[Eng Sub] Miss Truth Ep 19

Synopsis: Set in the Tang Dynasty, Ran Yu is a noblewoman who becomes interested in forensic science after her Mother’s mysterious suicide and begins to solve murder cases. She meets a judicial official and an assassin by chance and finds true love through the course of searching for the truth.

Translator Notes:

  1. Clan sister: I used cousin and sister in the scene where we are first introduced to Ran Yun Sheng (paternal cousin of Ran Yan) as in chinese culture the term for cousin is simply sister with a prefix that is dependent on whether it’s the paternal or maternal side. What I meant by clan sister is simply that they are from the same clan (so share a surname) and can mean sister or cousin.
  2. Story of the foreign female dancer: The foreign spiral dance was a very popular dance during the Tang dynasty and was a dance that originated from the countries to the west of China. Countries such as the Kangju kingdom, Tashkent kingdom (now part of Uzbekistan) had all sent female dancers skilled in this dance to China as a gift. Another famous person skilled in this dance was Imperial noble consort Yang the beloved consort of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang. The story of the foreign female dancer was actually a poem by the famous Tang poet Li Bai (although he comes a few centuries after the time this drama is set)
  3. Different types of writing: There are actually many different types of writing in chinese history which have been lost as time passes. There were seven main types which slowly progressed to become the modern day kind of chinese characters you see today however people have different writing habits and after printing and seals were invented there was even more variety as there are freedom limits to printing blocks compared to the brush.


Also if you don’t know I have a youtube channel where I translate the songs of the drama projects I’ve done or contributed to so if you want to check the playlist out here it is (I just have one more song to translate and will update it once the song appears in the episode):

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  1. HI! I’m rewatching Miss Truth but there is a problem with the “Video” link. Thank you for all your hard work! We really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!


  2. Thank you! I really like the swift progress in this drama. I think other dramas would have dragged out the mystery of Ran Yu’s mother and Ran Yu finding out the truth about Su Fu until the second to last episode. I’m glad they have wrapped those subplots up and have transitioned to a new subplot and location and a new stage of Ran Yu and Xiao Song’s relationship.

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  3. Thanks again for your time and work creating the subtitles. I’m really enjoying Our Heroine’s journey toward the truth. When you are all done with this show – I’d love to hear which episode is PP’s favorite!


  4. Okay, here is the third time I’m attempting to comment. (Which is really a bummer since I wrote paragraphs upon paragraphs.) Well, third time’s the charm, right? *crosses fingers*


    I have a question about Ran Yan’s marriage to Xiao Song. Are they actually married? Because there wasn’t ever a hubbub over a marriage ceremony, but obviously Chinese marriages are different than western ones. However, the drama never showed the bridal processional which was part of the wedding process, right? So are they actually married or are they not? I mean, they must be since he gave her the divorce papers.

    I think I am confused because they didn’t act like a married couple (perhaps due to Xiao Song’s consideration towards Ran Yan?) and there was never a specific event that I could tie to it and say, “Okay, they’re married.”

    Also, it was confusing since when Ran Yan was giving medicine to Xiao Song using mouth to mouth technique and everyone seemed horrified. Yet, if they were indeed married, wouldn’t it be okay? Or is it just because it was PDA that it was so shocking?

    I thank you very much for all of your subbing! You are the real MVP. I finished episode 19 and now I don’t know what to do with my life. So I made earrings in the style of Ran Yan (episode 1).

    Thank you for your hard work and extensive knowledge. It is very much appreciated!


    1. Hi I am very sorry about earlier for being unable to post this. I would first like to gently remind everyone to keep their online presence in forums and websites from their actual lives as separate as possible (that includes photos of themselves, the name they use on social media, their full name, their birthdays etc) although I try to stop any fishy business going on however I do not have complete control over who visits my website unless they break some of my rules allowing me to identify them. The reason why I am saying this is because I have read in the news about people having imposters catfish with their photos and information they’ve found on their social media. Of course I pray that there are no such people visiting my site but one never knows and I always think it’s better to be cautious the sorry.
      Okay enough of that grim stuff.
      For your first question my answer is yes. That’s because XS has gone over to “ask” for Ran Yan as hand of marriage and left the betrothal /wedding gift to her Father and this is one of the key processes of getting married. This kind of topic comes up again so I will explain in more detail in my translator notes in the episode it comes up in. The reason why I think there was no real ceremony at least it wasn’t shown was because RY had gone mad. Often if one party was ill or unfit to attend the marriage ceremony they would probably have someone or an animal to step in in their stead (like a cockereal for example). Also XS’s family were not around and it was all very rushed so I presume he kept it quite low key so you just hear about them getting married and see them dressed up in red. Also keep in mind the budget for this drama was quite low so there are at least three or four marriage ceremonies that happen throughout the drama so they probably didn’t have enough money to show grand weddings.
      As for why they were shocked, when RY fed XS the medicine mouth to mouth was first because PDA was a no no unless it happens in a brothel or entertainment venue. Also I am pretty sure most of the people in that room believed that this marriage happened to convenience both parties instead of one of love so that was why they were shocked.
      Oh you’re very talented! I could never do anything like that.

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      1. Oh okay, thank you so much for clarifying!

        Ahhh, I absolutely love Xiao Fish and Ran Yan. ❤ ❤ ❤ It's heartwarming when he confesses his feelings for her when he thinks she's not listening(or in this case, he thinks she's mad). I think it also really rounded out his character when they gave him two previous wives who have mysteriously died. Hmm…I wonder what happened. Can't wait to find out!

