Bloody Romance Chapter 31 Snake vine part 3

Gong Zhi fell to the ground with a thud whilst Su Qing Ya staggered a few steps back. The snake vine fought to return to his body, only leaving an bloody eddy on his back. Although the wound on his forehead had magically healed but Su Qing Ya struggled to hide his pain he could only allow that snake vine dance on his cheek before finally climbing to the corner of his eye.

Right at this moment, Wan Mei who was in the corner tore off all her clothes, screwed them into a ball, lit a corner of it with a fire stone and with a “humph” it exploded into flames. Suddenly a heat that was never felt before in the basement began to warm up the entire room. And the snake vine, under the encouragement of the warmth, finally peered out from the side of Su Qing Ya’s temple and sprouted into a leaf.

Immediately, Su Qing Ya buckled down and spat out a mouthful of dark violet blood. Almost with a sweep of his sleeve, a gale of wind rushed out, extinguishing the light, whilst he lifted Wan Mei up with a single hand, pushing her up against the wall behind her.

His left hand constricted tighter and tighter around her neck; Wan Mei felt her breathing become more and more difficult. Her chest heaved up and down, her naked breasts brushing against Su Qing Ya as she did so. Finally, he let go.

Heat kept churning within his body, Su Qing Ya bent forward, his voice now a little hoarse. “I am warning you about the consequences of doing this. Not only me, the snake vine within me has not touched a woman for over 25 years.”

Wan Mei felt a light flash before her eyes. In a flash, she opened her arms up and pulled Su Qing Ya into her embrace. Both of their bodies were burning, burning with desire, even more hotter than fire. The snake vine seemed to be possessed by something, trying to burst out from the back of Su Qing Ya’s right hand. Two cold vines intertwined themselves around Wan Yan’s chest and then wormed itself down, one in front and one around the back into her two holes.

The rubbing, the twisting, was exactly like the movements of a normal man but they were two snakes, two snake vines, cold snake vines. Fear emanated from every pore in her body. But she bit her lip and tightened her limbs around Su Qing Ya and could clearly feel that his manhood was already aroused, piercing her her belly button.

“Twenty-five years ago, before Lan He was offered up as a sacrifice, did you embrace her like this, embrace your woman for the final time?” she whispered against Su Qing Ya, each word was like a rivet of lava, burning it’s way through Su Qing Ya’s defences.

That’s right, 25 years ago on the night before the Left Protectorate of the Blood lotus religious sect, Lan He was sacrificed, he embraced her in the same way. The two of them spent the night interlocked in passion, churning up wind, churning up rain and churning around like a pair of snakes*. They had never felt so much pleasure before. Lan He who knew nothing about this felt that she was the happiest woman alive. When they reached the pinnacle of pleasure, as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, he remembered that she asked, “We will always be together forever, right? You will always treat me as well as this right?”


Su Qing Ya did not hesitate at all when he answered and said in a cold voice beside her ear, “If I betray you, you shall become a snake vine and inhabit my body, intertwine yourself with me, torture me endlessly.” Lan He said nothing, and continued to say nothing when she headed to the altar. The 49 men entered her body one at a time but the only one she looked at was Su Qing Ya, silently like a cold snake.

“The Left Protectorate Lan He, her blood has the most Yin, she is the only suitable candidate to be offered as a sacrifice.” That phrase still continued to ring beside Su Qing Ya’s ears. That was the phrase the elders told him after they settled on the plan. He did not reject the plan and will not regret his decision even now. The stem of the blood lotus had snapped, leading to an epidemic. Offering a sacrifice would save all life, it was such an easy method to save the blood lotus sect. A man must do things for the greater good. Even if he was given a thousand chances to rethink, he would still make the same decision.

But when Lan He sank into the depths of the blood pool, he felt a chill go through him when her dark eyes followed him as they disappeared under the pool. The snake vine, the cold snake vine had actually entered his body in that moment. Not a Gu poison, but hatred and eternal unforgiveness. That was probably why, when that woman planted the snake vine within him 5 years later, he did not feel the coldness at all, perhaps he even looked forward to it.

