Bloody Romance Chapter 29 (Snake vine pt 1)

After the first prelude had ended, almost everyone felt disappointed. The entire room was filled with the musk incense and time flickered by second by second. Just when everyone thought that Wan Mei would lose, Feng Zhu who was still sat down had turned his head to the side.
Wan Mei was wearing a pale green organza with a cloud pattern, revealing a long neck and her collarbone. She did not wear a du dou (vest) underneath the organza, her pale pink nipples were faintly revealed underneath her organza, that green organza seems to have concealed her body like a faint smog.

The melody continued to be played. Feng Zhu’s attention started to drift away. Before his eyes he could see a stream of water bubbling in front of him, and a nightly fog seemed to appear in front of him, covering the girls who bathed in the stream in front of him.
That’s right Feng Zhu’s home was located in Jiang Nan. That place where there was a bridge in every ten steps, even the women there are more beautiful, they like to swim in the summer night and washed themselves clean from head to toe.
The first time he ran over to peep on them, Feng Zhu was only 10 years of age. He did not understand yet. He only sneaked out from home in the middle of the night because he boasted to his elder brother that he knew what a naked girl’s body was like in appearance.
But it was in the middle of the night, and the river was long emptied of people. He knelt behind the willow tree for a while and was just about to leave disappointed he saw two girls arriving at the stream hand in hand, their thin ankles produced little waves in the water as they helped each other to unrobe; it was the first time Feng Zhu had seen a female body.

Their faces had blurred over time but he could still remember clearly that there was a black mole on the breast of one of them and when she entered the water, a droplet of water attached itself on that mole which brushed against the other girl’s chest.

The two pairs of soft mounds leaned and rubbed against each other in this way. That girl with the black mole had a seductive smile, her right hand reached into the private area of the other girl and played with her until her friend softened into pleasure.

The play between the two girls continued and the young Feng Zhu begun to feel a foreign heat spread across his body. He felt thirst and pleasure, all for no apparent reason at all. It was a feeling that he would never forget for the rest of his life.

