[Eng] Chef Hua Ep 4

Synopsis: A novel adapted drama about food and romance follows Hua Xiao Mai as she falls in love with a mercenary for hire. Through her passion for the culinary arts, Hua Xiao Mai starts small and slowly makes her way up in the food business. After being saved by Meng Yu Huai, who heads a mercenary agency, in the hills behind the Huodao village where she has just moved in to stay with her elder sister. Hua Xiao Mai falls in love. She does her best to attract his attention but he just doesn’t get her feelings. But as Xiao Mai shows her intelligence, her culinary skills and her boldness in professing her love for him, he slowly realizes he will not be able to escape from her. But success in love is not her only ambition, her goal in life was to show the world that any edible food can be delicious if made properly. From a small food stall to a famous restaurant in the city, she slowly builds her way up, improving her skill in the process before finally realizing that the best part of life is simply a simple delicious meal with the ones you love.

NB: A sweet drama where there’s no real conflict, no real antagonists and just watch the female lead make a smooth transition from rags to riches

Translator notes:

1) Fried pork pastry in the shape of Buddha’s hand: This is a savory fried pastry made in the shape of the fruit Buddha’s hand stuffed with minced pork



  1. Haha I loved seeing everyone fight over her food. It was so funny.

    Sigh, I knew Rong was sketch. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt a couple episodes ago. I was really hoping she was genuine. But luckily Xiao Mai is no idiot!

    I love her sister. Get ’em, girls!!


  2. I am so into this series. I liked both the female lead and the male lead from the start which is unusual for me. So nice to see a girl take some initiative and have goals in life. Also, the male lead is quiet but charming and kind. Their interactions make my heart melt. Thank you so much for subbing!


  3. WOW I love this series so much!! can’t wait for the rest of the episodes to get subbed, I’m hooked lol. Subbers thank you so much for your hard and detailed work it is very much appreciated!!


  4. Absolutely loved this episode and rewatched it about ten times already. Thank you so much for r the time and effort you put into providing us with English subs. I can’t tell you how greatly it is appreciated especially in today’s world!🤗😍 Looking forward to the next episode!❤️


  5. Perfect timing, sitting here lamenting what to watch and this popped up in my email! Yea, and thanks so much…. sending you virtual take out, toilet paper and hugs!


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