[Eng Sub] The Legends Ep 55-56 (The end)

Synopsis: A drama adapted from the popular novel by 九鹭非香. After Lu Zhao Yao saves Li Chen Lan, the demon king’s son from the so-called “good” sect of the pugilist world, she sets up her own sect, the Wanlu sect, one that leans towards unconventional sorcery and devilry. Yet when she attempts to retrieve her predecessor’s Wanjun sword, she is ambushed by the 10 immortal sects and dies.

She mistakenly believes that Li Chen Lan, who is her most loyal subject is related to this, especially after he takes her position as sect leader 5 years later and decides to exact revenge. However she is now a spirit, possessing the body of disciple Qin Zhi Yan of the immortal sect and with the help of this new body, she becomes the direct disciple of Mo Qin or Li Chen Lan, her purpose being to kill him. But things don’t go as planned and she falls in love with him instead….


Ep 55



Ep 56




<Ep 54


  1. Thanks for subbing this series :D.
    I was wondering would you be willing to upload the subtitle files for the drama? I want to watch the series using the 4K copy that I have.


  2. Thank you for this drama and your great work in subbing it! Please Sub Princess silver and investiture of gods. Thank you.


  3. Listening snow tower has been subbed in youtube until 8 episodes
    They named the file as snow tower.
    Did any one know whether the great craftsman has been subbed? Tq

    Dear productive procrastination team, thank you for your hardwork for legends.
    Waiting for your new projects 😁


  4. can you pick up series named Listening Snow Tower i watched on youtube its not being subbed by no one and i think its quite good you should like them its similar to the legends? male lead is master of snow tower while heroine is demon king daughter roles reversed xD


  5. Congratulations on finishing another drama project and for working so hard! I can finally binge watch this =D


  6. Thank you so much for subbing this – and not making us wait for the final episodes. 😉 Really astonishingly fast.


  7. congrats on finishing subbing this drama. you are the best. cant thank you enough for the time you put into subbing this long drama.


    1. Finally! Congrates on finishing subbing this awesome drama. Please Sub investiture of the gods 2019 or with the name of The gods 2019 and Listening snow tower.


          1. Listening snow tower has been subbed in youtube until 8 episodes
            They name the file as snow tower.
            Did any one know whether the great craftsman has been subbed? Tq


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