Finally a hot liquid flowed out from his body and that scene would forever be engraved in his memory. The girl with the black mole pushed the other girl’s head under the water, a bright light of pleasure emitted from her eyes until the other girl no longer thrashed under the water.
Before the young Feng Zhu realized what had occurred, that girl with the black mole had already climbed ashore. Now the mole hung above his head, her right hand reached into his pants, brushed a droplet of the hot liquid inside them and gently delivered it to her mouth.
“Little brother, congratulations for tasting the most delicious taste in the world.”
The girl let out a gentle laugh, her scarlet lips pressed against the side of his cheek before pulling away.
Although her lips did not remain for long on him but it would forever be etched onto his heart.
Wan Mei used a quite good tactic, music could reach to the heart. And what would stay with a man for the longest time were not those sultry, sensous seductive beauties in the world but his first erection.
Blood flowed uncontrollably down, just like back then and the male member that was just injured was now just an inch away from the bell.
The incense had burnt less than a third way through. Wan Mei was a step away from success.
But at the crucial moment, Feng Zhu controlled himself. He felt his heartbeat freeze and actually managed to keep the last shred of control of his mind.
The black mole, that’s right, it was the black mole who taught him about procreation.
But Liu Guang also had a similar black mole on her breast. Right on the tip of her breast, as big as a pea.
Liu Guang was an upright person. He had suffered in her hands before but she had also protected her quite a few times also.
It all came to the same dilemma, loyalty and his prospects. Which one should he choose?
His male member remained stuck in the same position, the incense stick slowly disintegrated into ash and an almost indistinguishable smile begun to creep onto Cha Luo’s face.
At that moment a shadow appeared by the doorway. It was Xiao San. Bruises covered his entire lower eye but the look in his eyes was penetrating.
“When I gain power, I will definitely give you a good position.” From Xiao San’s eyes , Feng Zhu saw the promise he made from that day. It was unmistakable in clarity.
The bell rang again. This time it rang even more sharply. And the room was filled with the smell of burning flesh once more.
Feng Zhu had already made his decision so Cha Luo could only snuff out the incense.
The two musk incense sticks were same in height; there was no victor.
However Cha Luo still clapped, “Look what should we do? The two Heavenly Slayers were tied evenly. Should we add a martial arts round….”
“I was the one who lost.” A clear voice rang out clearly. It was Yue Ying and already she had packed up her red parasol. “I competed first. Feng Zhu had already suffered so I lost. If I lost then I lost.”
After the words left her mouth, she turned and left, not giving anyone a single chance to change their mind.
Those who were alone were often simple in character. And were hence more easier to control. That was why Cha Luo preferred Yue Ying more.
But as it had come to this, she could only give up that idea and slowly made her way towards Wan Mei and with a smile, she picked up Wan Mei’s hand.
“Congratulations younger sister for becoming the Absolute Slayer.” As usual it was hard to distinguish if that smile was full of kindness or maliciousness. “Sister, go and tidy your things and prepare this courtyard for a new owner.”
As instructed, Wan Mei returned to her courtyard. The courtyard of the Absolute Slayer returned to its usual peace and quiet. Only Xiao San remained in the original room, said he wished to remain to make some preparations.
A grey shadow drifted outside the window. It was Xing Feng who had his arms wrapped around himself.
“Why do you not leave?” Xing Feng inquired curiously as he observed Xiao San’s face. As usual it was hard to detect if the look in his eyes were of kindness or malicious intent.
Xiao San did not reply, only stood there allowing a light breeze to lift the corners of the robe.
“Why don’t I answer for you?” Xing Feng asked, he blinked his eyes once. “You do not have the strength to take a step forward. The Heart Devouring Gu is devouring your heart. If you continue to be push yourself to the limit like this, I fear you will not have many days left to live.”
Xiao San humphed coldly in reply and tried to make a step forward. However that step was a little weak.
“You do not plan to tell your Mistress about the Heart Devouring Gu?”
Xing Feng who was behind him asked. “You really are doing this solely for her. You are quite loyal and honorable to her.”
Xiao San halted his steps and then slowly made his way back to Xing Feng with his head lowered.
“Are you going to keep your word about the promise we made before?” he asked in a very low voice, “If I do not disappoint her then do not let me off. As long as you let her go, and give her….”
“Give her what?” Xing Feng pressed as his smile faded.
“Freedom.” Xiao San lifted his head, and released a sigh towards the sky. “Give her freedom, if you can do it.”
A new courtyard, new attendants, a new title. Everything seemed to be under control. Wan Mei stretched and turned her head towards Xiao San. “Guess what my next mission is.”
“The other Heavenly Slayer team went to murder the entire Celestial Sword mountain villa and frame the Blood Lotus Sect with the murder.” Xiao San lowered his head. “The villa was completely wiped out, it’s a shame that Wan Xiang was unable to return in time. My guess is our next mission is to remove the blood lotus sect from the roots.”
“I think so too.” Wan Mei said as she relaxed her muscles. “Why don’t you go to the Ghost eyes and search through information about the blood lotus sect. Especially the sacrificial offering that occurred 25 years ago.”
Whether it was wiping out an entire sect and then framing it on another sect; everything went according to plan. Wan Xiang even purposefully injured herself so all that was required was for someone to interrogate her.
