The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 1 recap

Summary of Part 1: In the Empyrean Heavens, two clans were born from the coming together of Heaven and Earth. The Immortal clan of the Heavens governed the order of the world, whilst the Immortals of Earth were obstinate, wild and would often break the laws. The Immortals of Heaven chose a group of skilled individuals to punish those lawbreakers who were known as the demon masters. And one of the rules was that the Immortals of Heaven was forbidden to fall in love with the Immortals of Earth. This rule was fiercely governed by the demon masters from the Flower Valley.

One day, Princess Shunde, the elder sister of the Emperor of the Heavenly Immortals left a merman and announced that whoever could make him speak their language voluntarily, cut off his tail, give up his inner pearl and never betray Princess Shunde will get a big reward. Ji Yunhe, one of the most skilled demon masters volunteered herself to subdue and train the merman as it was her only chance to escape the torture of the Master of the Flower Valley, Lin Canglan. In order to gain his trust, she treated his wounds, bought things for him, risked her life to save him whilst flirt IMG with him. However, she was soon touched by the merman, Chang Yi’s sincere love for her including giving her his inner pearl and cutting off his tail to save her life. Racked in guilt, she decides to escape from the Flower Valley with him. But the torture that Lin Canglan had given her over these years meant that there were two forces within her body which was slowly killing her. Knowing that she had little time left, she pretended that everything she told Chang Yi was simply a lie and after stabbing him, threw him over the abyss, knowing that with his powerful recuperative powers he would be able to survive whilst she stayed behind to buy him time.

Because Ji Yunhe was half deity and half demon, Princess Shunde’s Master , the Grand Tutor became interested in her and wanted to experiment on her. Meanwhile, Chang Yi was back for revenge for the injustice he and his people had suffered in the hands of the Heavenly Immortals which caused his father to die and the his home the Eastern Sea to be sealed off. Just as Ji Yunhe was about to be killed by Princess Shunde, Chang Yi arrives at the nick of time to capture her to seek revenge. At the end of Ep 22, he tells her that her life now belongs to him.

Ep 1 Recap

Despite his harsh manner towards her, Chang Yi takes Ji Yunhe back to the Cloud Manor on the Island on the lake after she passes out and gets Kong Ming to look at her injuries. They discover someone had inserted the Power of Heaven and Earth (Qiankun) within her and there were two forces within her body which was why she was at death’s door. Kong Mind tells Chang Yi that she had been tortured and that there is some truth in what she told Chang Yi. He tells his servant to keep her imprisoned in the cloud manor and to inform him when she wakes up.

Deity Qing who assisted Bei Yuan to launch the attack warns Chang Yi that the Grand Tutor’s increase in power is a bit strange and told him to be careful. As Chang Yi leaves, Luo Jinsang stops him and asks him why he has locked Yunhe up but Chang Yi refuses to answer, instead tells her that Yunhe was merely a prisoner. However when Li Shu comes over to deliver a bowl of fish soup, Chang Yi snatches it out of his hands and leaves. Both Luo Jinsang and Sangyue are worried about what Chang Yi will do with Yunhe however Li Shu sees through the harsh front Chang Yi has put up and hints that there is someone who needs that bowl of fish soup so much so that Chang Yi would snatch it from him.

Back in Heaven, Princess Shunde wakes up and discovers she had lost her good looks. She vents her anger on the Heavenly Emperor for letting the minor deities that were locked up int he Changjing Tower go. The two argue and the Emperor leaves disappointed with his sister. Whilst playing Go, the Heavenly Emperor reveals that he does not regret his decision and that he should not take any more steps back to appease the Grand Tutor. His enlightenment caused the Decree of the Deities to reveal a map to him which would help him summon the Heavenly Army and overthrow the Grand Tutor from power.

Back on Yunhe’s side, she wakes up to a beautiful snow scene. She manages to steal the badge from the maid who brought her food but is caught red handed by Chang Yi as she makes her escape. She apologizes to him for treating him badly and begs him to let her go or at least let Luo Jinsang keep her company. Chang Yi refuses her requests and forces her to eat. Yunhe is disappointed that he leaves but before he leaves, he makes the barrier a little more transparent so she can see the stars. She could tell that he still cares for her as he punishes the maid who bullies her and always forces her to take medicine. Yunhe uses every chance to beg him to let her have some more freedom but Chang Yi refuses and tells her to take the medicine so that she can bear his torture. Yunhe thinks in her mind that being able to see his face every day when she takes medicine is no torture and is one of the luckiest things to happen to her in this last part of her life.

The maid who delivers food to Yunhe is actually the maid of the Princess of the fox clan and tells her mistress that Ji Yunhe could use the red fox spiritual power which only the Princess’ aunt could cultivate and use. Princess Qingyao starts to suspect that Yunhe murdered her aunt.

Meanwhile, Lin Haoqing offers medicine to the Grand Tutor to treat Princess Shunde’s face in order to find a chance to sneak into his home to find the antidote. He discovers a secret chamber in the study but could not find the antidote he was looking for. Instead he sees a painting of a woman hanging on the wall that looks exactly like Princess Shunde. Unbeknownst to him, it is the black shadow that allowed him in and the Grand Tutor later questions it for letting him in. The black shadow replied that the Grand Tutor was taking to long to cause chaos and reminds him that they have signed a blood pact and if he breaks the pact, the Grand Tutor will die. The Grand Tutor tells it that he could seal it/him off in the painting but the black shadow reminded him that he gave the Grand Tutor his power and if he seals him off then it would be like sealing off his own power.

Blue Whisper Ep 1 preview


  1. Wonderful! I was searching for part 1. Nobody translated the whole episode, I’ve watched only until ep 8. I hope you will be our live Savior. I rather donate to this webpage, if possible, than pay monthly for subs that won’t appear.


  2. Thank you as always. Your recap is wonderful and will make the drama so much more enjoyable when the “real” eng sub episodes are available. Hopefully that will happen sometime in April. Still wish it was you doing the subbing. Your skills are exceptional.

    On Mon, Apr 4, 2022 at 6:28 PM Productive Procrastination wrote:

    > ProductiveProcrastinator posted: ” Summary of Part 1: In the Empyrean > Heavens, two clans were born from the coming together of Heaven and Earth. > The Immortal clan of the Heavens governed the order of the world, whilst > the Immortals of Earth were obstinate, wild and would often break the l” >


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