “Over several months she has tested a hundred different Gu poisons on me. I live in hell every day, wishing to die every day. Naturally my loyalty is not as it was before.”

“Then tell me what you know. Do not miss anything out.” Liu Guang grabbed hold of his collar. “Not to worry, I’ve already bribed all the Ghosts eyes surveilling this courtyard. No one will report it.”


It was midday, the sun was shining brightly yet Cha Luo’s room was still as dimly lit as before. Xing Feng bent down observing the Xiao San’s condition after being poisoned by the devouring heart poison.

“The Gu worm lives,” he said as he prodded the right side of Xiao San’s chest. “Now if I plant a trigger worm within Slayer Mei then when they are within a foot of each other, the Devouring Heart Poison start to devour his heart and it will be unbearably painful.”

Twirling a lock of her hair between her fingers, Cha Luo slanted a glance at him. “Although the Devouring Heart  Gu Poison is painful, however he has not lost his dignity as a man unlike Se Jie. My great Foreman Xing, you truly are so merciful.”

He let out a laugh before he took out a wooden comb to brush her hair. “Your hair is becoming a little oily. Would you like to wash it and then soak it in rose water?”

She nodded. The male attendants immediately brought in a bucket. Xing Feng rolled up his sleeves and asked Cha Luo to rest her head against his knees, as he helped her wash her hair.

Just as the mood started to warm up, Liu Guang arrived outside to seek an audience with Cha Luo. Cha Luo waved her hand, indicating for her to enter.

Like a breeze, Liu Guang darted in, clutching her chest, her face flushed an abnormal red, whilst huffing and puffing.

Seriousness was written across Xing Feng’s face as he studied her. He leaned over to feel her pulse and asked with apprehension, “Did you consume another blood Gu worm again? Your condition is very serious, I fear that your Qi of imbalanced.”

Hearing this, Cha Luo stood, her hair dripping wet,  a little concerned. “Your inner Qi/mana  is at a similar level to mine. And you are one of the top martial artists within our group. I told you that there is more fire/heat within your body so it is not appropriate for you to use blood Gu worms.  What is going on?”

Liu Guang seemed to be in immense pain. She grabbed Cha Luo’s hand but it took a long while before she could speak.

“Help, Sister you must save me.” Cha Luo glanced back at Xing Feng who hurriedly told her, “There is a way, we just need to extract the blood Gu worm.”

Immediately, a bitter look shadowed Liu Guang’s face, “But from what I know, removing the blood Gu worm requires me to drain the blood in my body.”

Xing Feng pressed his lips together, his fingers laced together and it took a while before he blurted out that that was not necessary.

“You do not need to drain all the blood within your body,”he told them, as he took in a deep breath, “remove all your clothes and I will get rid of the blood Gu worm for you.”

Beside him, Cha Luo gripped his hand within hers. He lowered his head, a pained look spread through his face. “Only I know how to remove it, do not worry. I will be fine.”

Feeling unsure, Cha Luo finally let go of his hand. Slowly, Xing Feng got on his knees, two of his fingers rested on the skin of Liu Guang’s neck. Her breathing started to grow heavier; she was already lying on the ground, completely naked, her porcelain white skin reflecting some of the light in the dimly lit room.

That bone gnawing pain came again, Xing Feng took a breath in and his fingers moved to the front of Liu Guang’s chest and he started to move his inner Qi around his body.

Beneath the pale green veins, a few Gu worms started to slightly sit up, their shape could be seen protruding from the walls of the veins. It was only a short while before they disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

Xing Feng’s fingers started to move again. They traced past her nipples before finally resting against a small cut under her right breast. His inner Qi focused and whirled by his fingers, attempting to push the Gu worms out.

It almost worked. The Blood Gu worms poked out from the cut, revealing a dark red horn but finally slipped out from under his control and like the tail of a fish, swimming back up her veins and disappeared completely again.

By this time, Xing Feng had already gone pale, sweat soaked his forehead but still he continued to try two more times, both times resulting in failure.