Turns out there was karma in this world. Curses would come true which meant there was some fairness in this world.

As his memories resurfaced, he smiled, lifted his robe and pushed his manhood into Wan Mei’s body, making contact with that cold vine. “That night I embraced her just like this, embraced her even more tightly than now. I swore to her that if I betrayed her, I would be forever tormented by snake vines, until my death.”

Whilst his fiery hot organ started to pump inside her, the snake vine began to entwine itself with the source of heat, curling itself at the tip. That stimulation finally gave Wan Mei some pleasure in the act. Her nipples became as hard as crystals and her lower body started to move in time with his thrusts.

As if it could detect her pleasure, the snake vine in her asshole seemed to respond with excitement. It sought for somewhere even deeper within her, almost piercing through Wan Mei’s body.

“Then do….you know….who you killed just now?”

Despite trembling between pleasure and pain, Wan Mei did not forget her goal. “Do you know how old he……”

“If I guess correctly, he’s 24 this year,” Su Qing Ya replied without much hesitation. “He’s Su He’s child, and has a 1 in fiftieth chance of being my son. Is that what you want to say?”

He knew, as soon as Gongzhi showed him the firefly Gu that Su He did not die after her ordeal.

Underneath the blood pool was a secret passage that led straight to the sea; that was a secret only he and Su He knew. This meant that Su He did not die and it explained why the members of the Gate of the Ghosts knew how to use the Gu poison that only the members of the Blood Lotus Sect knew how to control; it was because the Gate of Ghosts was founded by Su He. And Su He was Gongzhi’s mother.

“One fiftieth chance.” Su Qing Ya repeated plunging himself deeper within Wan Mei. “It’s such a minute possibility. He had already given up when he decided to kill me, so why can’t I give up?!” Wan Mei lay still as he pumped his desire within her, silently watching the snake vines gradually spread across his face, before small red, scarlet red buds emerged atop his head. Just a little bit more, and they would blossom into snake tongue flowers. Wan Mei closed her eyes, her anxiety only heightened the pleasure of the act, each hair in her body raising with excitement, preparing to welcome the final peak for gratification.

But just before that crucial moment, the crucial moment of death Su Qing Ya came to his senses, withdrawing himself quickly from her, springing away from her like an arrow until he could go no further away from her. His entire back was plastered against the icy jade wall, cooling any lust left in him.

Immediately, the scarlet buds withered, the snake vines reluctantly pulled out from her body, drawing out long lines. The vine that had entered Wan Mei’s anus was covered with blood. Meanwhile on the floor, Gongzhi’s body twitched a little as the seed of the snake vine had fully infiltrated his body. The blood from his chest wound had started to clot forming a strange dark violet patch.

“Your Master is not dead,” Su Qing Ya huffed as he glared at Wan Mei. “The snake vine is a strange and powerful Gu worm. From now on, your master will never die, all his wounds will heal but he will be forever tormented by the snake vine until his death.”

Almost right after that statement, as if to prove his point, Gongzhi started to cough as he pushed himself up to a sitting position. The black sleeves of his robe dancing in preparation, revealing a blue light underneath.

Without giving him any chance, Su Qing Ya struck out at Gongzhi’s chest, cutting open his wound once more, embedding his left palm into his ribcage. “You will thank me for removing your heart now because once the snake vine wraps itself around it, the pain will be ten times as much as what you feel now.”

Gongzhi had no strength left to fight back. The only thing he could do was to wrap his hands even more tightly against his blue awl, gathering up as much inner strength as he could to make the fatal blow.

Blood flowed between the gaps of Su Qing Ya’s fingers as he tightened his hold against Gongzhi’s beating heart helpless as it awaited him to rip it out. But for some strange reason he hesitated. It was only a second of hesitation but that was enough time for the wind to pick up around him. It was the howl from Wan Mei’s Shen Ying. It was a blow that she put everything in but it was only enough to slice through his flesh revealing the bone on his wrist.

