The Legends ep 48-50

Synopsis: A drama adapted from the popular novel by 九鹭非香. After Lu Zhao Yao saves Li Chen Lan, the demon king’s son from the so-called “good” sect of the pugilist world, she sets up her own sect, the Wanlu sect, one that leans towards unconventional sorcery and devilry. Yet when she attempts to retrieve her predecessor’s Wanjun sword, she is ambushed by the 10 immortal sects and dies.

She mistakenly believes that Li Chen Lan, who is her most loyal subject is related to this, especially after he takes her position as sect leader 5 years later and decides to exact revenge. However she is now a spirit, possessing the body of disciple Qin Zhi Yan of the immortal sect and with the help of this new body, she becomes the direct disciple of Mo Qin or Li Chen Lan, her purpose being to kill him. But things don’t go as planned and she falls in love with him instead….


Ep 48

Ep 49

Ep 50


<Ep47  Ep 51>


  1. hello first of all, please don’t post my comment on your site.

    I want to translate ((about is love)) in Persian.

    I know that possibly You wont pass me your English translated files.
    cause you worked on it so much.

    but that’ll be great if you do. i wont publish your work i promise.

    and i still can translate without your subs, but with them it’ll be a lot easier.

    pls contact me


  2. Thank you very much and keep subbing!
    Waiting more dramas after Legends, please think about subbing investiture of the gods 2019 and Snow listening tower dramas. They are the best after the legends.


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