The Blue Whisper Part 2 Ep 8 (Ep 30) recap

The Heavenly Emperor used the Decree of the Deities to stop the gold thunder to protect Sanyue and Li Shu however it destroyed the decree, shattering it to pieces. Sanyue and Li Shu both felt guilty and apologized but the Heavenly Emperor told them that it was fine as he decided to use it to save them and does not regret his decision. He tells them if he gave up a life now, he will give up countless lives in the future. Although the decree is shattered however Li Shu realizes they could move the pieces around to form a map. By moving the pieces, they could form a clearer map.

The jade dew ganoderma fully matured and the Heavenly Emperor pulled it out and gave it to Sanyue to use to save Yunhe.

Back in Bei Yuan, Si Yu orderes Qu Xiao Xing to lead their men to launch the night attack but tells him to not hurt any life. This was because she planned to enter the heart of Bei Yuan to help Lin Haoqing escape.

Yunhe had discovered that the barrier had weakened after Chang Yi allowed her friends to visit her and she worked out that as long as she suppressed the mark on her ear, she should be able to sneak out. She goes to find Lin Haoqing but Qingyao, Qi Feng and the old fox demon king lay in wait for them. They used the excuse that Yunhe had betrayed Bei Yuan by helping their important prisoner escape to kill her. Yunhe tries to negotiate with them to let them go but the fox demon king tells her that she affected Chang Yi too much that was why she must die. In the struggle, Yunhe seriously injures the fox king by accident. She did not realize that the fox demonic power within her would lash out at anyone who tried to kill her.

Chang Yi finally detects something is going on and arrives at the nick of time to save her and Lin Haoqing. He orders Lin Haoqing and Si Yu to be thrown back into the bottomless cavern and Yunhe to be locked up in the cloud manor. Lin Haoqing tries to escape but Chang Yi was more powerful than he expected.

Chang Yi was extremely upset by this event but he still refused to let Yunhe go. When the fox king demanded that he repaid his debt to his daughter by killing Ji Yunhe, instead of complying to his last dying wish he instead gave Princess Qingyao half of his life power and swore that he will protect Bei Yuan with his life after the fox clan and Princess Qingyao demanded him to kill Yunhe and offer her blood as a sacrifice for the fox demon king’s funeral. Afterwards, Chang Yi withdraws to his room and refuses to see anyone.

Meanwhile, Lin Haoqing orders Qu Xiao Xing to withdraw his troops but he knows that war will be imminent as the fox king had died because of Yunhe.

Zhu Ling, the monitoring minister is furious that Lin Haoqing went behind his back to plot this. He triggers the frost poison within Elder Mu Zhe when he argues back to him, killing Elder Mu Zhe in order to force the spiritual masters to launch the attack on Bei Yuan. He tells them he has to power to torture all of them with the frost poison if they don’t listen to him.

Kong Ming tries to persuade Qingyao to stop viewing Yunhe as her enemy as she was not the true threat to Bei Yuan, rather Princess Shunde and the Grand Tutor was. He tells her the more she directs her hatred to the wrong person, the more likely she will hurt the people she loves and the people who care about her.

Weak from using the fox demon power, Yunhe passes out as soon as she reaches the cloud manor. She sees Ning Xi Yu again who uses her strength to try and slow her death a little more. Ning Xi Yu tells her that the deflection is almost to her heart and tells her that perhaps it is fate that Bei Yuan and the Flower Valley will be enemies. Yunhe refuses to give into this fate and wakes up again.

After Luo Jinsang tells her what has happened after she passed out, she asks her to bring Chang Yi to see her however Chang Yi refuses. However whilst recovering in his room, he wonders if what he did was truly right.

In the morning, he stops by the Cloud Manor and tells the Green Deity that perhaps he was wrong to keep Yunhe forcefully by his side all this time and he will let her go after the war.

Meanwhile, Yunhe entrusts some letters into Ah-Ming’s care before deciding to go to the frontline. Kong Ming comes to visit her and she asks him if he has a pill that will allow her to return to her full state of power. He replies that although he does have such a pill however once all her inner power is burned out from it, her life will immediately end and the pain will be a hundred times worse than dying naturally.

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