        Thank you again for your hours invested in this! It seems like you work around the clock haha. I wish I were bilingual so I could also translate, but alas, I am not so talented.

        Also, thank you for the warning! I have updated my profile to keep it a little more private.


  5. a very good relief in this pandemic-time….your subs has enlightened me some of the chinese culture…tysm…👍👍….please do upload more…if possible…i find myself frequently checking your site…😊


  6. I thank you again and again. The added notes just brings so much meat to the drama which is excellent in itself. The idioms and details you bring have made this such an enriching experience My stay at home order is painless watching these dramas. Thanks.


  7. Thank you for your hard work. I really like your NOTES. It gives insight to the story and chinese culture which we all so appreciate. 🙂


  8. Thank you so much.. always love your posts.. thank you for taking the time to explain in details in your translator notes 😗😗😗


  9. Thank you for subbing so fast. I’ve been waiting patiently for episodes 13+ to be sub for like 2 weeks. 😭 didn’t think it’ll happen. But I’m so happy thank you!!!

    I just finished episode 19 last night and it was so good!! 😭


  10. The old snake woman die and there is young snake who blame and will try to harm ranyan ckckc how shameless. That madam gao die easily ..

    Than is su fu die or still alive??

    Ah ah cant wait fr the next ep.

    Tysm fr your quick translation fr this drama


  11. Thank you so much subbing this episode so fast, I watched the raw episode and couldnt wait to hear the words spoken when the 2nd Madame was revealed as the killer. I just don’t understand why her Father is so stupid and prejudiced against her after learning his Wife is an evil assassin.


  12. The speed at which you’re completing the subbing is amazing. I take my hat off to you.

    It really does beg the question as to how deeply RY was in love with SF when she can walk away so easily from it. There’s no doubt she’s a tough nut but still. Nonetheless someone has to ask the question.

    One also wonders what SF could have been thinking in his determination to hang on to RY. In the long run how was he going to keep up with the duality of his existence? Did he never consider the danger he was posing to her? Or perhaps for one brief moment he really believed he could have his happily-ever-after even while he was tethered to the Huo Qi Sect. Why doesn’t he explain himself? Well, there is nothing to explain because what the HQ minions said was true even if not everything was a lie. But more than that, what kind of life would she have with him? It’s not just a wake-up call for her but for him. He too was living an illusion of a future that could not be.

    This is IMO one of Xiao Song’s shining moments. He really didn’t lose her because the foundation of their relationship is built on something more substantial… something akin to camaraderie. I really love that scene at the jetty where there’s banter but no bickering. And then he sets her free to be where she wants to be, like he always does and gives her the choice of coming or going. When he’s genuinely serious with her… there is a lovely boyishly tender side that emerges. He drops the court official facade and he’s just a man eager to connect with the woman he loves. You have to give credit to the voice actor too for how he delivers those moments.

    With them it seems the show is embarking on a different journey comrade-in-arms quite possibly becoming lovers. It’s an interesting twist on the contract marriage trope.

    Even though I never actively rooted for SF to be with RY, I always believed that he was a necessary part of her development as a dealer in Truth. He was an important part of her trajectory even if they could never be together as lovers. But he made his choices a long time ago… way before he met RY and apparently there’s no going back from that. I think she knew it too in an instant that the kind of life he leads is shrouded in too much deception for her liking. She believed she had chosen him freely. I don’t doubt too that she felt used by him particularly in relation to XS’s feelings for her.

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  13. Woaahh another episode to savour on my first day out of quarantine.
    Plot is now moving into a different direction with one story arc coming to an end.

    This episode was excellent in plot momentum but it could have done without the fake exotic market scenes that look very cheesy, low budget and out of context.

    * … spolier … *
    Still rooting for Su Fu – Ran Yu’s change of heart was a bit un-believable, it is not that she did not know he was an assassin working for a clandestine organisation, and to just take the word of an impromptu drop-bye assassin that blabbers 3 words and instantly discarding all the memories and events of a guy that has been next to her for months … a bit of a stretch of (il)logical story line in my books. But since karma is always popular in C-dramas I suspect that Su Fu will be on a tragic redemption route for the remaining episodes.
    *.. end spoiler …*

    I can not thank you enough for providing us with subs for this delightful drama, wish I could show you my appreciation in more substantial ways than just a few lines of words.

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  14. What a wonderful surprise today to see another Subb. Thank you so much. This is a wonderful episode with almost 3 parts to it.
    The resolution of Fox ‘s mother story. Showcasing how FISH gets his legendary title of “ghost bringing sorrows” to all bad men. He thinks 3-4 steps ahead of everyone, even his Fox. Anyone catch Fox step-mom reference to the Green Jade Fox, saying its Ran Yan most treasured property? Bless…
    The revelation of SF motive, errrgh …kind of making me mad at his ‘poor me’ (I’m sick) performance. Sick one moment and then able to kill 10 assassins the next. Walk away Fox…walk away!
    Pt 3 Everyone moving to Chan-an. Here you see FISH letting Fox, go and shes coming back for him. Yes its kinda hard once you are addicted….its like opium…ehem.. ( referencing one of their first case)

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    1. Appreciate your hard work & efforts in translating this drama. Loved all the crime mystery drama type. Can’t thank u enough… All the best


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