“Who is Lan Ruo? Why do you treat him so well?” Wan Mei asked as she raised her whip once more for another strike, not giving Su Qing Ya any chance to respond. Unfortunately Shen Ying was unable to strike it’s prey again, instead, became entrapped in Su Qing Ya’s fist.

“He’s an orphan I found. I brought him up,” he replied, hatred lacing his voice. “But you killed him. He died out of kindness and love.” He released Shen Qing, whipping it back at Wan Mei, hatred fueling the strength of it’s strike and with the combination that Shen Ying was 5000kg anyway, it was enough to launch Wan Mei several metres back.

That was Gongzhi’s chance. The blue awl under Gongzhi’s sleeve finally moved, this time he didn’t hesitate. He thrust the awl deep into Su Qing Ya’s left eye, so deep that the awl barely stuck out from his eye socket. Su Qing Ya on the other hand, kept his left hand clasped around Gongzhi’s heart. His fingers were deeply embedded within Gonzhi’s body and the only thing he needed to do was to squeeze the bumping heart within his hands. Only one squeeze, yet he never made it.

What Wan Mei said kept echoing within his head. Who was Lan Ruo to him? The child he had raised since he was young, the embodiment of his desire to continue his bloodline. His surname was Lan and name was Ruo (“means like”). Why was his surname Lan and who was he supposed to be “like”? The answer to that question had always been buried within his heart. Deep within his subconscious, he desperately yearned for a child, a child who he shared with Lan He.

As soon as the blue awl flew out from his eye, blood gushed out from the socket. Gongzhi had lost all strength to fight by this point. He could only allow Su Qing Ya to grasp his heart, his cheek against Su Qing Ya’s, confirming how alike the two of them were physically.

“But you massacred my Blood Lotus Sect!” Su Qing Ya cried out, his fingers digging half an inch deeper as he tightening a little around Gongzhi’s heart. “You shouldn’t have wiped out the Blood Lotus Sect, wiped out the creed and religion I sacrificed everything for!”

Suddenly the firefly Gus flew into the chamber, right at that crucial moment. Delicately, they danced around the room before gathering around to form a lotus flower and jn a flash, shot silently into Gongzhi’s body.

It was Wan Mei who controlled the firefly Gu, the ever intelligent, considerate Wan Mei.

“That’s right,” Su Qing Ya sighed, giving Gongzhi a nod. “My Blood Lotus Sect had never been wiped out completely. The Gate of Ghosts had inherited the core of my sect. And you had inherited everything I have. You’re merciless, cold-hearted and ambitious. Compared to Lan Ruo you’re a lot more like me, a thousand times more like me.”

Gongzhi let out a cold laugh in reply but did not argue back. Instead he retreated right back to the door and used every last ounce of strength he had left to open the door.

Heat started to drift into the room. The snake tongue flowers started to germinate into scarlet buds at the ends of the snake vines, swaying in the warm wind in top of Su Qing Ya’s head.

Su Qing Ya took a deep breath, before gliding towards Gongzhi like a shadow  and rested his palm against Gongzhi’s chest.

“Don’t move,” he warned him, his cold voice seemed to warm up a little now, like ice beginning to melt. “I will get rid of the snake vine for you. It has not quite taken root within your body. Only I have the ability to remove it in this world.”

“I share no relationship with you Sir. That’s why I have no reason to accept this act of kindness you bestow on me,” Gongzhi replied in an arctic tone. Instead he moved back a few more steps before leaving the room.

As if all the fight within him had wilted, Su Qing Ya dropped his hand, never to raise it again.

Blood poured out, covering his entire face. He gave up resisting and allowed the snake vine to grow, feeding on his emotions. Each vine pierced through his body before wrapping itself tightly around him.

Before long, Sure Qing Ya had disappeared, engulfed by the snake vines. The vines took root on the floor beneath him whilst red gold flowers blossomed brightly where his had used to be, the snake tongue flowers.

