[Eng Sub] Chef Hua Ep 3

Synopsis: A novel adapted drama about food and romance follows Hua Xiao Mai as she falls in love with a mercenary for hire. Through her passion for the culinary arts, Hua Xiao Mai starts small and slowly makes her way up in the food business. After being saved by Meng Yu Huai, who heads a mercenary agency, in the hills behind the Huodao village where she has just moved in to stay with her elder sister. Hua Xiao Mai falls in love. She does her best to attract his attention but he just doesn’t get her feelings. But as Xiao Mai shows her intelligence, her culinary skills and her boldness in professing her love for him, he slowly realizes he will not be able to escape from her. But success in love is not her only ambition, her goal in life was to show the world that any edible food can be delicious if made properly. From a small food stall to a famous restaurant in the city, she slowly builds her way up, improving her skill in the process before finally realizing that the best part of life is simply a simple delicious meal with the ones you love.

Translator notes:

  1. Welcoming spring banquet: In other words a feast held during the 15 days of celebration of the Chinese New year also known as the Spring Festival which is why often after Chinese new year, the weather would start to warm up in the northern hemisphere or get colder in places like Australia.
  2. The supreme soup/ Yi Ping Guo: This is a soup that is kind of like a hotpot and is popular in the mountainous areas of in the Huizhou district where it was eaten in the winter. There are different types of versions with it, some with seafood, some with meat some with a mixture of both and vegetables. Legend has it that it shot to fame during the Ming dynasty when the Emperor visited the home of the Chief of the Ministry of finance Bi Qiang, his wife cooked this dish for the Emperor and named it the supreme soup.
  3. Egg standing races: This is an activity traditionally done during Chinese New Year. There are different about how it came along. First, in the past, they believed that eggs were more likely to stand in the coming of Spring. Secondly it was believed if you could make your egg stand you will likely to prosper in the coming year. And finally  this game was a way to remind everyone to keep calm and peaceful mind at a busy time.



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