But it was at this crucial point when everything went astray. The news they received was that the great hero from Jiang Nan had captured Wan Xiang and handed her over to the new Leader of the pugilist world to interrogate. Except he did not ask a single question and only put her in prison.
It was a cell with no window and completely dark. There was no light and no sound. It was an absolute void. She did not know how long she was in there for only that in the end even Wan Xiang who had experienced many things almost lost her mind.
But just as she felt that she was about to go mad the door in the corner opened. It was the Jiang Nan hero who had an eagle nose and with him were two tall men.
Wan Xiang hurriedly sat up and announced in a loud voice, “As I have fallen into your hands, whether you wish to kill or tear me to pieces I am at your mercy. Do not think you can ask a single word from me.”
The hero from Jiang Nan came to a stop in front of her, playing with the wooden stick in his hands. “I know it will not be easy to pry open your mouth. That was why I let you calm down here for three days.”
“Do you know what this is?” Before Wan Xiang could answer, he answered his own question, and a wooden pattern on the long stick, “This is the Fu Hu Luo Han stick is used by the Shaolin monks, and is used to subdue demons.”
Wan Xiang let out a cold laugh. “So you wish to subdue me using that? What do you want to do? Break my rib first or smash my head in?”
“I’m going to let it serve you. So that you will feel pleasure.” The hero of Jiang Nan spoke in a  courteous tone. Soon after he moved back, ordered his men to lift her body up and spread open her legs.
The Luo Han stick pressed against Wan Xiang’s private area in a decorous way. After some teasing, when her pink nether lips were soaked, did the stick slowly push into her body.
Immediately Wan Xiang’s breathing grew heavy but she still did not forget to humph coldly, “So this is how the proper Sects behave? Do you think….”
“So what about my behaviour?” The hero retorted, narrowing his eyes. “I did not hit you nor did I rape you. I am only serving you. Do you not find it pleasurable?”
Panting, Wan Xiang finally felt herself a climax swamp her but before she can let out a cry, the Luo Han stick was pushed deep inside her body.
Blood poured out from her lower body. Wan Xiang felt her entire body emptying; that Luo Han stick and moved to the mouth of her channel and gently moved in and out of the entrance of her hole, causing another climax.
“Of course you do not need to say anything.” The person who held the stick was still indifferent. “Imagine in what state this stick will be in when it comes out of your mouth. You will become the meat on a satay.”
Her climax hit her uncontrollably. 3 days of silence was enough to drive a person insane already Wan Xiang had finally found her chance.
“I’ll tell you!” At the moment pleasure hit her like lightening she yelled, “Ask whatever you wish! I will tell you everything.”
“The Gate of Ghosts is a denomination of the Blood Lotus Religion? And they do all the shady business that the Blood Lotus Religion is unwilling to do?” The new leader of the pugilist world, Qiu Tie said through gritted teeth as he played with his three metal hammers. “I think so too. They use Gu poison and commit such lewd acts. The Gate of the Ghosts behave exactly like the Blood Lotus religion! Hero Li you have suffered so much. It must have not been easy to pry open her mouth.”
“I only used reason to make her understand and emotion to evoke her conscience.” That Jiang Nan hero bowed his head, “It was all because of the toleration Fang Ge showed them that allowed the Blood Lotus sect to be so bold!” Qiu Tie shouted, slamming his fist against the table. “And now I, Qiu Tie will seek justice for the pugilist world!”
His hot temper was exactly like Huang Zheng Yi. He was the leader the pugilist world meticulously picked, who was exactly the opposite to the traitor Fang Ge and was the “embodiment of justice”.
Beside him, someone could not help but voice their opposition.
“Deciding on the crimes of the Blood Lotus sect just from a persons words, is a little….”
“The Blood Lotus sect, a cult of sorcery that used Gu poison to cover the blood pool. Think, could there possibly be anyone good in there? Do they not all deserve death?”
With a sweep, Qiu Tie’s metal hammer produced 3 deep holes on the table. “As I have became the chief of the pugilist world then I will definitely uphold justice and lead everyone to rid the world of this sorcery!”

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  1. Please continue if you can! I’ve really enjoyed reading your translations, they’re so different from the drama but they make me appreciate the story even more. Well done on your hard work so far and hope all is well with you! Wishing you all the best.


  2. Thank you for the beautiful translation. Is this the end of what you have or is there any after that? I started reading yours hoping to understand the characters I saw in the drama, but so far I seem to have found only some in common. Hope to read more.


  3. These novel is just awesome… just wondering if you are still going to translate it… thank you very much for your good work


  4. Hi! I am from Indonesia, i have read your English version of “Bloody Romance” that you have translated and i am very excited to translate it into Bahasa. Can I ask your permission to translate your version into Indonesian/Bahasa and upload it to my Wattpad account? I’ll be course put you on the credit so that people will be interested to read your work and your another works.
    Thank you. I would be waiting for your reply soon.


    1. Hi Im from Indonesia, thank you for the hard work. I’m still waiting for the next chapter. Really anxious to know how the story end according to the novel.
      I’ve watched the drama, it kind of end tragically. I’ve cried for 40 something episode, and I really need a happy ending.
      Tuank you


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