[Eng] Enormous Legendary Fish Movie

Every century, the fishing district of Qiyu would offer a young mortal maiden as a bride to the God of Sea Hai Ruo. Ah-Li, a normal girl who was about to be betrothed to the Governor of Qiyu was chosen as the bride. Threatened by the people, her fiance gives her up and she is placed onto the wedding boat which takes her to a mysterious island. On the night of the wedding, Ah-Li is rescued by the ugly Yan, the master of the island and her husband.
Afraid and helpless, she befriends the mysterious Hai Dayu, a fish who can transform into a man. As time passes, the two fall in love however Yan soon found out about the affair and imprisons Ah-Li. Soon, Ah-Li discovers the conspiracy behind her marriage to the sea god.
  1. Qiyu: Rough literal translation is “Strange Fish”
  2. Pure Land Rebirth Mantra: it’s usually chanted in funerals to assist the dead into reincarnation but can also be recited by the living in order to clear some of the bad karma they may have sowed in this lifetime to benefit the reciter.
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Pt 2

Full insert song:


  1. I found the header distracting and it covered a lot of the scenes and makes it hard to enjoy the movie. I would pay to have better quality subs where there’s no header and the other subs are removed.


  2. Thank you so much for subbing this! I have noticed that people have been stealing your videos but as soon as I realise that it is your subs I come straight to your website to watch the video instead ❤️


  3. OMGGGGGGGG!!!!I can’t believe there are English Subs to this movie!! I have been crying for subs since the moment I watched it. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! You have no idea how much this means to me *ugly sobbing* Thank you PP for all your hard work and dedication to bringing eng subs to many c-dramas/movies. We love and really appreciate you *BIG ARM LENGTH HUGS* Happy New Year!!


  4. Thank you for subbing this enjoyable movie right before new year or on new Year. Happy New year 2021~ Thank you for all your hard work


  5. Pleasee can you sub chinese drama “Please give me a pair of wings”? It was 2019 drama but no one sub this drama yet.. It was very interesting drama.


  6. Thank you very much for this surprise! It’s a nice movie, make-up not too ridiculous, classic beauty-beast-secrets-abound-plot but with solid acting for the genre.
    I had a good time. Have a good weekend!


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