Resentment and hatred finally bloomed to produce it’s fruit of outcome. Just before his consciousness succumbed to the end, Su Qing Ya broke out with a smile. He finally understood why he fought for so long, day and night to survive.

It was because he had been waiting for this moment, when Lan He came back to seek her revenge, for her resentment and hatred to finally come back bearing the fruit of its outcome.

The snake tongue carrie bloomed brighter than ever, releasing a strong sickly sweet scent that carried a whiff of tragedy in its wake, filling the room with it.

It turned out that hatred and eternal unforgiveness was packaged into such a scent.

A sickly sweet scent that had a tragic tone, just like love.


After leaving the secret underground chamber, Gongzhi was completely silent on the way back with Wan Mei anxiously trotting behind him awaiting for his orders.

“I did not mean to inquire about your background,” she finally broke the silence. “It was simply due to coincidence that I was able to randomly guess correctly from the information I read and the fact I know your age…..”

“My background had never been a secret.” Gongzhi suddenly turned around. “Out of those 50 men, each of them were equally likely to be my biological father. But so what? I am myself. I don’t need to bring glory to anyone’s bloodline.”

Wan Mei nodded in agreement. ” But every time we’re on a mission, the Ghost eyes follow us, I’m afraid….”she begun hesitantly.

“No Ghost Eyes followed us this time.” Gongzhi raised his sleeve. “Follow me? Cha Luo does not have that courage. You don’t have to worry about that, the only thing you need to worry about is to go to the blood pool and cut down that blood lotus. Then swim to the bottom and drain the blood pool empty.”

The blood pool, it was the second time Wan Mei had been here and the second time she cut down the blood lotus. The blood pool was already starting to feel neglected. Bodies were strewn randomly around the pool. They were the fiercely faithful members of the sect, determined to refill the pool with their blood before they died. Everything seemed to have changed. The only thing that remain unchanged was that table. A blue shadow seemed to hover above it, the shadow of Lan Ruo who was unsure of which move to make in order for You Chan a sore loser to win the Go game.

As if in a trance like state, You Chan smiled blissfully and slowly picked up the white Go piece and sat up on the other side of the table. Beside her, Wan Mei removed her shoes and socks before dipping her feet into the blood pool. The cold sticky feeling on her feet made her stomach crawl and she almost pulled it back out.

“Mistress why are you getting in the pool for? I can go in your stead.” A white figure appeared beside the pool next to her, his face lowered.

Immediately, the effects of the Heart Devouring Gu were triggered. He could feel the blood vessels in his head started to pound in response to the unbearable pain and the only thing he could do was to cough to alleviate the pain a little.

His voice jolted through You Chan’s daydream, waking her up from her thoughts and reminding her of the devastation she felt. She reached over to feel his pulse.

“It’s the Heart Devouring Gu. Just as I thought, Heart Devouring Gu is within you,” she declared after reading his pulse. “The child Gu worm is quite active right now, which means the parent Gu is within your Mistress. As soon as you’re within one foot of your Mistress, the Gu worm will begin to devour your heart.”

Upon hearing this, Wan Mei could not believe her ears. “What did you say? What do you mean he can’t be close to me….” she asked in despair as she stared at You Chan in disbelief.

“You don’t know?” You Chan sighed. “You don’t know that he will bear the pain of his heart being chewed by the Gu worm whenever he is a feet away from you?”

“I don’t know…..”Wan Mei replied as she raised her head to look at Xiao San, trying to find a hinto of his agony within his eyes.

Xiao San lowered his head, unwilling to look at her in the eyes. She didn’t need anymore proof. His actions proved You Chan’s words.

“Then can he be cured of this Gu poison?” Wan Mei pleaded, turning around to grasp You Chan in the shoulders. “As you know about this Gu worm, can you remove it from him?!”


  1. You’ve no idea how happy I was when I saw the post notification in my inbox.
    So glad to see this update! Brilliant work.
    I can never get over how different the novel is to the drama but I enjoy the story all the same.
    Thank you for the update. Wishing you all the best.


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