Watching up in pain, Liu Guang hooked an arm around Xing Feng’s neck and plastered her breasts against Xing Feng face. Her hot breaths panting into his ear as she huffed out, “Every time I engage in carnal pleasure, these Gu worms will become very excited. They will appear one by one. Why don’t…”

As if someone had punched him in the chest, Xing Feng started to sway weakly on his legs but he still managed to nod at Cha Luo.

A myriad of colours flashed last Cha Luo’s eyes. “You, go and serve Mistress Liu Guang,” she ordered Xiao San as she pointed at him.

He obeyed, grabbing the rose oil beside him, he covered his hands with it and dipped a few droplets of it onto Liu Guang’s chest.

Immediately the room was soon filled with fragrant scent of rose. Liu Guang’s nipples tightened to a peak which Xiao San circled and rubbed, the oil augmenting the pleasure and soon Liu Guang’s cries echoed in the room.

Gritting his teeth, Xing Feng pressed his hand against her heart, he could feel the Gu worms sliding around her vessels.

The rosy pink tips, surrounded by a darker aura, those soft, snowy globes, moving relentlessly in front of his eyes, lighting up the flame of desire inside him.

Any traces of the blood gu worms completely disappeared, but his manhood had begun to wake up in excitement, desire punctured his heart like an arrow. He opened his mouth, only to spit out a mouthful of blood, that spread like an unfurling bloody chinese peony.

By this time, Cha Luo’s eyes had turned to a shade of red. Her body stiff with tension. Finally, she could not help but stand up, grabbed a fistful of Xiao San’s hair and pushed his face into Liu Guang’s private area.

“We don’t want foreplay. We want her to reach her peak, understand?” she said through gritted teeth, and instinctively pushed him deeper, threading a lock of his hair around his finger.

A red liquid oozed out from underneath her, it turned out she was on her period. Xiao San instinctively lifted his head but Cha Luo pushed his head further closer to her body. He felt as if he would almost drown in the blood.

The metallic smell of blood flooded into his nose. He curled up his tongue, he thought that he was already numbed from scenes like this but unexpectedly, he felt as if his heart was cracked open, just like the blood dripping out in front of him.

His stomach rolled in disgust. But he forced himself to take a breath, his body clenching as he swallowed that mouthful of blood. The tip of his tongue teased her nether lips, his fingers worked their way into her, prodding and rubbing as it searched for her pleasure point.

Liu Guang’s body shook, her cheeks started to flush, her hands pushing her body up and forward, her huffs and puffs became more and more distinct. He finally found her pleasure point. Her clitoris filled with blood and grew to the size of a penny. Xiao San crooked his finger and pressed hard on it.

Liu Guang opened his mouth and let out a groan. Something started to protrude inside her vessels. The several dozen Gu worms responded to her moan and started to move around her body.

“It should be fine if I remove two.” Xing Feng manage to bite out. Pushing against her blood vessels, he trapped two of the worms between his fingers. By this time, Xiao San’s movements became more erratic. His tongue continuously stimulated Liu Guang’s body. That finger within her body turned into two, rubbing furiously against her pleasure point.

Liu Guang felt as if her heart had drifted to somewhere far away. It rose up and then fell hard. Finally, she felt it land onto that point where pleasure flourished the most and took root there.

Her womanhood tightened, like a pair of puckered lips, that peak of pleasure lasted for a long time, unwilling to leave that state. The blood from her period continued to flow, that blood mixed with the smell from her pleasure and her sweat seemed to change from a revolting scent to something tempting. Xing Feng felt an itch rising in his fingers, his manhood stood up proudly, pressing against Liu Guang’s chest.

The Se Jie Gu worm had resided inside him for over a decade, it had long taken root inside his organs. His desire raged inside him yet at the same time, he felt as if something was hammering against his body.

Pain unfurled inside him like a blossoming flower, shattering his spirit, he felt darkness begin to shadow his sight and right at the last moment, the blood gu worm escaped.

That person lying in front of him seemed to change and overlap. Her appearance transformed and she became the 19 year old Cha Luo who still carried an air of naivety around her. She had a bad temper and always liked to frown. He reached out, wanting to embrace her, but in the end, he could only spit out a mouthful of blood which slowly covered Liu Guang’s body….


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