[Eng Sub] Young Blood ep 30 & 31

Translator notes:

  1. Heqing: Arranged marriage alliance between two states/kingdoms out of a policy. Because it did not often work in the long term, it gained a lot of critics but the practice continued even in the Qing/last dynasty of China. The argument for it initially was that because both parties were now either equal in diplomatic status or it was a show of sincerity to the other party therefore the two participating countries should not wage war and it would be easier to hold talks between the two countries. China was not the only country who practised this, Mongolia, Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia have had a history of this too.
  2. Adding feet to a painting of a snake: This is a saying that means overdoing something that makes it lose it’s original form/shape. For example, if you draw feet to a painting of a snake then it’s no longer a snake but a lizard.


During the Qingli Era, troubling affairs brew underneath the prosperity and stability of the Northern Song Dynasty. Separatist regimes are secretly operating in the capital city of Dongjing, spying on the secret affairs of the Song Military. To avoid war and protect the peace between its people, the Northern Song uses the “Mi Ge” (Secret Cabinet) to train young spies. For a variety of reasons and whether willing or unwilling, these six become the Seventh Room of Mi Ge after strict selection and examination: cunning and intelligent Yuan Zhong Xin; beautiful and resourceful Zhao Jian; Xiao Jing, who can’t even kill a fly; never-lying Wang Kuan; antisocial Xue Ying; an admirer of beautiful women, Wei Ya Nei.
Upon first entering the school, each acts out of their own self-interest, making a mess of their surroundings and causing headaches for their teachers. After going through a series of life-and-death missions, the previously ignorant boys and girls gradually mature and form bonds with one another, devoting their determination and loyalty to defending the peace. Burying their names, they become unknown legends within the river of history.
(Source: translated from Baidu)

Ep 30

Ep 31


    1. Hi Christine I am very sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing. I am having issues with dailymotion right now but I will be reuploading them as soon as I can over the next few days. Thank you for your patience.


  1. i can’t believe it! the work you’re doing is truly incredible! i refresh the page pretty frequently just in case, but wow! and the story’s really ramping up now too! i’m so excited! thank you, thank you, thank you! i just can’t say it enough!


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